The Bullshit Roundup: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered Just Got Microtransactions

Usually the Bullshit Roundup consists of several stories of industry sleaze culled from recent headlines, but today we’re focusing on just one. Activision’s little stunt with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered deserves a spotlight all its own, because it may be the single biggest liberty taken with fee-to-pay gaming.

The rerelease of Modern Warfare was updated recently to include microtransactions, setting a new garbage precedent in post-sale money-grubbing.

With its December update, the rereleased Infinity Ward classic allows players to directly purchase supply drops in order to acquire cosmetic items. For those preparing an insipid “it’s just cosmetic” defense, you can watch this old Jimquisition episode and forever hold your peace.

The usual weak justifications are in place for this recent move, with news reports already emphasizing how everything can be grinded for in-game by completing challenges or spending Call of Duty Points and Depot Points… whatever those bloody things are. When I last played Modern Warfare, there was none of that fucking bollocks.

By the way, I last played Modern Warfare around eight years ago, because this game is nine years old. It’s a rerelease of a nine-year-old game that quietly smuggled microtransactions into its online mode, and I can’t believe a concept so ludicrous is a real thing. That’s something a parody of the industry would come up with.

It’s one thing to see the sad normalization of fee-to-pay elements within brand new releases, but to witness them shoveled retroactively into an old beloved title from an age before such trash gained traction? Activision has set the bar for “AAA” avarice – a new height for greed and a new low for the games business overall.

Modern Warfare Remastered was already controversial for the shady nature of its release, effectively held to ransom by Infinite WarfareActivision – which normally keeps its head down and lets EA take all the heat – has really pushed the boat out in its desire to milk as much as it can from this remaster.

Most remasters are sold as complete, definitive editions of the original games, packing in all the downloadable content and expansions that may have followed the initial launch. COD4 is paving the way for publishers to triple down – not just make money by selling an old game with updated visuals, but by tacking on DLC and microtransactions too. Should this pay off, I’ve little doubt that other publishers will attempt it themselves.

I guess I should have seen it coming when Gears of War Ultimate Edition had tacked-on pre-order DLC, effectively disproving the claim of being an ultimate anything.

It was a warning sign that old games are just as susceptible to modern skeeze as any fresh release, and with Modern Warfare Remastered “enjoying” F2P economies, cosmetic grinding, and fucking crafting, we’ve got the dismal message that nothing is too sacred, nothing too “ultimate” to avoid violation by unslaked corporate raveners.

The rampant, unchecked greed on display is almost impressive in its audacity. To sneak freemium bullshit into a nine-year-old game that leveraged its own fandom to sell a completely different game is a masterstroke of sliminess, a monument to Bobby Kotick’s notorious lack of shame. It’s also a nostalgic reminder that, while Activision can look positively saintly in comparison to recent publisher excesses, it still knows how to be the biggest vacuum of integrity in the business.

What’s saddest for me is how this will only further normalize fee-to-pay games in general. As companies continue to up the ante in their indulgent greed, previously indefensible schemes become more palatable because they’re “not as bad as they could be.”

Just like Activision usually looks good in comparison to Electronic Arts, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided‘s horseshit moneymaking doesn’t seem so gross when contrasted with Modern Warfare RebastardPersonally, I’ll continue to fight the losing battle in maintaining that none of it’s cool, but I know this latest fuckery will only further aid publishers as they slyly work to make microtransactions a banal occurrence.

Are you fucking kidding me, though? Microtransactions in a remaster of a game almost a decade old.

This industry is fucked up.

  • Spectre197


  • Jamesworkshop

    But hey you can now play as a woman in the multiplayer, if you unlock one through microtransactions.

    • Dash

      Is… Is that a joke?
      Please say it is

      • Jamesworkshop

        Less positive is the fact the female models are unlocked randomly inside loot boxes (though since you can also craft them out of the currency you get inside said loot boxes, you should be able to obtain one after only a few hours of play).

        from kotaku

        • Andrzej Sugier

          Couldn’t they like, unlock one from the get go? Or a few? This seems needlessly sexist.

    • Benj

      To be a woman you either have to pay extra or put in more work than you do if you want to play as a man.

      That’s almost poetic.

      • Aristatide

        …it’s the most beautiful unintended social commentary ever.

    • bruno ribeiro

      people will pay for the Van Helsing girl and ghostbusters bundle skins lmao

  • Duncan Parker Newton-Gaines

    I’m really glad there is a bullshit roundup about this. Though I must say I’m a little surprised it didn’t rile you up enough to make an emergency Jimquisition.

    • This is going to be wrapped into a wider-reaching episode in the new year.

      • Duncan Parker Newton-Gaines

        Excellent to hear. I look forward to it!

      • Chris

        Jim’s React to: Microtransactions
        Featuring Jim Stirling, Jimmy Fallon, Jim Carrey and Jim Henson (company).

        • Jonathan Roth

          Are you just going to look at a tombstone for the Jim Henson segments?

          (too soon)

      • Appretaur

        I look forward to how you’ll address how passively resigned you were to the original shadiness of Modern Warfare’s re-release as part of Infinite Warfare in your JQ earlier this year. Namely, do you now regret not being as angry at that scheme as people expected of you at the time?

  • Brendan

    Well this doesn’t change much for me as I wasn’t planning to buy the game anyway. However I still find it disgusting when they add microtransactions post-launch. It’s one thing if you buy a game knowing it will contain MT’s, but how the hell are you supposed to avoid this cancer when it can be pumped into any game at any time?

  • goodbyejojo

    this is a new low for activision, Good Lord, i think just got nausea and a headache from ingesting this news.

  • Johnny N. Gliddy

    There goes their everything-is-free argument.

  • Karasu

    Oh bloody hell.

  • SavingPrincess

    Developers will stop wasting money on developing fee-to-pay content when stupid players stop spending money on it.

    • Chris

      The problem with that is the vast majority of people who play a game might just spend 1 to 5 bucks once.. Or maybe every few weeks someone will want to spend 5 bucks to speed up progress. And you can say they are dumb but these games are literally designed as psychological torture devices to trick you out of money (don’t be surprised if in 20 years this becomes illegal since it’s like a form of gambling). And of course, unless you’re desperately poor spending 5 bucks on any game isn’t a big deal so it’s not stupidity so much as financial stability crossed with apathy/complacency.

      On top of that, lots of children will steal their parents credit cards and spend shit loads because they’re too young to understand (or care) how money works. With free to play mobile games, I believe children make up the vast majority of spending, so it’s not a stretch to imagine a similar situation in Fee to Pay games.

      And lastly, whales are a thing that exist, people who are either completely addicted due to the skinner box design, or are children (see above), or pointlessly rich so they are more than happy to pay to win or a combination of all three.

      Even if only 100 whales spent money on microtransactions, they would make it worth adding MT’s worth it since they can spend between 500-1000 bucks a month on their own. These 100 people on their own might spend 50000+ between them so of course a corporation will exploit them. That’s not counting the 1000s of people who might only spend a grand total of 5 bucks on the game.

      Point is, it’s not a simple as “stupid people spend money therefor MTs exist”. They’re designed to exploit people, whether is joe shlub who was happy to spend 5 bucks or little jimmy addict who spent 5 grand of his parents money. It’s corporations more than willing to exploit their audience for any and all cash possible for as little effort as it takes.

      • MJC

        It is as simple as “stupid people spend money”. If they were smart, they either wouldn’t fall for the psychological trickery, or they’d just boycott the game entirely.

        • Chris

          What ever makes you feel good about yourself, champ.

        • Andrzej Sugier

          Vulnerability to psychological manipulation/pressure is not the same as stupidity. I know a couple of really smart people, who just can’t resist those systems, it’s a combination of various character traits more than any arbitrary intelligence score.

  • Caleb

    Between this game and Gears of War 4’s loot crate/season pass money grubbing, I don’t know who did it worse. It makes me so happy that Titanfall 2 didn’t get sucked into all this.

    • RagnarokNCC

      I felt good shelling out a little cash to keep the Respawn guys going. It let them know their player base is engaged.

      Here? It’s a bunch of executives caught with their pants down trying to pad their humiliating sales numbers.

      • diamond

        The sales are hardly humiliating, the game still sold pretty well(which Jim himself admitted in a previous JW) and I personally believe even if the sales were higher, Activision would’ve still done this, after all Destiny sold insanely well and it still got MTs up the ass post release.

      • Caleb

        Honestly the skins you can buy in TF2 don’t even really feel like microtransactions more like small DLC. Not sure what the difference is between DLC and MT’s now. I don’t know how to describe how TF2 and Rocket League (before the loot boxes) did it. Technically the titan skins/cars you buy in those games are MT’s but it’s not a slimy loot box, you know what your getting, it’s under $5, and there’s still plenty of options if you choose not to get it.

        • Andrzej Sugier

          Lootboxes are the fucking worst, it’s microtransactions money grubbing crossed with gambling. I hate so much that Blizzard put them in Overwatch, it’s such a stain on an otherwise stellar game (in my opinion).

          I’m not agains microtransactions, I’ve spend a bunch of money on Warframe, but as you said – if you don’t know what you’re acctually buying, it just feels….slimy.

          • RagnarokNCC

            I lent my copy of Overwatch to a friend. I keep forgetting I own it. Plays just fine, love the characters, but I’m not at all interested in the loot system. I like a little more meat to my experience. Also, people suck at moving the payload and Hanzo is THE WORST.

        • RagnarokNCC

          More of a micro-DLC of sorts. Microtransaction as a phrase implies (to me) the purchase of digital currency. It’s a consumable, not an add-on.

  • WhateverYouWantItToBe

    Wow I did not know about any of this. Will never be picking this up then.

  • HelixShade

    Guess it wouldn’t be the end of a shitty year without some equally shitty news to pile on. This is pretty repugnant, even by Activision standards.

  • bimmyz

    i knew activision was greedy, but damn.

  • RagnarokNCC

    I’m absolutely POSITIVE this has nothing to do with the fact that IW underperformed. That of the reduced percentage who bought it, even less are actually playing it. And of those playing it, even less are buying into the microtransactions. Their player base voted very loudly for MWR – that includes people such as myself, who are content to pass on IW and wait for Activision to start selling it separately out of desperation/avarice.

    • diamond

      I think Activision would’ve stuck MTs in MWR even if IW sold better, that’s just how they roll, they did the same shit to Destiny.

      The game is actually pretty popular on consoles, just not so much on PC.

  • oshigoroshi
    • bruno ribeiro

      if i pre buy it can i get a free theme? hahaha

    • Johnny N. Gliddy

      That how Breach Mode looks/feels like. Sigh. Unless I’m total shit at it.

    • uxtull

      500 JT for 9.99 offer isn’t unresonable.

    • CaitSeith

      Pokémon Picross anyone?

      • guy smiley

        The 50 jump tokens option is a ripoff!!

      • Guerilla Grue

        On the one hand I want to agree with this. On the other I’m only 1200 more gems being purchased from having given in completely to their little scheme, so probably can’t talk.
        I wanna justify it because it’s the best Picross game out right now, but I wanna scream because it’s microtransactions in FREAKING PICROSS.

        This is where my slippery slope starts.

        • CaitSeith

          The only good thing is that once you buy all the 5,000 gems (spend about $40 in total), you no longer need to buy anymore. And if you try to buy more, you can’t; the store only gives you the option of 1,500 gems for free. It’s good that you can remove their bullshit restrictions that serve only as paywalls; but I’d totally preferred to be an upfront $40 title with a demo (it works the same way, but it doesn’t make you feel extorted).

    • Leah

      It’s so optimistic that you think a company would let you buy ‘infinite’ anything in a game. Then you would never need to buy microtransactions.

  • yumpyump

    I like mt Jim

  • InfamousDS

    I can’t even… But what about…. No. I’m done. I don’t even like CoD, and this is just too much for me.

    Thank God I can escape this mad house we call real life with less shitty games that aren’t just a mound of bullshit masquerading as ice cream.

    • diamond

      I still like COD, but I don’t like the terrible precedent this sets.

    • bruno ribeiro

      Just play Titanfall 2: good servers, no DLC shit just cosmetic, no supply boxes and such…

      • Vintage

        And no sales.

        Publishers are seeing what works and it’s not TF2.

        • diamond

          cause it got released between BF1 and IW.

        • bruno ribeiro

          Well then go buy season pass for b1 or infinite warshit..

      • InfamousDS

        I just don’t have the energy any more for this. I think I’ll just ignore new releases and remasters for a few weeks or more, and not get KH2.8 or Resi7 at launch like I was planning.

        Because the last thing I want is to support this after the royal reaming XV tried to pull with its 3 F2P games, massively spread out pre-order incentives which weren’t even all that good aside from the fishing lure, locking a full game behind a GameStop exclusive pre-order, and extra-narrative content that was damn good but still unnecessary. And I fucking love FFXV, if you haven’t noticed from my responses on the official review and this site for the last 6 months.

        • diamond

          I’m going to continue to buy new releases if they interest me, though it’ll be a few weeks before any games I care about actually come out(not til the 17th next month)

        • Andrzej Sugier

          I find my escape in Warhammer: Vermintide – they add DLC map pack with addtional weapons…that can be played and earned by anyone, as long as a person who hosts the map has bought it. So most of the community get everything for free, as long as arond 25% of dedicated players buy the new map packs. That policy is so good I buy all of them anyways 😉

      • MJC

        “no DLC shit just cosmetic”

        Re-read the article, and try to pay attention to the part where “just cosmetic” is still indeed shit this time.

        • bruno ribeiro

          Well then go buy DLCs for Battlefront and Black ops 3 give your money to then i could Care less idiot.

          • The Outsider

            THINK for christ sake! THINK! Use your brain! What is the overall fucking point here? MTs are bad, mkay? No Black Ops 3. No Battlefront. No Titanfall 2. Fuck sake.

  • Sapphire Crook

    Spooky precedents this sets:
    – It’s okay to retro-fit old games with MT.
    – It’s okay to hold games hostage with other, shittier titles to bolster sales.
    – It’s okay to do the former two both in tandem.


    • diamond

      Infinite Warfare is a good game IMO, and it’s likely MWR will be released desperately in a few months sometimes next year.

      • Sapphire Crook

        While it’s part of my point, it’s not immediately relevant. The idea is that minimal effort ‘remastered’ titles can be used as nostalgia fuel on newer titles.I.E. a desperate plea to seem relevant.
        I’ll edit the point, though, since the way I put it muddles the idea.

    • Johnny Burnes

      MW2’s release increased the cost of all PC games by $10 and DLC packs by $5 despite less original content, Why? Because they could.

  • Terriosaurus Hex

    Activision: Always Innovating in capitalist greed.

    If it makes you feel any better, I have never purchased a single microtransaction ever. In a fee to pay title. Ok, in any title, I am a bit of a tight-arse and a professional cunt. But not through choice.

  • Uzuki

    Oh yippy skippy, Activision somehow found the bottom of the barrel, preceded to pull a quantum space and matter disruptor from their asses, and create a new fucked up and twisted reality at the bottom of earlier said barrel.

    Like was this the end goal the entire time with MW. Holding it hostage with the latest mediocre version was crap, but as a business choice I could understand, but to remaster it only so you could ADD MICROTRANSACTION TO IT?!

    Well fuck you in the ass too, Activision. Fuck you in ass too…

  • eatmywords

    it’s either fucked up or constantly on the verge of bankruptcy.

  • Mike Wallace


  • Appretaur

    Even though I would say that there should never be an in-game purchase for a paid game except for gameplay-relevant content created a fair time after the initial launch and that isn’t connected to any competitive or multiplayer element in any way, I might deliberately go and tell Jim “It’s just cosmetic” anyway, the point being that I’d be *expecting* him to send Jim-style retorts and dismissal my way like he’s my performing chimp. *trollface*

  • Dokkar


    • Analgeton


  • Jarskaaja

    Just FYI, even though it’s cosmetic-only right now does not mean that they won’t add weapons later. I’ve played (and quite enjoyed) even the latest COD games and they’ve always pulled the same shit. First there’s no microtransactions, then they become cosmetics only, then they add new guns into them. It has happened every single time. With Infinite Warfare they had the MTs in from the start with all the gun stat boosts included because fuck it, they decided to not even care.

    So as a player of these recent COD games: It won’t stay cosmetic. Activision fucked it up every single time and they will fuck it up again.

  • Lewis w

    It’s been a while since you last used that picture of the guy with crudely drawn facial features scribbled over him. I’d quite missed it, actually.

    • Chris

      That’s Bobby Kotick, who I believe is CEO of Activision

  • StriderKiwi

    So glad I didn’t support either Infinite Warfare or MWR. Activision is at it’s all time worst.

  • Stop preordering.

    • Retarded Pikachu

      How in any way is this related to preordering?

      • James LaValle

        It isnt. But fuck pre-ordering anyway.

        • Charlie Koszulinski

          Here here!

    • Unnoticing Senpai

      I mean, given when the Microtransactions launched, I’d say “stop buying in general general.”
      But here here!

  • Polishfury5000

    I feel bad for Raven Soft in all of this, because I’m sure they’re going to get a lot of undeserved shit for this.

    They had been doing a great job communicating with the fan base, making AV tweaks after every live event based on player feedback. They said all along that the game would only launch with 10 maps, with the 6 remaining ones coming free with a December update.

    I was really invested in MWR’s development, and Raven did such a great job communicating and making sure fans were getting the same game they remembered and adored.

    Activision isn’t even trying to hide how a little a shit they give about their customers or franchises. Just load up the games with whatever they think will make all the money, and run it into the ground.

  • Alex Wheatley

    Well, if this is the way the industry is going, I suppose it’s time to add another 50 hours apiece to Isaac, Stardew Valley, Skyrim and Cities:Skylines. I’ll pop my head back out again in a few months and see what’s going on.

  • Raven

    Well, I can’t even bother being surprised anymore. Can’t say I didn’t expect it to happen eventually when i saw that post about hidden items within MWR’s files.
    Seems shitty practices like this are just run of the mill for AAA titles now.

    What’s even worse? They probably planned it to go down just like this. Hide the microtransactions until the critics are done with the game. Wait until they’re busy with end-of-the-year releases, like The Last Guardian, and then just shove the MT’s in players’ faces. And this happens in a game that costs over 80 dollars.
    Disgusting. A fine, textbook example, of corporate greed.

  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    I’ve always known Activision was the worst publisher of them all back 2008. Dropping several Vivendi projects, Bobby Kotick announced there would be a new CoD every year and I was already with the yearly releases from EA. It was everything I feared. No matter how many genuinely decent games come, Activision will look drag this industry back down to the mediocrity the AAA industry wants us all to accept.

  • Tommy

    Makes me feel really sorry for Raven Software. They haven’t had an original game out in ages.

  • cowboyjimmy

    humanity needs a reset button

  • greyXstar

    Honestly though, these companies only do what they get away with. Gamers are largely terrible consumers who can’t effing wait to swallow this stuff AND viciously defend it. That’s why it works and becomes normalized.

    • Johnny Burnes

      Oh. So you’ve met a lot of fighting game fans too?

    • Edinkoo

      The console mainstream is basically an army of suckers and cows ready to be milked ad infinitum

  • Peter O’Hanraha-hanrahan

    I saw shit like this coming as soon as they announced that they were only selling the remaster with the new game no one wanted.

    Told me everything I need to know about where this release was coming from. Shame had it all been above board and proper I would of considered picking it up eventually, but I never will thanks to all the slimy shitters at activision

  • Peter O’Hanraha-hanrahan

    I saw shit like this coming as soon as they announced that they were only selling the remaster with the new game no one wanted.

    That told me everything I needed to know about where this release was coming from.
    Shame had it all been above board and proper I would of considered picking it up eventually, but I never will thanks to all the slimy shitters at activision

    • diamond

      Actually quite a few people wanted the new game, I personally didn’t give a shit about the remaster, i’m not paying an extra 20 bucks for a slightly shinier version of a game i’ve already played years ago.

  • James LaValle

    Activision has been and always will be the literal worst. I’m with you on this Jim, microtransactions in premium games are already despicable as is, but to not only retroactively go back and ruin what was effectively a classic version of one of their games by awkwardly humping them in on top of holding said game for ransom on top of that, made me truly take a step back and sigh with how greedy and fucked up this industry has become. Or has it always been this bad? Who knows. Fuck everything.

    …but fuck activision more than anything. They suck.

  • Rodrigues

    That’s why for the love of God, i will never buy Rainbow Six Siege even at half price. It’s a full priced release, multiplayer focused game, with tons of cash only microtransactions and DLC, with a second Season Pass on sale.

    • Chaotic☣

      To be fair to rainbow 6 siege the season pass is more like an early access pass as the content is made available to all players a month after release. The second pass will be no different in that respect I would imagine.

      • Rodrigues

        From what a read it will be pretty much the same, even the VIP exclusive stuff. Don’t get me wrong i grown to love Siege, but i believe that a balance should exist. If you gonna put somekind of microtransaction in your game, launch at 40 dollars, 30 if it’s multiplayer focused.

        • Chaotic☣

          I can agree with that yeah. Siege here was priced around $90AUD on pc at launch, from my point of view it was to much not knowing that it would have almost 2 years of support as far as content was concerned. The idea that you can ignore a season pass and still get a decent amount of content was something that I hadn’t come across in a AAA priced game for a while. I still waited for it to go on sale for $60 in the end. 😛

      • diamond

        It’s still shitty.

    • diamond

      Yeah, seeing Superbunnyhop attack and insult people for daring to criticize that game’s business model made me lose respect for him.

      Siege was clearly rushed out the door just so it could get a holiday release, why else would the netcode have been so bad for weeks?

      • Rodrigues

        I like George opinion on many things, but we disagree on many others. Siege is one of them, for as good as the game is now, it was crap at launch. It took Ubisoft about a year or more to make the game good. The lack of single player content still holds it back for me.

        • diamond

          Me too, and I hate how George totally fails to grasp WHY people had such a problem with lack of SP, it’s a totally valid reason to knock the game’s score down in a review for lack of content, every single R6 game prior to Siege had SP, and it’s not as though it was like Battlefield were the SP was more of an afterthought, there was always equal effort put into both SP and MP, for George to totally miss that makes him look very out of touch and makes him sound like a blatant shill for Ubisoft.

          For all his claims to care about the consumer, it sure as shit dosen’t sound like he gives a damn about how greedy Ubisoft was being with that game.

    • Unnoticing Senpai

      I actually did buy it at half price and two years later with all the updates it still feels like a fraction of a game. The progression system is just as ludicrous as a free to play game at that.

      • Rodrigues

        I find it funny that publishers and news sites make some big fuss about updates a year down the line of the game release, as if was some big free DLC, like the MK XL update on PC (and the DLC per se was not free to previous owners). No, the company just fixed it’s broken ass game, don’t sell us as if was some free DLC.

        • Unnoticing Senpai

          To be fair, Doom did keep its promise in that regard, but most of the other big titles that promised that launched with a lack of content to begin with, so that free DLC is them just finishing the game.

          • Rodrigues

            Exactly! DOOM came to my mind as the exact opposite, the inclusion of Arcade Mode was awesome. I thought the game was amazing the way is was, and the Arcade is a +2 on my book. It even run butter smooth, someting you can say about most AAA games this days. *Looks at Dishonored 2*

          • Unnoticing Senpai

            And the SnapMap has REALLY come a long way. Back at launch it was pretty terrible but know it’s something I connect to on a near-daily basis.

  • Rodrigues

    And fuck Activision, even your old games are expensive.

    • Lies That Bind

      $20 for cod2 of Xbox still. The game is 11 years old ffs. You can buy the last of us for $10 on psn and its only 4 years old.

  • Noah Brockner

    You say triple down, but that’s quadrupling down. They get the sales from the original, the extra sales for Infinite Warfare, sales of the rerelease, and a steady trickle from microtransactions.
    Any company that needs to get paid four times for their product to cover their costs is doing *something* very wrong.

  • For the record, I very much saw this coming. Those animations where they inspect the guns, specifically. I thought they were cool but then I thought;

    “Hold on. Counter Strike did that.

    So did Payday 2.

    And Killing Floor 2.

    And pretty much every single FTP shooter ever made.”

    And from that point, I KNEW this was coming. I’ve tried my hardest to defend Call of Duty in the past, it was a flawed series but nowhere near the child-corrupting, “industry-killing” menace everyone paints it as. But with THIS? With Activision doing THIS?!

    No. This and Infinite Warfare have once and for all eroded any interest I have ever had in Call of Duty. That’s it. It’s over. They got too fucking greedy. I mean for shit’s sake not even EA was this fucking avaricious!

    Sod all this, I’m going back to Doom.

    • diamond

      Not me, i’ll still buy the games cause I never touch the MTs any how(not a multiplayer fan).

      • Lewis w

        But by buying games with them in, publishers will still think it’s okay to do it. It’s not your or my job to care about it, but nothing will change if we don’t stop buying it. Having said that, Mass Effect Andromeda will probably have microtransactions in it, but I’m still buying that because it’s Mass Effect.

        • diamond

          Jim’s debunked that argument himself numerous times, it makes no fucking sense, not buying the game won’t make MTs in full-priced games, it just means that particular game franchise might not get another game.

          • Lewis w

            Yeah, perhaps you’re both right.

          • Gaealiege

            Frankly, there are times when the destruction of their primary series is acceptable. Once people stop buying the games, the corporation has two options left to it. Adopt or die.

            I’d rather see the consumer exercise their power in this regard. Gaming will survive without EA, Activision, and Ubisoft. I don’t have any faith that gaming will survive should all the publishers and developers move to become as unethical as The Trifecta of Shit.

          • diamond

            I’m not going to hurt the developers just cause the publishers are being shitlords, for example I hate Hitman’s episodic business model(and the whole “needing to be online to do challenges” thing), but i’m not going to punish I/O by not buying it all, instead i’m going to wait til next month when the physical version comes out, that way hopefully Square Enix will do the math and decide to stick with physical copies for AAA games instead of trying to seperate them(given how little buzz i’ve heard about Hitman since episode 1 was released, something tells me it’s sales didn’t live up to Square’s expecatations) and hopefully they will save episodic releases for games where it actually fits like Life is Strange.

            I wouldn’t group developers in with publishers, most of them hate micro-transactions and only put them in because they are forced to do so.

        • Jpkurihara

          Like diamond said. Jim’s episode is titled “Game Industry Executives are fucking idiots” and that phrase rings absolutely true. Not buying the games sends the message that that genre isn’t popular anymore, that we don’t want them. Not buying the microtransactions though, that actually works.

  • Impossibilium

    I think the shittiest part about this is that they’re adding the microtransactions in after the fact. Like anyone who is opposed to microtransactions, and would not buy a game that includes them, are now forced to see that bullshit show up in a game they’ve already purchased. I believe this should be grounds for a full refund. Patching a game to fix bugs and add improvements is one thing, but adding in stuff that can actively affect your enjoyment of the game is garbage behaviour.

    It’s only lessened a little bit in this case because of the (also shitty) requirement to own Infinite Warfare, a game already known to have microtransactions. People that bought Destiny or Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 or Payday 2 (and maybe some other games I can’t think of right now) didn’t have the choice to not buy the game for this reason, because the game didn’t include that crap before. Now they have to put up with ads and menu options trying to shove microtransactions down their throat whenever they want to play a game that they already paid full price for.

    • HypothermicBacklash .

      I’d like to just chime in a bit and say Payday at least dumped microtransactions over half a year ago. Safes with gun skins in them still drop, but opening them is free. You’re basically guaranteed a new gun skin every week.

  • Chad Myers

    Fucking. Ridiculous.

  • Ernesto Prishker

    I can’t read. give it to me on video pleaseeeee!

  • darkmage0707077

    I can’t *wait* for the day when the next re-release of Chrono Trigger comes with microtransactions where you have to pay additional cash to get any of the Rainbow Shell items. You don’t really *need* those to complete the game, after all, so why not put a pay wall in front of them?

    Or! How about a Banjo and Kazooie RM where you have to pay to get all the access to all the collectables? I mean, isn’t it the same as buying the “true” ending on DLC if you add it all up? Why not break it into installments so that it’s affordable for *everyone*, then? They’re helping make gaming accessible for all economic situations!

    This terrifies me on a level I never expected to endure, and the ramifications are more far-reaching then even Jim is leading on right now.

    • Swamp Lobster

      The most disgusting part is that a good chunk of the blame can also be pushed on to this poisonous community to some extent by not only supporting it with our wallets but also whiteknighting for corporations who do it.

      Either way I can’t wait for lives in the N Sane Trilogy to end up being Microtransaction only. I mean you won’t need them if you git good like those hip gamers say amiright?

      • Gaealiege

        The most disheartening realization, behind all of these unethical practices, is the notion that the gamers with fiscal self-control are a rarity. At the best, we’re a minority now.

        I’ve been gaming for 30 years and I have successfully avoided all of this bullshit. I feel like I’m being pushed out of my primary hobby by consumer whores though.

  • ENAY

    I notice this was added a month atfer release. Just AFTER all the reviews for the game has been finished by everyone and published around the world.
    I think this is the future of gaming, putting all the shit in that would make games get bad reviews, after the reviews have been done. I mean wow, imagine if Jim gave this game GAME OF THE YEAR and this announcement was in January. Jim would have given a game game of the year and then would have to retract it.

    This should be a new JImquisition.

    • diamond

      This isn’t new, past COD games have also added in MTs post-launch.

      • jimfk

        They actually did this with Black Ops 3 a month AFTER release

        They also said that it would only be cosmetic at the time

      • ENAY

        That’s certainly true. Although I think this is the first time it has been done for a remastered game.
        You know, made before microtransactions existed.

  • Zack Kouta Roxas

    Man, I miss going to the store, buying a physical copy and just having everything there.

    • Weasel Biggs

      “Then how’d you get more content for your game?” asked my cousin. I told him that was back when you didn’t just binge-play through the latest release and then complained because you *only* got twenty hours of play time.

      “Yeah, but what if you want more?”

      Then, my child, you buy the expansion once it comes out. No DLC, no games being hacked apart and sold piecemeal later.

      He said that sucked. He actually said that sucked.

      I felt old, at that moment, and I’m only in my thirties.

      • Unnoticing Senpai

        I think a part of me withered resting that. Not from age, just sheer, unrelenting disappointment in people in general.

        • diamond

          I lost of a ton of brain-cells reading the post of that one guy who was a total Blizzard shill.

          • Unnoticing Senpai


          • diamond

            The one guy called “Jim” who wrote the ultra-long post whining about Jim Sterling’s complaints about Overwatch’s microtransactions.

      • Jim

        I absolutely don’t mind DLC in the vain of expanding content. Stuff like for example Dark Souls or Skyrim did, delivering “real” content and not just hand full of items or something like that. I also don’t mind that the content is maybe just a small piece, if it’s the priced accordingly. Buying three little pieces for little prices each or just buying one big piece for one big price matters little to me.
        But then again, with most DLC I simply have no problems whatsoever. I just don’t mind if for example Saints Row sells an assload of crazy guns seperately, as long as the game itself is a whole experience. I also don’t mind stuff like Overwatch does (albeit I will admit I think they could ahve done it better: for example with a set amount of coins you get with each level up for sure or simply dropping the chance for doubles). If I can get everything the microtransactions offer through playing the game… well it would be pretty stupid in my opinion to get mad about it. I have a game I like, thus I want to play the game. I also can unlock everything by playing the game. Seems… I dunno… like a win? I get it all by doing something I enjoy.

        And while I understand where Jim is coming from with his distaste for even cosmetics, I never could understand his midnset of this “Have and have nots”. I tried and I just couldn’t get it. I just can’t understand how you can see someone in a game with a skin you don’t have (just as an example) and get so mad about it that you run to shell out cash on Dropboxes for example. My thought would, at worst, be “Aw man, I want that too, better clock in one more match to work on that level so I can get a dropbox”.
        If your will is actually this weak and nimble, that when you see someone having something you don’t you go and shell out cash for the chance to get what person x has… how does someone like that go through life? No, seriously. How? Advertisement breaks on TV must break such a person’s purse.

        Sticking to a “That’s how it was BACK THEN”-mentality is archaic at best, narrow-sighted and egoistically at worst. The way we can receive and deliver content has changed drastically and of course an industry would use these new ways. It would have been there “back then” too, if the means to do it were established. Are there negative examples of companies abusing that? Sure there are. There always are. There also lots of good examples for DLC. Condemning the whole practice because of bad apples is like shitting on the postal service because it’s being used to ship drugs across the country.

        But lest we forget: if people were really, REALLY angry at the whole thing… they would not use Steam. Or Origin. Or any other of those services. Valve paved the way for all that shit with their introduction fo Steam. That was the founding stone, that’s where it started and what we have today is what it led up to.
        So how many gamers don’t have a Steam account these days?

        • diamond

          I totally understand Jim’s mindset, the way Overwatch does things is fucking manipulative bullshit, those Rio Olympic skins were the fucking worst.

          Once upon a skins were something you earned through skill, now anyone can buy them, plus cosmetics are something a lot of people care about and having to pay for them in a full priced game rubs many people the wrong way.

          It’s not a matter of “getting mad” it’s a matter of feeling pressured for worry of being left out, a lot of consumers who don’t regularly read gaming news are more vulnerable to microtransactions and thus more likely to buy into them.

          You’re so full of shit if you think it’s “weak will” it fucking isn’t, microtransactions are specifically designed to psychologically beat you down into buying them, scientific studies have been done on MTs, Google it

          You are such a fucking moron and so full of shit, Jim’s view is not “archaic” at all just because he wants publishers to not be greedy fuckheads who want to suck consumers dry.

          seriously stop sucking publishers dicks, it’s fucking pathetic.

          Fact is Blizzard is insanely rich, they do not NEED extra money to deliver content, anyone who believes they do is just as naive as a Trump supporter.

          Jim has not condemned the “whole practice” of MTs, he’s fine with them in free to play games, but they have NO place in full priced games at all, there is no good excuse for them being there no matter what.

          Your whole post is one giant fallacy, people use Steam and Origin because there is no real competition to them, they essentially have a monopoly on PC gaming.

          I don’t know what the fuck Steam and Origin have to do with Microtransactions in full priced games anyways. saying that because someone has an account with either of them means they should be support microtransactions is the biggest false dichotomy i’ve ever heard.

          Go away you pathetic shill, your post office analogy makes zero fucking sense, using the post office in that manner is clearly fucking illegal and done without the USPS’s knowledge, but these MTs are fully legal and done with complete knowledge by the publisher.

          You have to be one of the dumbest motherfuckers on the planet, comparing buying MTs to commercial breaks? Wow that is asinine.

          I solve the problem by watching all my shows online so commercials are not a factor.

          • Andrzej Sugier

            Geez man, keep down on the insults, your arguments are solid but you make them seem less so by insulting people out of the blue

          • diamond

            I insult people who insult Jim.

          • Gaealiege

            Usually, my views are polarly opposite of yours. I agree with you on this one.

            You shouldn’t result to such vitriol when responding. When you browbeat an idiot, utilizing logic and sound reasoning, you not only appear to have invalidated their idiotic claims, but you also appear as someone with class.

            Something to keep in mind.

          • diamond

            I don’t see how swearing is automatically
            “vitriol”, IMO that’s fucking horseshit, Jim swears all the time and no one ever accuses him of Vitriol, so i’ll swear if I want to. Sometimes that’s the only way to get through to these idiots, swearing and aggressively going after them seems to be the only thing some people understand(least that’s the impression I get from Trump supporters)

        • Weasel Biggs

          I mostly agree – see my reply to @diamond for more.

          Specifically, though, I always considered that there were a few instances in which paying for cosmetics is fine. There’s this free-to-play third-person shooter I used to play intermittently, called Loadout. The mechanics on offer were complete, most unlocks came at a reasonably fast pace – and the premium currency only allowed for the purchase of cosmetic items.

          No balance issues, no pay-to-win nonsense, no pressure to use boosters for the sake of maintaining a slim competitive edge. After a month, I was glad to toss forty bucks at the devs by decking my guy out in cosmetics – they’d earned it.

          Now, if premium gun parts had been on sale and if paying users had demonstrated an unfair edge, then I wouldn’t have kept Loadout on my hard drive for long.

        • Mike Hoyer

          >>>So how many gamers don’t have a Steam account these days?

          I use electric lights, too. That doesn’t mean I can’t be concerned about global warming.

          Incidentally the idiom that “bad apples” is derived from is “One bad apple spoils the bunch.” The idea being that rot spreads and a single bad actor can and will screw up everything around it, and thus needs to be dealt with directly and immediately. A tolerance of individual corruption (or incompetence, or whatever) left unchecked becomes institutional corruption. It doesn’t mean you ignore the bad apple and just try to eat around it, it means you toss that apple as quick as possible before it poisons everything.

          It’s not your fault. It’s just an idiom that has become unintentionally ironic, because people use it almost solely to say the exact opposite of what it says. “Bath water” is what you (they) mean, really.

      • diamond

        I think lack of DLC can suck if the game has a crappy ending(I.E. Army of Two: Devil’s Cartel, Alien Isolation) and DLC has fixed games with previously bad endings(Mass Effect 3, Fallout 3).

        • Weasel Biggs

          Post-release quality-of-life additions aren’t the problem, honestly. I see nothing wrong with a developer recognizing the existence of flaws in its products post-release and working to patch them out. What gets my goat is when the added content feels like a missing chunk of the game experience or when the offered additional content alters the main release to such a degree that the owners of the vanilla game can no longer claim to own a complete experience.

          Consider Destiny. If you haven’t invested in The Dark Below, House of Wolves, The Taken King and Rise of Iron, then you’re locked out of an increasing amount of content. Vanilla Destiny no longer constitutes a full product, considering the nature of its existence as an MMOFPS. If you haven’t ponied up for all of the DLC, then your usual Fireteam friendos might leave you behind.

          Consider FFXIII. Only the first half of the experience shows any real polish, everything else pertaining to Noctis’ protectors and friends feels like it was hacked apart to later be shoved back in as DLC. Unless Squeenix can prove beyond a doubt that they were just lacking time to produce some desired scenes while still shooting for a Holidays 2016 release window, I don’t find the idea of being forced to wait for localized add-on content – or being told that I need to watch a movie or read a book to get an essential chunk of the lore – to be excusable.

          Tie-in novels used to allow scriptwriters to dig a little deeper in the lore’s margins, not to more or less condemn those who’ll only play the game to have a fundamentally partial understanding of the situation.

          On the other hand, consider Fallout 4. I don’t *need* to be able to build a workshop, manage a Vault or visit Nuka-World to feel like I’m receiving a complete package. I also don’t need to build a house, to visit Solstheim or to kill vampires to feel like Vanilla Skyrim is a complete experience. I also don’t need to access Toussaint to feel like The Witcher III’s Vanilla experience is complete. Blood and Wine is just an extra dose of awesome on the proverbial cake.

          When a developer treats its DLC as add-on content – something to enrich the base experience – then I’m fine with its existence. What pisses me off is when the Vanilla experience feels hollow or incomplete, and is usually followed by promises of being fixed at a later date by what’s essentially paid-for patches.

          More often than not, fixing that would be as simple as not allowing for the presence of blanks in the UI, or ensuring that the new mechanics don’t just utterly break the Vanilla game’s balance.

          I never was much of a CoD zealot, but some friends and family members were. I’ve heard enough horror stories about terrible weapon implementations that left any DLC owners at an unreasonable advantage for weeks on end.

          • RifleAvenger Sashiro

            I think Destiny is not a good example. It SEEMS like an excess of DLC, but it’s really a substitute for a subscription to the game, since Destiny is an MMO at heart. A dinky MMO, with poor communication systems and a nonexistent economy, but definitely an MMO. As such, it has the issue all MMOs have where the vanilla experience either becomes a tiny part of the complete game, or ceases to exist entirely.

            At least if I stop paying for Destiny I can turn it on once in awhile to shoot things. I can’t access FF14 again at all until I shovel over another $15 a month to Square (on top of the flat cost of the base game and expansions).

          • Watchmedance

            As much as I dislike Destiny for what I perceive to be shitty business practices and minimalistic content, I have to agree. It’s a different animal than what Jim is talking about.

        • Watchmedance

          I don’t think Fallout 3 had a bad ending. I thought is was powerful for a AAA game.

          • diamond

            I thought it was lazy and nonsensical(why does a human character have go into the irradiated control room? Why can’t Fawkes, your super mutant sidekick who is fucking IMMUNE to radiation do it instead?) If they were going to kill your character, could they have at least come up with something besides radiation? Logically your character should be able to survive by popping a Rad-Away.

      • Za_Docta

        I’m reminded of how the Tuxedo in Metal Gear Solid has been an end-game unlockable in every MGS game up until V and then Konami put it behind a paywall.

      • Mike Hoyer

        On the other hand if he had asked “What if the game you bought didn’t work or couldn’t be completed because of some crippling bug that slipped through QA? Or because you had a different video card than they tested on?” then “sucked” would have been the appropriate answer.

        The fact that he wouldn’t even THINK to ask that is what makes me feel old.

        I don’t really disagree with you in general I’m just saying your cousin isn’t entirely wrong. If you want to feel young again ask your own parents how they made popcorn without a microwave oven. Or how they changed channels on the TV without a remote control. It sucked, is how.

        Or to take one that’s more recent for people our age (thirties) find out how many of your own peers can successfully reach an address using a map that doesn’t talk or show their exact location.

        Each generation is living in the previous generation’s future, and that will always look like ingratitude and entitlement. But from their perspective it’s just the present, just the way things are, and usually pretty objectively better. Just imagine how spectacularly pissed off you’d be if you caught polio now, a risk our grandparents just had to live with.

        • Weasel Biggs

          You’re probably right, in that I should try and be aware of the fact that current technologies will always strike someone as being the normal state of affairs. That said, I’m still a bit sad to see family members of mine prefer to pay premium for weapon skins or small, insignificant upgrades such as limited-edition weaponry or individual mission packs, when I remember the days where you used to pay more upfront for your expansions, but also substantially *received* more.

          I’m just glad people like Bethesda and CD Projekt seem to remember those days.

  • Dane Barrett

    And yet Activision always win in the end. Money money money. They know suckers will buy into it *every* time.

  • OctopussGrift

    Jim I was wondering if microtransactions in a remake would retroactively void a game’s eligibility for a game of the year awards. In which case I believe you need to go to destructoid’s 2007 GOTY list and add an update to it.

    • tommy Shelby

      Jim has nothing to do with Destructoid anymore so he probably can’t do anything about it.

      • OctopussGrift


    • Unnoticing Senpai

      Not in the remake, but if an award is given and microtransactions are retroactively added they still keep the award, just with an asterisk.

    • Za_Docta

      The first version of MW1 is basically a different game from the rerelease now that their economies differ that hard.

  • Jack Trevor

    Mircotransactions are the new “tax on stupid people”. I don’t care if they add micro-transactions to multiplayer games on the Basis that it ends up supporting those games financially in the long term. They have no place in single-player games, but anybody trying to argue that you should get get cosmetics for free lost that battle to League of Legends 4 years ago.

    But this is a stupid idea on Activision’s part as it adds fuel to the fire for people trying to kill CoD.

    • Swamp Lobster

      But League of Legends is, beyond the microtransactions… Free? You don’t have to pay anything to play it if you don’t want to?
      Like holy shit people are genuinely defending it with “free to play games do it too so it’s fine to have to pay extra.

      It’s pretty hilarious though, Let it Die will be surprisingly generous with it’s premium currency despite being a free to pay game and yet “AAA” games with full retail prices need to nickle and dime you for extra because “the poor million-dollar companies couldn’t afford to support the game long enough for the next CoD to be churned out next year. :n;”

      Give me a fucking break you dong vaccum.

      • Za_Docta

        Remember how Doom was able to bring out 5 pieces of free DLC for their rich and rewarding multiplayer shooter with rock-solid servers and great community support?
        Wow, it’s almost like the premise that AAA games need to be constantly hocking microtransactions to be profitable is blatantly false.

        • Unnoticing Senpai

          I mean, the multiplayer didn’t have free updates beyond rudimentary bots.
          And the multiplayer kinda stunk.
          But all the good parts of the game received updates for free.

          • Za_Docta

            I loved the multiplayer, dunno why everyone was so down on it.

          • Unnoticing Senpai

            Not sure if you actually want an answer but Doom’s multiplayer didn’t play to the game’s strength found in the single player, and it clearly tried to ape the competition (which it didn’t do a good job of).

          • Za_Docta

            It didn’t do anything new, but I feel it did everything right. It’s fast-paced and requires a fair amount of skill. You can quibble about one-hit kills and demonic possessions being OP, but I do think the actual gunplay and parkour is incredibly satisfying when you pull it off.

          • Unnoticing Senpai

            Actually I LOVE the demonic possession, that’s one thing I wish they really ran wild with. But I don’t know. The loadouts really kill it for me, as it means that no weapon is any stronger or preferable to another weapon since they’re all supposed to be balanced. But half the fun of Doom, including online in previous iterations, is running around to get better and better weapons.

            Really, that ruins it for me, especially.

            I’ve recently started playing Halo 5 on the PC and noticed that it pretty much does everything Doom’s multiplayer does, and more. Including map-making and a server browser.

          • Za_Docta

            But it still has the power-ups that you run around for, like the invisibility and quad damage buffs and the gauss cannon.

          • Unnoticing Senpai

            That’s true. And while those are great they don’t address the issue for me that the main weapons just don’t feel as powerful as they should be because they have to be balanced. Not to mention it gets kinda repetitive because once you get the hang of a loadout you don’t really want to switch.

    • The Outsider

      Oh, so it doesn’t affect you, then? That’s cool. Glad to see game developers continue to make their games’s progression system nice and smooth for all of us. They won’t ever modify their mechanics to make the MT’s more… seductive.

  • sancezz

    Haven’t played the remaster. I was proud to have my gold ak47 in the original. If I played the remaster now, it’s be effectively worthless. Skins in this game were an indicator of someone’s ability and/or love of the game. Now that’s wrecked, what’s the point?

    • ZrdFrv

      I guess the point now is that they are an indicator of someone’s wealth and/or gullibility.

  • Allan Weallans

    This is super-weird. One assumes that Activision waited a month to avoid the PR backlash on microtransactions, but surely they know that adding MTs to a game that previously didn’t have them is worse PR than having them there from the beginning? I mean, they know that, right?

    • diamond

      Not necessarily, a lot of people who buy games don’t care about MTs and they don’t regularly follow gaming news, so minority groups like us aren’t a concern to them.

    • Mike Hoyer

      Why would they care about a PR backlash for a game you bought a month ago?

  • Giorgos Katsas

    Sometimes it’s nice when decisions are made for you. Will I buy the standalone ? Nope.

  • Hnlntm

    Depending on how they’re implemented microtransactions can be a good thing, if a company can monetise online multiplayer they are less likely to close that service. I have put a decent amount of time in Overwatch and haven’t purchased a single box. I also don’t feel like Blizzard are actively pushing sales. If CoD4MW transactions are like this this then I don’t have a problem, if it means I can now play a game I use to love with friends I’m fine with that.

    On the flip side tho, if the microtransactions have obnoxious reminders to buy gems/currency or if microtransactions offer more than cosmetic skins i.e buying power they can fuck right off.

    It could be worse, CoD4MW could be add supported, imagine having popups every so often or an advertising banner taking up a third of the screen.

    • Unnoticing Senpai

      “It could be worse”
      I know you mean well, but that argument is a moving goalpost and should never be repeated. It could ALWAYS be worse, no matter how bad it gets, so we should never be content with that.

      • Hnlntm

        It’s a figure of speech, I’m not great with words.

    • Za_Docta

      Game companies want you to think what they do is good because it could be worse.
      It’s like a company slaps you and then their thralls say you can’t get mad because they could have punched you in the dick.

      • Hnlntm

        The point I was making is that if cod4mw is being monitised in the same way as overwatch, i.e subtle option for the cash shop which only sells skins is fine by me.

        Cod4mw is a decade old game with no official support, so if a re-release and some subtle monetisation allows them to justify new servers and longterm support what’s the problem?

        The issue I have is with them releasing it with codiw. That was a dick move.

        • Andrzej Sugier

          The problem is self-made in case of many modern multiplayer games. You can still play the original CoD4:MW, because it operates on the p2p server basis, meaning that the players themself host the game – and it needs NO support from the developers, which equals no further expenses that would require microtransations.

          • Hnlntm

            I’m not defending microtransactions, I’m just saying that I’m ok with subtle microtransactions, if they need to be there to justify long term server support.

            As for the original operating on a P2P server basis, that’s hunky dory if you played the original on PC back in the day I played it on a Ps3.

          • Andrzej Sugier

            That’s funny, I just found out that MW DID have dedicated server on consoles back then…But now they moved to p2p systems on consoles as well. Sooo…they go the cheaper route AND apparently need more money to operate servers? Seems like double dipping to me.

            And, if nothing changed, Battlefield 1 charge people for dedicated servers. Again, I’m not totally against microtransactions, but for games like that server cost are not that high (comper e.g. to MMORPG servers) and don’t really justify additional costs on that scale.

          • Hnlntm

            Have they added microtransactions to the original MW on console? Because if they have and they’re using P2P instead of dedicated servers then yeah they’re taking the piss.

          • Andrzej Sugier

            Out of curiosity I read up on the way the original MW and MWR handle servers. and apparently the original console versions were running matches on p2p connection as well, with one player acting as host – all that was handled on the game server side was matchmaking and player data (progressions, stats etc).

            TBH I would assume this is not a very costly service, considering those services are apparently still active for CoD3 (nod MW3, the 3rd CoD ever)

  • InJo

    What`s the matter, if there are people willing to spend their money, than that`s their decission. In the end if you hate it just don`t do it. But if people are happy spending money for cosmetics, than that`s fine too… It`s their money not ours.

    • Unnoticing Senpai

      “Frog in the boiling pot” is the problem.

      • InJo

        How is that? It is not that video games are needed to “survive”. This phrase is legit in regards of food etc. but not for a luxury product like videogames. As I said, if you don`t like it don`t buy it. It`s really that simple.

        • Randy Dandy

          No, you’re the frog.

          • Andrzej Sugier

            @InJo Just so you know, the saying goes “If you put a frog in a pot, and rise the temperature slowly enough, it won’t realize how hot the water got and won’t jump out before it’s dead”. It’s not true, but it’s a nice way to illustrate how everyone can adjust to unbarable conditions if they are introduced slowly enough.

            It has nothing to do with the price of the product in question.

        • There’s Always Peng!

          Have you ever seen spongebob? You know how Mr Krabs charges an extra dollar for a menial bit of stuff that isn’t required to enjoy the delicious krabby patty, yet enhances the experience just enough to warrant it, but not enough to include it on the basic patty. You know how it makes the consumer feel that bit more special? You know how he’s portrayed as a manipulative, exploitative fuck. How the poor cod may not like it, but they want it?

        • Unnoticing Senpai

          The phrase has nothing to do with food. Read the wiki article.
          And it’s never as simple as “don’t like it, don’t buy it” and that very notion is incredibly shortsighted especially now after we’re already seen what the mentality that that’s the answer had done to the game’s industry.

          • InJo

            You clearly don’t understand what that phrase means…
            But I am not here to explain it to you, you can google it.
            And nope it is that easy, if you don’t like don’t buy it. What has that done to the industry? Games are cheap, we have a high diversification and so on. You just keep whining and buying stuff you clearly don’t like. Just looking for excuses like “it’s more complicated than that the big companies are evil I have no choice they are opressing me, yadayada…”

          • drownedsummer

            You can choose not to buy it. The microtransactions still exist even if you choose not to buy it.

          • Za_Docta

            >games are cheap
            except for when publishers try to squeeze money out of them. Which is what most DLC is nowadays. Stuff we used to get for free as part of the base game that’s been carved out and resold to us at a markup.
            Like how Star Wars Battlefront had less than 4 maps unless you bought the season pass. Basically, you pay $110 or you have an incomplete game. So yes, modern game-pricing schemes are a completely obvious scam that none of us would ever fall for, but that doesn’t make it good.

          • OctopussGrift

            Well and “the none of us” refers to people who care about not getting ripped off. There are people who wasted all that money on getting the season pass purely because they were “Just so excited that starwars battlefront was being rebooted”

          • Za_Docta

            In the words of Rich Evans: “The problem with fandom is that they care more about branding than substance. They’re all ‘It says Star Wars. Here’s my money! It says Spider-Man. Here’s my money!”

          • Jerome Handy

            Alright IJ, I’ll give this a shot: Why are microtransactions in an old game like CoD bad? Because this ISN’T the CoD that everyone fell in love with. There are a lot of people who look back on their gaming time as a part of their history. I’ve been gaming for over 30 years, and one of my defining moments, is still that nuclear detonation in MW1. I remember playing the MP, and finding everything just NATURALLY clicking. I didn’t need to grind content or force unlocks by spending real world money; The game, at THAT time, was just that frigging good.

            This? This is like some pop song artist remixing an old favorite, and trying to hype that “They have so much respect for the original….that’s why they copied it word for word, note for note.” In three years time, people are going to look back at the remaster of MW1, and wonder what was so good about the original, thinking they’re one and the same….when they’re not. They came out at different times, on different machines and now, with different models for playing the game. MW1 players got good by the tough fighting of the game….Remaster players can get good if they get mommy’s credit card for a day.

        • BAH!

          Here’s the problem with that philosophy: The conscientious consumer is in the minority of most industries, but this is *very* true in the gaming industry. People who buy “because they just like a thing” outnumber us greatly; and they’re the ones who, through their purchases, drive the industry to do more and more exploitative things.

          We’ve already seen the rise of bad DLC practices (and the near-death of good ones), “patch culture”, and microtransactions in premium-priced titles- all thanks to people who buy “because they just like a thing”. These things, wielded by unscrupulous publishers, are actively making games objectively, provably worse than what we could get for the same price 15 years ago. Publishers are trimming as much content as they can get away with, and selling it separately because they can. Publishers are putting out as many trimmed, unpolished-as-possible games as they can get away with because they can. Publishers are doing everything in their power to squeeze every last dime from players for the absolutely least amount of effort possible because they can. And people who buy “because they just like a thing” are letting them. And, despite our best efforts, these people are making gaming worse for those of us who know better because they outnumber us.

          So simply “not buying”, though certainly the thing we should do, is not enough because *we’re* not enough.

          • Gaealiege

            There are days when I admire your willingness to respond to each idiot in these comments.

            I have long since thrown my hands in the air. You will never convince the stupid that you’re right and that their behavior is malignant to the industry.

            They’re too selfish and too low on the intellectual scale to utilize any sort of advice.

          • BAH!

            It’s more of a compulsion that I have to actively keep in check.

    • drownedsummer

      Shitty practices are still shitty practices regardless of whether they are optional.

      • Lies That Bind

        But gosh they spend so much money making the games they just gotta make their money back somehow!

  • Joao Oliveira

    Microtransactions on a remaster of a game (that still runs well on PC and has working multiplayer) that is only acquirable with a special edition of another game. It’s like the Perfect Storm of modern videogame industry bullshit.

  • Rachel McVeigh

    another bullshite thing about Microtransactions in COD games in general, is that the COD multiplayer bases has been playing COD for so long that it is super difficult to get someone who is new or returning. This means that the microtransactions are even more tempting.

    • Seriously. I tried playing CoDBlOps III last year with a pal in splitscreen (I DO like that they still have that as a feature with online multiplayer) and we spent at least half the time getting stomped on by one or two players on the other team. It was disheartening, to say the least.

    • drownedsummer

      To paraphrase Jim regarding the MP of Infinite Warfare ‘Fuck COD’s impenetrable MP’

  • Paul Barnes


  • Camilo Fernández

    Games that force ridiculus amounts of grinding to tempt the buying of microtransactions.
    Games with microtransactions that completily break the game’s balance.
    Games with microtransactions added after the release date (meaning that no game is definitely safe from getting them).
    Multiplayer games with pay-to-win microtransactions.
    Microtransactions that abuse gambling psychology.
    And now re-releases of old classic games with added microtransactions.

    All in games that cost anything from $40 to $60 (or even more).

    I mean yeah, EVERITHING could always be worse; but from here the situation seems pretty dismal…
    So whoever says “it could be worse” is absolutely FULL OF SHIT.

    • Janio2

      They could make you monthly sub to access the multiplayer servers ?

      • Unnoticing Senpai

        They actually do that on consoles, though. And if I’m not mistaken PS4 charges you for peer to peer.

      • We already have to do that to play multiplayer on PS4/XB1.

        Oh wait, you were being sarcastic, weren’t you? :'(

      • Za_Docta

        Dunkey put it best: “[Microsoft], we know online gaming doesn’t cost shit, we know you don’t do any kind of maintenance on the servers; Xbox Live is essentially Microsoft taking your money for doing absolutely nothing. No other console manufacturers were charging you money for online, but then Sony saw you could just get money for nothing, and now they charge you for PSN too. So thank you, Microsoft, thank you for inspiring your competitors to sink to your level.”

        • diamond

          Dunkey is full of shit.

  • Janio2

    Darn should buy a used copy for 3 euro’s of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for my PS3.
    O wait , do i really, want to be remembered when playing a game how Iraq & Syria where destroyed as country in the aftermath to shit of today.

  • Jallen

    Anybody notice that “microtransactions” is now part of Jim’s lexicon?

    Yeah it’s a perfectly succinct way of summing up the practice, and is probably now industry accepted to the point where I’ve only just noticed, but we’ve fallen for the trap.

    Next time the gaming industry comes up with some money grabbing method we should ensure it gets a fitting name.

  • Za_Docta

    I think Activision smells the death of CoD in the air from the backlash they received, so they’re probably just trying to get what they can before they alienate what few fans they have left.

    • Janio2

      They will probably turn it into CS:GO clone by reusing all the assets ?Look at what was done to the ghost recon with ghost recon : phantoms the f2p shooter it or is even on steam.

    • diamond

      Nah, they would’ve done this even if sales were higher, cause they also added MTs to Black Ops 3 a month after launch, and they also added them to Destiny despite how insanely well that game sold, that’s just the Activision way of doing things.

      COD still has a lot of fans left.

  • Craig Rigby

    sometimes i feel like the only person in the world who waits for the inevitable complete/collector/special editions or steam releases that have everything contained inside. the only way theyll stop pulling this shit is if we stop going along with it.

    • DucksonAPlain

      How could you think that? There’s a like a million comments like this on every Anything (video, article, porn parody) about video games, ever. Is this generation this fucked up, that you could think you’re the only one that feels a certain way, even though everyone is screaming about how they’re that way?

  • DucksonAPlain

    This shit makes me glad I stopped playing FPSs after Goldeneye.

    • Scott Neil

      Then you missed Bioshock,Condemned,Half-Life and a ton of other incredible games.Shame.

    • Zero K

      You did miss a few excellent shooters. Goldeneye was good for the time, but it just doesn’t hold up. That said, I’ve kinda given up on shooters now too. Bioshock Infinite is the last one I enjoyed, and I still say wait for a decent sale for that one, because it is decent, not great. Before that it was… the STALKER series? Yeah, nothing I’ve cared about since then.

      Though the System Shock remake might end up being cool… wait for reviews though.

    • Supergoron

      So you never got around to playing Time Splitters ?

  • R.D.

    Frankly, if I was to get this game it’d just be for the campaign with better graphics, sometime down the line, as I remember COD 4 being a sweet deal when it came out and it honestly holds up, ironically deconstructing a lot of the stories of modern warfare games that would soon be playing it completely straight (like the Medal of Honor stuff). As such, I don’t care about this, but it’s bemusing as all hell.

  • fireaura08

    Would like to see Jim’s opinion on Titanfall 2’s microtransactions that were added earlier this month. Respawn has managed to stick to their guns and keep all new gameplay content free and opened up a store to buy cosmetics (Titan skins, camos, etc.). They are at reasonable prices and I had no problem purchasing the ones I liked to support such a fantastic game, especially since EA shafted it with the release date.

    • Viking Mana

      What’s a reasonable price? Anything higher than 1 dollar/euro for a bit of colorful texture-work isn’t really reasonable, is it?

      • fireaura08

        They offer a pack of 20 camos for weapons/Pilots/Titans for $3.99 (I think, didn’t get this one and can’t remember off the top of my head), which was what I was originally referring to. The Titan reskins come with a chassis redesign and a unique execution animation. They’re pricier ($4.99 each I think?), so I only bought one.

        • Definitely is not reasonable. Multiplayer is dead on PC and leaving the microtrans. is unreasonable.

      • Aaron Fortune

        thing is though you are not forced to purchase camos/textures in the game period. you are not technically forced to purchase anything. of course they can not give you everything for free considering the fact that in business it’s about sales and reviews. if you are always flatlining $60 for a game or $100 for season pass and game but insist on adding in things that cost money to put in not including paying coders for updating and otherwise including new content you will go broke because your riding on a $60 or $100 purchase while spending an extremely higher amount into updating, new content. not everything can in singularity be free. but it is still 100% your choice to purchase in game items whether it be your to impatient or just really like something they offer. the best things in the world always are better when free but that’s not business that’s charity.

    • sillyskeleton

      I would assume that would instantly disqualify it for his best of Game of the Year awards category.

  • Viking Mana

    Yep, the future is now officially even bleaker. I can’t wait for remasters to start charging a full price, and then charging extra for remastered bits of DLC to go with it. On top of the now virtually mandatory cosmetic microtransactions.

    I believe there was a time where some games would give you new weapons, or new skins for the ones you have, as a reward for progress. It was a badge of honor, showing how far you had gotten and what you had achieved. Now it’s just proof that you’re either considerably wealthier than your peers, or an irresponsible consumer. Great!

    I don’t think there’s much hope. I said this almost a year ago, but I’ve been loosing all faith in the industry. It’s not getting better. It’s only going to get worse from now on. I doubt we’ll ever get to see good news coming out of the triple-A industry again at this point.

    I sure can’t wait for those Crash Bandicoot remasters to have paywalls for access to bonus levels, or extra lives for just 0,49! Or maybe different shorts. Or a tacked on, online cover-shooter.

    This doesn’t really effect me, as I don’t really play competitive online games like CoD. I may play Battlefield once in a blue moon, but I’d never buy any games as riddled with DLC’s as EA’s without them being on offer. (I literally can’t afford to pay full price + DLC. I’m a student) It’s just sad though, and it’s only a matter of time before this bullshit finds it’s way into full-price singleplayer experiences again, like it did with Dead Space 3.

    • Mike Hoyer

      I may have just gotten disenchanted at an earlier time than you, but I don’t think there’s ever actually been a time when “the industry” as an entity was getting better, or even not getting worse. You can point back at things that were new features that revolutionized the industry in the long term, but if you were there you know that almost every one of them was first introduced to us as a crappy gimmick tied to a game that pretty much sucked. The early generations of polygons were brought to us in the form of “adventure games” (Like Tell Tale Games, if that’s not the name for it these days) that sacrificed story and puzzle design in order to bring us an experience way uglier than the sprite-based games we were used to. They were mostly objectively worse AND more hideous, but in “3D!”

      They hire actual voice actors nowadays, and even Hollywood actors (with admittedly mixed results). Back when the first games with voices were coming out every box said “Fully Voiced!” when they should have said “Listen to an underpaid developer give a slow, flat reading of our script, which he appears to be reading for the first time.” There were plenty of games in that period where you’d actually be better off turning the voice off, so the disinterested reading wouldn’t ruin the otherwise strong script.

      And as someone else mentioned, there was Full Motion Video, which I feel like deserves a longer exploration than I can go into here. The short version is that there are a lot – and I mean a LOT – of games from that brief, beautiful era that are “Featuring B-List Celebrity You Know From that Movie or TV” full-motioning his or her way around a batshit cyberpunk story full of that one sliding tile puzzle. No one knows why it was cyberpunk but it was almost always cyberpunk.

      I’ve wandered off on a tangent here obviously but my point is it’s always been bleak, the bad stuff has always been getting worse, there’s never been hope and the games industry as an entity has never deserved your faith. But there’s good stuff as well, it’s just sort of invisible, only there if you’re REALLY looking and only after it’s quietly become standard. Like mouse-look. Looking around in a shooter with your mouse rather than having to hit some odd combination of buttons to make your guy look slightly up or slightly down. Someone had to invent that, and as I recall, at the time we didn’t really notice because we were too busy complaining (and correct to do so) about how the industry was pushing nothing but mindless bloodbath shooters to incompetently ride the coat tails of Quake and Doom and there were no longer enough good games about stomping on mushrooms and solving mysteries.

      My point is it’s only bleak and hopeless if you focus on the bleak and hopeless stuff. Which we should, because it’s the only way to deal with this garbage. But keep your chin up, there’s still good stuff out there and something great we can’t even imagine just beyond the horizon.

  • As an avid gamer, certain words have become a red flag when it comes to which games to stay away from. It used to be terms like “full-motion video”, “shovelware”, “multi-load”, “pixel-hunting” etc. In more recent years, gaming have expanded my vocabulary quite dramatically and I’ve added terms like “achievements”, “DRM”, “free-to-play”, “card packs”, “in-app purchase”, “microtransactions”, “quick-time event” and “walking simulator” to that ever-growing list of words that turn me off certain games.

    • Mike Hoyer

      In fairness no one ever used “shovelware” to PROMOTE a game. But man if you avoided “full-motion video” back in the day you missed some SPECTACULAR garbage! Though in fairness that is a LOT easier to appreciate in retrospect, with a budget a bit larger than what was available from the lost-tooth and Christmas card economy.

    • Pvt Dirt

      How do you avoid achievements when it seems like every game adds them regardless of relevance? Unless one of the non-Steam digital stores doesn’t support them, I don’t think I’ve seen a game later than the seventh gen consoles that didn’t have them.

  • squid spitt

    All of this exists because of the **tards that pay real money for all this VIRTUAL item shit!
    Online/Mobile games exists solely to part you from your cash not only from day one but, much further down the line. The only time I ever buy a game NEW is when its re-released as a GOTY/ULTIMATE/COMPLETE Edition. Before then, I will either buy a game disc USED or get it in a Steam Super Flash sale. And NEVER ever PAY for DLC or MicroT`s. So blame the addicts! The fans! The Mugs! The Gamblers! If the gaming industry breaks down & crashes. I won`t give a f-ing care in the world! As it was well deserved!

  • Keshav Sapru

    Jim, I’m curious. Is the gaming industry of today becoming like the F-35 program, so many fucking sub-contractors (i.e. 3rd party devs) that the US government (AAA devs) shovel off their work too? Gaming industry-> Biggest Entertainment Sector. F-35-> Biggest Defence Program ever.

  • Kenny Honeycutt

    I agree with everything you just said I enjoyed the game years ago and I enjoy it now (well until the new update) it’s bullshit and very greedy for the company to do so…I have never paid for a Dropbox and never will…They have fallen very far and if you notice COD is getting less and less popular each year…

  • Dave Sanders

    And yet, this isn’t anywhere *near* yet as bad as it could be. Imagine if Hacktivision seriously thought the demand was there for a microtransaction hazmat suit for Sergeant Jackson to wear during level 11. Even if it does nothing, could you write THAT off as ‘it’s just cosmetic’ if the sods had the sheer blindness and gall to put in there? The SHIT you could.

    • tehboomer

      If it did nothing and only looked different, then that is the very definition of cosmetic.

      • Dave Sanders

        I trust you know which scene level 11 *is*? Because it would also be the very definition of missing the point, undermining the tone, and proving to all and sundry that the publisher really REALLY doesn’t give a shit.

  • Putang Inamo

    Not only is this fucked up, what you can get from the microtransactions are fucking stupid. Not only are the camos ugly as fuck, making the game lose a bit of its authenticity, but holy shit, the melee weapons! A fucking broken beer bottle as a melee weapon!

    I was going to buy the game when it inevitably releases standalone, but now I think I’ll pass.

  • Sam

    People throw out that “It’s only cosmetic!” line at me and I’m always like “…your point?”
    What secret council of mole people up and decided that cosmetic content gets a free pass? Sure, you may feel like it’s the mechanics of a game that matters, but I’m way into visual design, and it’s often the main reason I get interested in a game, so to me it’s charging extra for one of the most important parts of a game.

  • Thanatos

    Activision is getting desperate. When they saw the dislike ratio on the Infinite Warfare trailer they realized that this was it – they’d hit peak Call of Duty. Sales reflected the same – finally, finally they’re down over the previous game, and the slide begins. Even their “break glass in case of emergency” move with the COD4 remaster didn’t work.

    To Activision, this means they need to milk as much money out of the brand that they can before it’s dead in the water, just like they did with Guitar Hero.

  • makiHyunda

    This is disgusting. I blame us the gamers 100% for.not.only allowing this crap but activity encouraging it .
    This will end with an industry on it’s knees but we’ll be the ones taking it up the arse!….so always!!!

  • Jacob Cox

    Black Ops 2 was the last good CoD game. Every game since has been noticeably worse than the previous and as bad as Infinite Warfare is, it will be better than next years CoD (which, if the constantly declining sales are anything to go by, will be the last one). At this point it doesn’t even matter if they go back to WWII because they’ll still have: fee to pay supply drops with duplicates, incredibly expensive map packs, shit to average campaigns, increasingly worsening zombie modes, and (my personal favourite) freakishly overpowered firearms that are only available through micro-transaction store which can take anywhere between 2-200 hours to unlock legitimately.

    Perhaps Activision should start preparing CoD’s gravestone because its on it’s deathbed.

  • DamZe

    Late to the party here, but not only did they the taint the MWR experience with this update, they purposefully lied to their consumers. Never was it mentioned that they would include micro transactions in MWR, this is classic case of deceit, sell you a product and then put in a feature you never wanted or were informed about in it a month later. As much as EA can be cunts, Activi$ion will always be the leader of the AAA scumbag division.

  • Aaron Fortune

    imagine how cod would be if it never ever changed. if it was always the same exact thing over and over again just different maps, characters and weapons which sometimes are even really different just have different names and maybe different firing mode or slightly different base look. but imagine if cod was the same game for 12 years. not a single change. sounds a bit boring to me. granted I am a ground pounder kind of guy but also can do the jump pack. doesn’t matter to me. but that’s soley because I am a true fan of cod always will be until it dies I believe if you love a game enough you stick with it through its ups and downs. trial and error is a must in a constantly evolving world and consumer base. they don’t gear these games towards adults they gear them towards the ones who follow the games, the kids, teens, college and high school students, pros. and truthfully a lot of what you see in cod now starting primarily back in mw3 was put in place because of popular opinion of the pros. for example the random spawns. pro idea after mw3. they insisted the spawns were to predictable.