The Jimquisition: YouTube Needs To Face The Music

The past week and change has been chaotic in certain sectors of videogame YouTube. Copyright strikes, mental health issues, legal trouble and more erupted around the otherwise unassuming shooter, Starr Mazer DSP.

And while anarchy ruled the roost, YouTube itself let it all happen.

Nathan Stapleton

Sounds like you needed some oxycodone or dilaudid, bro. If you’re not ready for that stuff you’re likely to have a sudden, possibly unwanted nap. Or a sudden, definitely unwanted barf but that’s not super likely unless the nurse draws up ever-so-slightly too much. For reals, you’ll be like, “Yep. I’m fine. Kinda nice reall-BARRRRF!!!” A barf ninja-ing outta you that quickly and unexpectedly is kinda freaky, honestly.

Where was I going with this again…?

Michael Clements

I wonder if things would get done to correct this more quickly if groups of people started take-down-striking the videos of large corporations…

Also I hope you are feeling much better and pain-free soon, Jim


I think the problem isn’t so much with the Youtube Algorithms assuming there actually are any? As it seems like it would have to do with the DMCA and “Safe Harbor”, because they are effectively incentivized to nuke things from orbit by the “get out of jail free” card that removing the content provides them. Coupled with the fact that there is essentially no penalty for spurious claims….. you essentially have a system that seems like it was designed to be abused…. or at least designed by people who don’t really understand how the pneumatic tubes of the internet work……… Read more »