The Jimquisition: Exposure

Every game blog wants to make a name for itself, but that desire can sometimes be fulfilled in a most undesirable way. I mean, look what happened to Brash Games!

It doesn’t pay its writers, it revokes author credits when people leave, and its owner has over a decade of duplicitous, shady shit to answer for.

A number of us pooled our resources and drew on many anonymous sources to blow this publication wide open and oh dear is there some grimy shit pooling in its guts.

Bonus Content: Fuck Konami News

(Special Thanks:

Kirioth, whose communication and help has been invaluable. Check out his own video on Brash:

Nathan Hanover for writing this lovely tune:

Open Critic, showcasing integrity and a sense of standards:

The many, MANY former associates and employees of Paul Ryan (not that one) who provided me more dirt than I could handle!)

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    🅱im 🅱terling

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      • TheDeadFellow


        Please tell me we’l see more clips of that movie in your show. Hell, I think I’d be even up for a crossover between the Cornflakes Homunculus and Big Ronnie. JUST THINK OF THE POSSIBILITIES!

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  • Terriosaurus Hex

    Hello darkness, my old friend
    I see you’ve changed my score again
    Because a cunt is softly creeping
    Erased my name while i was sleeping.

    All Paul Ryans suck! Vote Wild Card, J.F.Sterling Son 2018 now!! Get day one bonus of self-entitled fulfillment!

  • Anton

    Did he say “strap in”, or “strap on”?

    • 09philj

      “In” but I agree it should be “on”.

  • place your bets:
    How long before someone complains that writing game reviews isn’t a REEEEEEEEEAL job and they shouldn’t get paid for it? or that they should do it “for the art”?

    • Miles Saintborough

      Already done in the video’s comments. Along with others that insist that Youtube content is fake and how people need a “real job”

      • observer

        The only requirements for something to be a “real job” are that (a) you’re doing something (b) for which someone pays you. That’s it. I’ve noticed a lot of unstated assumptions behind what people consider a real job to be, and by what I’m sure is pure coincidence (/s) these tend to line up precisely with what the most exploitative employers want us to believe.

    • Benj

      1.Game reviewers have no intergrity and are just paid for by publishers to get good scores, they should be independently funded!
      (wait scratch that)

      2.Game reviews are bad because they are unprofessional click-bait made to get ad revenue, they need to be professional!
      (wait scratch that)

      3.Game reviews shouldn’t be professional or paid for, they should just be made for fun for no reason other than the game reviewers artistic integrity!
      (wait scratch that)
      [Got to 1]

      • frkmgnt1

        Is there a Bingo card for this yet?

    • Muddy Scarecrow

      Anyone who says that ANYTHING should be made for art and not money doesn’t seem to realize that some of the world’s most famous artists (Namely Van Gogh) were broke and miserable and probably would have preferred to have money rather than die broke and starving and alone.

      • Aidan Long

        Pride and love in your artistry is great, but it’s intangible and therefore it can’t fill your belly when you’re hungry. What I’m trying to get at here is that you shouldn’t tell artists to do it “for the art” and should probably support the one’s that you like.

        • Muddy Scarecrow

          I remember all the shit the Game Grumps got before they started doing paid deals. When they played Trials Evolution Arin’s Steam name was on the screen so Barry had to cover it with something. As fans probably know by now Arin is a huge fan of Wendy’s so he told Barry to just put a Wendy’s ad on there as a joke. People were so fucking furious. Shouting things like “Sell out assholes” and “oh I guess this channel’s shit now cuz they’ve sold out. Hope your integrity was worth the money, fuck faces.” Keep in mind it wasn’t actually an ad. But so many people thought it was and got super offended. Because you know. Artists shouldn’t expect to get paid for their work. Let’s Players should just play video games for free and not get ANY thing for it. I think I remember people getting mad at them for doing a paid deal with EA for Dead Space 3 as well. Idiots.

          • Aidan Long

            That’s actually kind of ironic given that people seem to really like their actual ads. At least the one they did for Crunchyroll.

          • Chris

            Dan: I mean it’s really easy to call someone a sell out when you’re still living with your parents… But what can I say, man? I’ve got medical bills to pay.
            Arin: Oh geez.. I’m gonna need some ketchup for all these harsh browns you’re serving.

            On that note, anyone who calls an entertainer a sell out for doing any paid advertising work can fuck right off

          • Muddy Scarecrow

            Beautifully said on every single front. It’s also really easy to accuse someone of giving up their “artistic integrity” for money when you’ve never actually tried being an artist and put yourself out there

  • Dariusz G. Jagielski

    Am I the only person who finds that most recent review in Jim’s screenshots is for a game called “Mr. Shifty”?

    • I found it funny when I grabbed the screenshot.

      • Dariusz G. Jagielski

        *bows respectfully* Thank god for you!

        Also I’m working on a proper, non-fake game. Hopefully you’ll like it when it is out.

  • Secuda

    if they are not getting paid they should atleast acknowledge the writers for future referense. Whats the point in working for Branch games if not even that is respected?
    allso thank god for Jim

  • Jack Trevor

    I can say for a fact that the last bit Jim said about game’s media is completely true.

    The only major games site that I can name that is reasonably popular is Giant Bomb. Aside from Jim, the only other people that I could name that drove traffic to websites were Danny O’Dwyer and Greg Millar. And they left to do their own thing.

    And that’s what really is infuriating about this situation. The form of media is dying and shit like this makes it the equivalent of a child lighting their hair on fire in protest because their parents caught them looking at porn and decided to take away their computer privileges. It doesn’t get you what you want and every kid at school greets you as “Scabby”.

    • Anton

      On that topic – I am so absolutely elated that Danny made it out and seems to have succeeded with his independent venture. He was one of the very few Gamespot/Giant Bomb Old Guard that were actually worth saving once that ship began to sink.

      Shame about Kevin VanOrd, though. He seemingly quit, but I still see his name pop up every once in a while on GS, doing some anonymous work. Hopefully he gets his own independent gig someday.

      • James

        VanOrd’s working at Larian Studio now (he took a similar path to his predecessor, Greg Kasavin).

        From his Twitter:
        “Game designer and writer: Divinity: Original Sin 2, EarthNight, Duelyst, Atlas Reactor, Devilian. Table-scaping pro | Beefartist | Butts butts, I love butts”

        • Anton


  • EvolutionKills

    Drinking Game for this Episode

    – Every time Jim says “not that one”, take a shot.
    – Every time Jim does a silly voice, take a shot.
    – Every time Jim cackles with laughter, take 2 shots.
    – Whenever Jim uses the word GLORIOUS!, finish your drink.
    – When you thank god for Jim, pour yourself another drink.

    • Drinking games for those with insurance or those who want to die in their own vomit; see above game rules.

      • Paul!

        Thanks to Paul Ryan’s (that one) terrible policies, many of us still have insurance.

  • Not Lord Atkin

    I’ve had my lion’s share of experience with a similar outlet actually. Lasted for two years. I was still in high school then, which I suppose was excuse enough for the owner not to pay any of his contributors anything. He just got some high school kids to do all the work for him, with a few more senior (also unpaid) staff thrown in for damage control. In fact one of the very first things I had to do was to teach a 16-year-old kid how to write so he could write the review originally assigned to me because he was just really really excited about the game and it was his favourite franchise ever or something.

    Still the biggest issue this outlet had was conflict of interest. The owner also had an e-shop and treated the website as a hype machine generating customers and revenue for the shop.

    Keep in mind this was the biggest platform-exclusive site in the country at the time. It was big enough for us to get review copies of just about anything with no issues anyway.

    I’m going to leve it there for now because if i had to list all the shady shit that happened while I was on board, we’d be here all day.

    • frkmgnt1

      Oh noes! The users disagreed with your review! Well, then that obviously means your subjective experience of a game is entirely wrong. Because I’m sure all the users agreed with each other, because comment sections never have any disagreements in them. (obvious sarcasm is obvious, I hope.)

      The fact that there are so many of these sites that 1. exist only to sell games for their own profit and 2. think ‘exposure’ is in some way a substitute for money is disgusting if unsurprising.

      I mean, can you pay your rent or your food bill with ‘exposure?’ (That actually sounds pretty dirty and is possibly a crime if taken literally). Seriously though, exposure and portfolio building cannot be exchanged in the economy for goods and/or services, therefore, it is not a valid employment agreement. There should certainly not be any exclusive transfer of rights to publish a review if there’s no payment for the article.

      Fuck these parasites. There are drawbacks to all forms of media to be sure, but the availability of YouTube and Free Blog sites at least allows people to try to make a name and build a brand without allowing someone else to build their fortune on the backs of actual talent. No site should be trading on the desperation of young writers (or artists). I want to make sure I never support them with any traffic, views, etc.

      • Benj

        You can pay your rent with exposure if you’re a topless model.

        Badum tish!

        • frkmgnt1

          LOL Yeah. That’s pretty much the only sort of exposure that might be exchangeable for goods and/or services. That’s why I said that it sounded vaguely dirty and possibly illegal.

          I blame Jim for us all having filthy minds.

          Or maybe Jim should blame us….

          Either way, Thank God for Jim!

        • Anton

          Hey, HEY… show some goddamn respect.

          They’re “exotic dancers”

        • Kev’ Bryant

          Those were a dark few years and I’d prefer if you didn’t bring it up again.

    • Benj

      … more please!

      • Not Lord Atkin

        I was thinking I might write up an article on the medium or something. I mean it’s old news but fits really well into the current atmosphere.

  • cowboyjimmy

    David James is probably Matt

  • Nathan H

    Gave me some motivation to start writing those reviews

  • darksteel6

    Where was that bullshit artist clip from?

    • Jaz Martuscello

      The greasy strangler

    • Sir Alexander XXVII

      It’s from The Greasy Strangler.
      I feel like Jim picked that clip simply for the name of the movie…

  • thegreatpumpkinking

    I have a feeling that this is far from over, that their is more to unwound and more to dug deeper.

  • SpiceMustFlow

    I don’t know why it still bothers me, but any new Castlevania news out of Konami still makes me depressed, even though I should be numb to it now.

    • SmaMan

      Hearing that sweet VRC6 Castlevania 3 music got my hopes up way more than it should have.

  • Shui Gor

    Why do I feel this might turn out to be a Digital Homicide-situation once Paul Ryan (not that one) starts contemplating a lawsuit against Jim?

    • Sir Alexander XXVII

      The guy seems rather scared of Jim, considering the fact that he deleted evidence when he found out Jim was preparing a video on him. He would also have an even harder time than Romine trying to justify a lawsuit. I don’t know how stupid this guy is, but I doubt he wants to sue him.

      • BadChessPlayer

        He would have to prove libel and slander, and Jim went out of his way to avoid using terms that are concrete when there isn’t proof.

      • plebman

        Reading this comment just made me picture some guy sitting in his office, just a regular, normal day. When suddenly the door is thrown open, in comes David James, sweating and panting “It’s him, Jim is coming!”

        “Fucking Jim who? Out with it man.”

        “It’s Jim fucking Sterling, he is coming!”

        “J-J-Jim Sterling, are you sure? Please tell me it’s a mistake!”

        “Positive, we need to do something”

        “Burn it! Burn it all, delete everything! Have you seen what he does to pogs and he fucking loves pogs, imagine what will happen to us! Throw the secretary in the fire too, they know too much!”

  • Muddy Scarecrow

    I’m totally googling “Mazio’s Pizza” now. I smell a tasty failed marketing/business story and I LOVE me some scrumptious failed business stories >=3

    Also this is why if I ever do write reviews (mostly for old games and movies probably) I’m NOT going to do it for a big company. I’m writing what I want how I want and with the scores I want to give it. Which will be no scores. I’m gonna make up my own joke score system like Projared because IMO review scores are a headache and a heartache I don’t need or want.

    • SmaMan

      Where does Mazio’s Pizza factor into this?

      We have a *Mazzio’s* Pizza just up the street from work. They’re pretty good, and have been a long standing chain around the state for years, apparently.

      • Muddy Scarecrow

        Whoopsie doodle. Misspelled that it seems >///>

  • George

    The last words in the video are words of wisdom for every young person. Young people please listen to Father Jim because it’s not just games media, it’s everything, every single job.

    If a for-profit entity can not or will not pay you for your work. Don’t work for them, Never work for “experience” or “exposure” or “to get a foot in the door.” Never sell yourselves short. Ever. Those companies have no intention of helping you in anyway whatsoever.

    • Anton

      Yes and No.

      I mean, it’s a nice notion that you are always able to make choices like that, but it doesn’t work for people just getting out of college (or otherwise just entering their field of work). I’m an engineer, and I was lucky enough to start my career with a a paid internship; however, those are limited, and I know a few people who had to slog through a few months of unpaid (or practically unpaid) work to get that resume note. And this in a field that’s arguably more lucrative than most, with the obvious exception being software.

      Ideally, I agree with Jim’s notion, but unfortunately it doesn’t always work out that way.

      • George

        In my view the only reason that un-paid internships exist is because young people a duped into going into them at all.

        This phenomenon is relatively new too. It’s only been in the last 20 years or so that it’s really taken hold.

        Essentially young people need to be educated better and told never work for free, because it damages the overall job market and fucks over other people. I would say the student unions in both University, college and trades school should warn students and advocate against such things.

        (With the exception being with not for profits.)

        • Anton

          Not disagreeing with you that it shouldn’t exist. But if enough companies do it, then suddenly there aren’t enough paid jobs to go around, and there’s nowhere to go.

          • The Jünger Ludendorf

            True. It’s good to warn people for a problem, but much better if you can offer them viable alternatives.

            Perhaps ways to get work in other industries, or work experience in other ways (while reducing the stigma that you always need to get work in your area of eduction, and ONLY in that area, or else you messed up).

      • molamolacolacake

        It’s sort of a never-ending cycle, though. I say this as someone that graduated from law school in 2010 just after the legal market had imploded and did indeed work for free for almost two years before I finally found someone willing to pay me. We were all so desperate and the market so saturated that we were all willing to work for free for the experience and the exposure, which meant in turn no one was hiring for pay because they could just get the work for free. We were devaluing ourselves and our profession as a whole. I’ve been asked since if I would recommend working for free for experience, and I have always said no. But, I didn’t listen to the attorney that told me not to do it, and the younger ones won’t listen to me either. Such is the way of life.

        • George

          The vicious cycle is the problem. I saw this when I was working at a paid internship while finishing my degree. We were doing data analysis for public mental health programs, in the province I used to live in.

          We were not making great money but it was above minimum wage and enough to live for a student. The girl that I was with would always stay late every night to work…but the thing was, our contracts stipulated that you get paid from 8:00-4:00pm thats it. Nothing more.

          But she would work anyway sometimes until 6:00 or 7:00 for no money at all. I would just leave.
          She would always get so mad at me and complain to our professor and our supervisor at work. When my supervisor confronted me, I straight up told her, “I don’t work for free. She can volunteer late if she wants.”
          She just kept feeding into that cycle where companies and organizations start expecting free labor.

          After the whole thing was over I graduated and did something else with my life. haha

  • Joe Ottoson

    The notion that you need to change review scores to agree with the review aggregator makes absolutely no sense. Does Ryan have no idea how they work? It collects different scores then loosely averages them to arrive at a meta rating. That doesn’t work if you just score a game based on what the average already is.

    Why does he need reviewers in the first place? Why not just quick-link to the metacritic score?

    It is a shame you didn’t get into the whole NeoGAF thread on the topic Jim. The Open Critic investigator was calling the reviewer unprofessional and saying that “Brash Games has been making great strides in fixing things” Very weird stuff from the OC end.

    • Fyou

      At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Paul Ryan doesn’t understand how toilet paper works.

  • TheGreenGarden is Slipstream

    So this is like what happened at Dreamwave, instead it’s game instead of comics?

  • SilentPony

    I got nothing. That’s some shit and I hope Brash gets its metaphorical teeth kicked in.

    Is it just me, but with this and the CS:GO lottery shit, does it feel like there’s a sorta video game media…mob? Like an old school using a laundry mat as a front for illegal gambling type mob, except you know, shitty reviews and youtube channels.

    • Anton

      Nothing so organized and functional as a mob, just a collection of barely-competent crooks.

      • SilentPony

        But its happening more and more often, yes?

        • Anton

          Seems like it, though I haven’t really looked at the data.

          At the risk of sounding callous, though, I would take double the scammers and liars that are technically outside of the gaming industry, if only we could cut down on the bullshit that comes from within. People have the capability to wise up at any time and stop wasting money on CS Lotto; what they can’t do is fix a game like Dead Space 3, in which progression and gameplay got fucked over because EA decided they needed to shove in a microtransaction economy.

        • Terriosaurus Hex

          I wouldn’t say it’s ‘happening’ more often in this case, as much as it’s ‘being exposed’ more often. Like sexual assualt and child abuse being more exposed due to the tools of communication and education giving people strength, a voice and solidarity with others in similar situations. There are always and have always been people ready and willing to take advantage of others.

      • SmaMan

        That’s the problem. The Internet has leveled the playing field in such a way that everyone can get in on it. And while I’m normally all for something like that, it also means the more unethical among us can set up shop and seem just as legitimate a business as anyone.

        • Anton

          Luckily for someone with half a brain, the external scams can be passed up with zero effort.

  • Gregory McIntyre

    never work for exposure. people die of exposure.

    in regards to Fuckonami I think I’ve come to piece with a franchise I really like just being dead to me. It basically happened when Lords of Shadow came out and I honestly couldn’t even finish it. It was fucking terrible.

    I’ll just sit back and hold out hope that Nintendo someday wakes up and gives us the Metroid game fans want.

    • Miles Saintborough

      I woke up and realized Nintendo will NEVER give fans a Metroid, Star Fox, or F-Zero game that we want.

      • Landy Alexander

        Let’s look at some figures. When was the last good Metroid game? In my opinion it was prime 3. However, Nintendo has shown they don’t consider the prime games to be real Metroid and are not canon. So what is the last ‘real’ metroid game worth a damn? Zero Mission, in 2004. And that’s just a remake. The last original metroid game worth a damn was Fusion in 2002. 15 years ago. Metroid is dead.

        • Miles Saintborough

          Yet still “made” Metroid Prime Federation Force, which continues the Prime series according to them.

          • Wolfie

            I may force out a shit, but it’s not a “continuation” of my physical body!

          • George

            You should eat more fruits and veggies, then it will flow out more easily.


          • Miles Saintborough

            It could be.

          • Wolfie

            That’s is a horrifying prospect.

            Do you know something about Paul Ryan that we don’t?…

      • Appretaur

        This, incidentally, is exactly why I find it somewhat objectionable that Smash Bros. continues to present these franchises as equally relevant to everyone’s happiness and interests as part of its goal of selling massive amounts of copies. It no longer feels like Nintendo really earns the right to pseudo-exploit some of its characters for the purpose of the Smash-driven commercialism vehicle when it hasn’t backed those particular franchises up with new substance outside of said vehicle, substance that I can really be enthusiastic about.

  • Wolfie

    Hold on for a sec… Paul Ryan didn’t pay employees, removed their credentials from their work, had undisclosed advertisements for gambling on his site, and harassed workers.

    Paul Ryan is for a system where businesses and corporations don’t have to pay minimum wage, essentially owns their workers and their work regardless of context, medium, or production, is unregulated because “invisible hand of the market,” and as a consequence may revoke worker protections and compensations.

    Are we SURE it’s not the same guy?

  • Appretaur

    Seems like a missed opportunity that Jim didn’t mention the bit in Ben’s article where Paul, in trying to get a writer not to leave, said that the writer’s mental illness would make him unemployable at any other outlet.

  • DJ OakeyDoakey

    So just to clarify, is Jim talking about the Republican US politician Paul Ryan?

    • Buscava

      Not that one

  • SmaMan

    It sickens me that this writing “for exposure” is still happening in games journalism.

    I’ve been a journalist for many years (in areas outside of gaming, for many of the reasons Brash Games exemplifies) and I’ve always been given some kind of payment, even if it was just a monthly stipend from my first videographer job. Thing is, in literally every other area of journalism, and indeed outside of journalism, if you’re doing a non-paid gig, you might as well have not been doing nothing at all.

    Now I get that games journalism is still very young and going through difficult growing pains. (Its unprecedented reliance on the game publishing companies, for example, and the incredible amount of control and sway that these companies have, but at some point, every game journalist is going to have to band together and demand that they get compensated in a fair, honest, *modern* way.

    I’ve seen the comments all over this video on YouTube about “games journalism isn’t a real job.” I believe it is, or at least that it can be. But that’s only going to be the case if everyone, the game journalism outlets and the journalists themselves treat it as such. Today’s video was a good step in that direction.

    • Uldi

      Sadly, it’s seen a resurgence in regular journalism too. Sites like the Huffington Post constantly ask bloggers and free-lancers to write a piece for “exposure”. I get the impression that other news sites try it as well.

      • SmaMan

        Oh it’s still out there. There’s always gonna be seedy bastards willing to exploit fresh young talent. I’ve just noticed it’s way more prevalent in games journalism, probably because it primarily lives online and all but gone from print.

        But good point about HuffPo. I’ll remember that next time they run another think piece on “why is minimum wage not higher.”

        • Uldi

          I go off when they post things like that. Usually start with, “Why does HuffPo ‘pay’ in exposure?”

        • Pocket

          Makes me wonder how paying less than minimum wage magically becomes legal when the amount being paid drops all the way down to 100% less.

          • guy smiley

            I guess, because legally speaking it becomes volunteer work? Oh wait, it’s illegal to call actual work that should be paid for ‘volunteer work’ to begin with, never mind.

          • Kev’ Bryant

            No one tell my boss!

  • Polishfury5000

    Please keep using ‘Greasy Strangler’ clips. It makes me happy anytime I hear “bullshit artist!” yelled, regardless of context.

    Hell, any clip of that whole movie would probably make me happy.

    • Ricky Prickles!

      • Polishfury5000

        Sounds like a joke, but I honestly just choked a little on my coffee. People in the breakroom are giving me looks, but I’m in a better mood, thank you!

  • Bum

    Just to be clear: is it definitely the case that review scores were being changed in order to bring them more in line with the general consensus/metacritic scores? Was there some other reason? Was it just for shits and giggles?

    • Muddy Scarecrow

      Unless it’s Konami I’m not entirely sure “shits and giggles” is the motivation here. I think the former employees have said that yes that is definitely the reason the scores have changed.

      • Bum

        Okay, so…why? What does Brash gain from keeping scores in line with the general consensus? What am I missing here?

        • Muddy Scarecrow

          That’s kinda the thing dude. We don’t actually KNOW why. The thing is you’re asking rational sane questions. But Brash more than likely does not have the rational sane answers to match. More than likely it’s the same reason anybody does it. Because these games are expected to score high so let’s keep ’em high to appease our Publisher overlords.

  • I can’t see the mandatory out-of-context comparison of this issue to the Zelda review. Even the game-induced rage turned out to be a 7/10 in the long run.

  • Metrogenic

    For a second here, I thought we were going to see Jim fully out Niero. I know there would be bridges burned, but like he’s said, he has his brand now.

    • Sperium3000

      Who’s Niero?

      • Metrogenic

        Mr. Dtoid. The guy who gave Jim his start. The guy who gave lots of us our introduction to–and exit from–the industry. There is so much dirt on him that he’d be the perfect target if Jim were interested, but it would involve digging up a lot of trash and upending real-world people’s lives at this point.

  • Sperium3000

    The concept of “Exposure bucks” has been discussed plenty on both the CoOptional podcast and the Super Best Friend cast, and I agree with what was said there, and here. It’s bullshit. And the worst of all is that small name creators who are just starting are hard pressed to accept it because 1) They want to get their brand out there and 2) The fact that they’re small name makes them think they have no choice. After all, if someone offered exposure bucks to TotalBiscuit to make a promo video he’d tell them to bugger right off.

    Aside from that there’s companies that instead of payment offer free tat, be it games or merchandise. Which is also bullshit. This is work. Fuck you. Pay me.

    • Kev’ Bryant

      I don’t need any exposure. I can expose myself any time I like! What I need is money!

  • Thanatos

    How do you know it’s NOT that Paul Ryan?

  • galactix100

    I kinda hope that the David James from Brash is actually the former England goalkeeper. He did appear on that Dara O’Brian games show so you never know.

  • Michael O’Connor

    “Paul Ryan. Not that one.” Every time it makes me laugh.

  • Darkzentai

    It’s nice to know your making friends Jim .

  • Now wait a minute. Have we ever seen Paul Ryan and Paul Ryan in the same room together?

  • Somespaniard

    I just can’t believe THAT Paul Ryan is behind this whole mess.
    Well, nevermid, I actually can.

  • Claptrap

    The last bit of the video hit home. I wrote for free, I got offers like “one euro for one news published” (while 8 others try to get the same news out at the same time), was offered freelance for money that’s not even close to paying rent. Getting into video game journalism is hard. It feels like you have to be at the right spot at the right time. Even trying to write blogs etc. just sounds easy, because you get lost in the space of the internet so easily. So I decided to stop, it’s not worth it.

  • your mom

    lol i hope paul ryan enjoys all of this nice exposure. motherfucker has no balls to stand up to the maniacs of the g.o.p.

  • Exley97

    It’s like Brash Games decided to engage in every shitty games journalism practice — not paying staff members, selling aspiring writers on “exposure,” changing copy/bylines, tampering with staff members reviews without their consent, changing review scores to “conform” to other reviews [OH. MY. GAWD] and trying to scrub the web of the evidence of all their collective bullshit.

  • Peter Quint

    I don’t get why the hell it’s a big deal if Konami want to make pachinko machines.

    Fine, that’s what they do.

    Is it really worth being outraged by that?

    • Wolfie

      It’s more of a piece of a larger puzzle of shit. That shit being Konami as a whole, such as business practices and treatment of employees, as well as what they do with their IPs.

      Edit: It’s less outrage and more like spiteful pettiness against a company that deserves the hate for being shit.

      • Justin Graham

        As shitty as Konami has been, it does get a little old putting them on blast for putting out yet another pachinko game, franchise anniversary or not.

        And it’s not like Konami is alone in doing this, either. SNK (then SNK Playmore) exited video games entirely for a few years to focus on pachislot titles before returning to video games with KOFXIV. A couple of new characters in KOFXIV are even pulled from pachinko titles they released during that phase.

        Does Konami deserve criticism? Absolutely. Does that justify prodding them with a boisterous FucKonami News segment for every news item that comes along?

        Eeeh. Probably not.

        • Kev’ Bryant

          Yeah. But fuck Konami.

    • Siddartha 85

      They blacklisted Jim years ago, for very dumb reasons. He made a critical episode after they torpedoed 2 games he was looking forward to. In the intervening years they’ve clearly sabotaged their own AAA and gaming projects, because the shift to gambling machines was long in the making.

      Basically, a small thing caused a rift b/w Jim and Konami due to their pettiness. And then Konami was steadily, over time, revealed to be led by abusive crazies. Jim’s been documenting the whole slide into madness. His revenge will end when they stop sucking and shape up.

  • thegreatpumpkinking

    you see zelda fans it was jim fault about the score brashgames some how changed jims 15 0ut of 10 to a 7 outnof ten. Damn you Brash games DAMN YOU!!!!!

  • Just Some Guy

    Saw this some time ago already, but the one side of the Jimquisition logo backdrop is noticeably higher than the other. If you look at the graphic logo in the video intro, while the one side is a little higher than the other, not sure if that’s intentional either, it’s just more noticeable in the backdrop.

  • thegreatpumpkinking

    i wish i could tell this paul ryan off but I can’t becasue i don’t think thats his real name, this is simply a con job. I think we should tell “Paul Ryan” to paul ryan dud some is using name to do stupid illegal stuff

  • Watchmedance

    I just hate how Paul Ryan portrayed himself as a hobbyist game reviewer. He isn’t; people like myself and the folks I follow are, and no creator I follow takes advantage of others to make a quick buck.

  • Max Whiteley

    Good work!
    Ethics in jurnalism is what #GG was after from the very begging.
    So ethics in all of “video games based web media” is something I can totally support.

    I am happy my money has gone on to platform an embryonic games reviewer. Patreon is god like in that way.

    I don’t want you to apologise for your Nigee statement. I want to too applogise for not condemning Antifa. Which IMO is a movement you helped cause by simply not condemning it from the beginning.


    • Wolfie

      Soooooooo, are you sarcastic or are you serious? I cannot tell.

      • Max Whiteley

        In what part I said a lot dude?

      • Max Whiteley

        The Internet is a weird place.

      • Max Whiteley

        I’m serious through out.

        If u go on to the page where Jim gave the lil due des a voice u can see where I start my drunken ramblings lol!

        • Wolfie

          I meant specifically about GG and something about antifa which I’m not really sure how they’re relating to any of this…

          • Max Whiteley

            No idea man, alcohol makes you do strange things.

          • Wolfie

            Remember kids. Don’t drink and post. Or you could go to JAIL. #MADP

      • Max Whiteley

        Yes it was really good work!

        I had never heard of brash games in my life, but still know to avoid them because :

        A -They don’t pay their employers.
        B- They change review scores.

        Im not a journalist, but even they deserve respect! Journalists have hurt many peoples life’s, but not vide games journalists!

        Giving this kid a platform is the single most respectful thing Jim has ever done in my eyes.

        …. I’m still an out voting Tory, even in the snap 😘

        Jims a fucking good dude,

      • Max Whiteley

        Employees? Is that Wright? Ian Wright Wright Wright?
        I don’t know, u get me though blud?

    • Nick Young

      Antifa is a very necessary reaction to the nasty altright that has been growing like a cancer in otherwise civilised societies

      • Kyle Pierce

        Antifa are a bunch of hypocrite lyers, far worse than the alt right boogy men that don’t exist.

      • Max Whiteley

        I dunno Antifa do seem like the bad guys.

      • MindFever

        That’s why all of the working class absolutely despise them. Antifa philosophy is inherently outdated .
        And interesting to note most of the antifa members don’t belong to the working class.

        It’s bullshit ideology based on some superficially good looking concepts that turned into festering pile of puked out cheese.

    • 09philj

      Are you smoking pot?

      • Max Whiteley

        I wish I was. I was consuming alcohol.

        • 09philj

          Don’t drink and post.

    • EvolutionKills
  • MM


  • jonowee

    Quite odd every time I read Paul Ryan in comments about Paul Ryan (not that one), I second guess myself whether is Paul Ryan a game review site editor or was that about Paul Ryan (not that one).