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Could the “Connexion” spelling be a stylistic choice based on the time period?

At University I studied David Hume, who was an 18th century philosopher, and I remember that he used that spelling throughout one of his books: “An Enquiry concerning Human Understanding”.

… this is the most high brow comment I’ve ever written to one of Jim’s videos!


Jim, thanks for recommending this game on Podquisition a few weeks back. I hadn’t heard of it until then and, being a huge Telltale fan, I was very intrigued. I bought the season pass based on what I heard from you and loved every second of episode 1 and 2, and played both 3 times back-to-back-to-back. I really like the fresh take on the Telltale interactive story formula. The RPG elements such as leveling up skills, maintaining effort points, and using items is what I really enjoy. I also really like finding skills and talents in the world just through… Read more »