The GAAAmbling Problem (The Jimquisition)

Ubisoft, by way of a PR rep, has defended loot boxes after people found them distasteful in Trials Rising. They hammered through both usual and unusual excuses, and did so in a way that truly offended my senses.

AAA publishers are not just riding this gravy train into oblivion, they’re actively lying and insulting our intelligence to justify it. And as problem gambling is on the rise, the game industry needs to start admitting fault… or fault will find them.

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I find it particularly disgusting that EA are breaking the law in Belgium, they want Gambling for children THAT much. We should start calling these companies Child Wallet Rap*rs.


When it’s said these “loot boxes” are optional, does that mean that if I played these games I would at no point encounter the boxes in the game? I would like to know what “optional” means here. Just out of curiosity…

I realize this may seem like a disingenuous question, but truth be told, I’ve long watched Jim take games to task 99.9% of which I would not touch with a 10ft pole if I had all the time in the world 🙂