The Jimquisition: Genitalia

Oh, Ubisoft! Watch Dogs 2 had to patch out some “particularly explicit” genitalia, and that’s a big ol’ laugh.

However, while one particular naughty bit is gone, others remain. Why is it okay for some, and not others? What’s the difference?

A spirited Jimquisition (one of my new favorites, actually), discusses our attitudes toward penises and vaginas.

The Bullshit Roundup: Battlefield 1 and Deus Ex Get Microtransactions, Watch Dogs 2 Spams Us With Special Editions

Time for more stinking bullshit, delivered to you on an unwashed platter full of sick and blood. We’re here once more to bang on about the same old crap the “AAA” industry shoves down our throat, because lordy knows few other places bother.

On today’s edition of Bullshit Roundup, we’ve got two more cases of microtransactions announced for unreleased premium games, and Ubisoft is at it again with another ludicrous selection of collector’s editions for Watch Dogs 2.

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Watch Dogs 2 And The Steam Users Who Hate Black People

So, the main protagonist of the freshly announced Watch Dogs 2 is black. Big whoop, right? It’s not as common to see a black protagonist as it is a generic angry white man out to avenge a dead family member, but it’s far from unheard of, right?

CJ in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, James Heller in Prototype 2, Lee Everett from The Walking Dead, there are plenty of good examples, many of which have been able to appear without a huge outcry.

But of course, we now live in a world where “SJWs” are being blamed for anything even slightly deviating from the ubiquitous and the abundant. So it is that the appearance of a black protagonist in both Mafia III and Watch Dogs 2 have made some people upset. Some really miserable, perpetually offended people.

Edgy conspiracy theorists are mad because every one videogame out of hundreds has a black lead. It’s an overused word, but sometimes it’s apt – entitled is most certainly the perfect descriptor for them.

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