The Sexy Brutale Review – The House Wins

Death dealer.

Developer: Tequila Works, Cavalier Game Studios
Publisher: Tequila Works
Format: PC, PS4 (reviewed), Xbox One
Released: April 11, 2017
Copy provided by publisher

The Sexy Brutale certainly knows how to get my attention. The name alone was scintillating – promising the devilish and the stylish in a way that had me immediately intrigued. Then I witnessed the visual direction – macabre cartoon violence in a twisted casino populated by eccentric characters with creepy masks.

By the time I found out it was a murder mystery that required observation, deduction, and time travel, I was fully sold.

Calling The Sexy Brutale a murder mystery is perhaps not entirely accurate. You get to see each murder in all its brutal glory, after all. The mystery isn’t so much in the whodunnit but the howstoppit.

Every guest at the casino/hotel mansion is killed off in some gruesome manner, slaughtered mercilessly by the very staff of the Brutale themselves. The gas-mask wearing attendants commit their crimes without remorse but it’s not the player’s job to apprehend them – as aging priest Lafcadio Boone, they’ll need to see how a victim was killed, then reset the clock and attempt to foil the plan from the shadows.

Taking place over the course of a single day that can be forever rewound and repeated akin to Groundhog DayThe Sexy Brutale offers a number of murder scenarios that must be sequentially undone. The first murder – essentially a tutorial – is a very simple matter. A man is shot with a rifle – after the staff checked to make sure it was loaded, of course.

By finding and replacing the bullet with a blank (you can’t just take the bullet out, since the staff checks), the murder plot fails, but you need to see the killing unfold first before working out the crucial flaw in the staff member’s plot.

Naturally, the other murders are more complex affairs and may require multiple Groundhoggings before a solution becomes clear. Players can track the movements of both victims and killers, spying on them through peepholes and eavesdropping to gather clues or find important locations.

For mysterious reasons Boone shouldn’t be at the Sexy Brutale and his anomalous presence cannot be detected – at least traditionally. While he can’t be seen by the human occupants of the mansion, the elaborate facepieces they’re all wearing somehow know he’s there.

Should he occupy the same room as another character, the mask will rise from their head and float toward him, dealing damage upon contact. All activity in the mansion freezes and players will be unable to interact with anything nearby. In short – you’ll stick to the empty rooms unless you’re planning to dash in through one door and out the other.

While it’s very difficult to die in the game (masks move slowly and take a long time to drain Boone’s life), the rule does what it’s meant to – stop players from directly interfering and ensure they can only ever spy and sabotage in secret.

As you may have already guessed, The Sexy Brutale plays out in real-time. Once the day begins, the plan for the murder is set into motion – characters start moving from room to room, talking to each other, and getting into position for a most unfortunate demise.

Boone’s job is to secretly tail both prey and predator, learning their movements (which will be marked on the map and timestamped for review), how the death is dealt, and eventually how to rescue the target.

The Sexy Brutale is a puzzle game, that much is true, but as someone who doesn’t usually get along with puzzles I found myself utterly adoring this one. If you’re not generally a puzzle fan, you may still want to check this out.

Because the puzzles are based in observation, there’s something notably organic about how they’re solved. It can be tricky to put all the pieces together, but with some logical thought and a keen eye, the answers are all there in plain sight and they’re often cunningly simple. Every scenario gives Lafcadio all he needs to know – the trick is gathering and then mentally sorting the information.

And boy are some of the scenarios just utterly brilliant.

Each murder is, in fact, an amazingly scripted sequence with its own unique little story, and while it’s tempting to try and immediately rescue somebody I urge players to watch each death passively at least once – not only will it obviously help provide clues, but the murder sequences themselves are often ingeniously scripted and darkly amusing.

If nothing else, the killing of Tequila Belle is one of the most deliciously vicious sequences I’ve ever seen. It’s dramatic, it’s funny, and it’s chilling, which sums up this game perfectly.

Many puzzles involve the collection and use of items, but Boone cannot keep said items if he resets the day. He does, however, retain any knowledge he’s learned, including passwords or secret passages, and the map is just detailed enough for players to work out where people are and what objects can be manipulated.

Finally, each rescued victim leaves their mask behind, which Boone absorbs for a new power. Such abilities include enhanced hearing and the power the see and talk to ghosts.

So it is that The Sexy Brutale unfolds over a tight couple of hours, players resetting and then racing against the clock to undo nefariousness in beautifully detailed sequences using their own eyeballs and ability to follow logical paths – with a little bit of guesswork here and there.

For those who want to squeeze more running time from the experience, there are 52 playing cards to find, as well as character invitations that reveal more story. The Brutale has its secrets, and players can definitely squeeze more from it if they so desire.

This would have been a terrific game if it had just remained a morbidly comic puzzler, but it’s backed up by evocatively written lore and a story that turns into something all the more incredible as it unfolds. What starts as an entertaining spot of Cluedo But Backwards becomes an enthralling tale of crime, punishment, and guilt.

To say much more would be to spoil it, but by the time the credits rolled I was wide eyed and impressed – especially since what could have been a bullshit finale ended up working surprisingly well.

While no technical powerhouse, The Sexy Brutale‘s character and environment design are top-notch with an exaggerated cartoon feel to offset otherwise barbaric scenes. Aside from some minor loading issues when entering the occasional room, the game runs well and I’ve not encountered glitches or bugs to report, hooray!

The music is fantastic, a suitably swinging soundtrack for the setting, and while there are two lovely vocalized songs, the lack of voice acting overall is a shame.

The story unfolds entirely via text, which is fine enough, but I feel a strong vocal cast could have perfected it. This is not to say the game is actively harmed by text-only dialog – in fact, bad acting would be worse than zero acting – but some of these scenes could have been utterly perfect with the right voices behind them.

I’ve only one other criticism, and that’s the lack of options when manipulating time. As well as resetting the day, you can jump forward to 4pm or 8pm, which is useful for skipping things you don’t need to see again. Unfortunately, that doesn’t quite solve the issue of having to rewatch certain scenes, especially since you’re on a time limit anyway so skipping ahead often feels like an unwise risk.

When the worst I have to offer in terms of negativity is a lack of voice actors and some minor repetition however, it’s clear this is a quality title from a studio firing on all cylinders.

More than that, as The Sexy Brutale opens up and reveals something more complicated at its heart, I have to confess a certain level of awe at just how tightly scripted this whole thing is – pulling together separate but linked stories, playing them out in real-time, then layering a personal and affecting arc tale over it all while still providing brilliant gameplay? Tequila and Cavalier created something special with this one.

Blast it all if it isn’t another impeccable entry in a year swarming with quality already. I fear this one will get lost in the shuffle of big budget games, but make no mistake – The Sexy Brutale deserves as much attention as any HorizonZeldaNioh or Persona.

Rolling the dice on this one is a play I can confidently back.


  • Kamakazie

    Well, here’s something I’d never heard of before. Sounds really interesting.

  • irfanf (IrfanF)

    “yes that score is genuine”
    yeah either its a 0 or a 10

  • Glad you liked it Jim, this was definitely a stand out games at Rezzed this year.

    • Lasse Andersen

      I am so bitter that i missed it, in hindsight.

  • febLey

    I’m pretty sure you gave 10/10, because this game has masks x)

    • SilentPony

      You say that like its a bad thing…

      • CaitSeith

        Just stating the facts. Jim himself said it: Masks = his praise.

  • Dave Crowe

    I saw an Xbox vid mention the game the other day and it intrigued me through the visuals initially. Glad to hear there is more to it than that – will pick it up.

  • I am going to buy this without even looking at the game now, Jim. I am going to go in totally blind with no hype or knowledge of the game (other than your review) and trust your judgement. It will be fun to see if you just found me a masterpiece.

    • endolex

      Same here!

  • bimmyz

    *grabbing popcorn and inb4 score bait trolls

  • Lewis Cowen

    Gonna need to check this out. Looks fun.

  • goodbyejojo

    caught that killer7 reference

  • Even Luck

    Whoa this sounds like Ghost Trick by mental people. That’s going on the wish list.

  • professorrev

    This sounds like 999 and Virtues Last Reward found a cabin in the woods and put some blankets down.

  • mrhair

    You’re missing the info at the top of the review (publisher, platforms, etc).

    Also, this game really sounds like my sort of thing; I just wish it wasn’t coming out at about the same time as, like, five other games that also sound like my sort of thing.

    • Lasse Andersen

      Developed by Cavalier Games
      Published by Tequila Works
      Released for PC and PS4 at €20

  • dfx7

    The last time I instantly went into a game after reading your review was Undertale. And that game is one of my top ten favorites of all time.

    So I’m giving this a shot.

  • Jack Trevor

    Sounds like Ghost Trick. I’ll check it out considering this sounds interesting.

  • Ralph Panebianco

    While I don’t think anyone can take any of your scores seriously again after your Zelda review, your text is typically worthwhile. I’ll check this one out.

    • Silvershock

      Are people really still upset that he didn’t like the thing he liked enough for people who liked it more?

      • Ralph Panebianco

        No not upset. It’s just pretty clear that that was a silly score to give, so I go to Jim for his words now rather than his scores.

        • krazykain

          it matched the context of his words greatly so I don’t really see your point

          • Ralph Panebianco

            There are tonnes of things wrong with Zelda, but it’s apparent to anyone that plays videogames that there is a greater than the sum of its parts achievement there, and that 7 is just silliness. I’m not salty, I’m just saying that there are reviewers that I will continue to rely on for their professionalism, where Jim I will look to for engaging writing.

          • Wisq

            You do realise that Jim operates on a more sensible rating scheme, where 7 is still “pretty good”, and not “the lowest we’ll give an AAA game because we only rate things between 7 and 9”, right?

          • Ralph Panebianco

            I do.

          • Chris Schwartz-Brown

            Waaah, waah, the mean man didn’t like a toy that I’m playing with as much as I do, waah! Clearly this is something for me to still be angry about weeks later and still be bringing up, waah!

          • Danny Carr

            The idea that every reviewer is going to look at a game and see it as 8-10 is what’s silly. There will always be outliers. Jim isn’t even the only reviewer to give it a 7 he’s not even the one to give it the lowest score.

            Planescape Torment, Zelda ocarina of time, Metal gear solid, Deus Ex, Witcher 3, Red Dead Redemption just as random examples. All games regarded are very, very highly. There’s still people that think all are merely just good rather than great or even think they’re bad.

            Not everyone is going to think a game is amazing which is why I never get the disapproval when a game got an 8.7 or a 7 instead of a 10. It’d be weirder if that didn’t happen not everyone is going to see something as amazing or even good

          • Christopher Hammond

            I know, right. It’d really be something to worry about if Zelda ONLY got 10s. That would certainly be a sign of some Shadow of Mordor level bullshittery. Differing opinions are just normal when you’re talking about creative works. Probably all well regarded classics of film, television, literature and art have had some very harsh critical receptions. I don’t know why people think games should be immune to this.

          • Andrzej Sugier

            See you in a years when everyone will remember BotW as a great but flawed game, a bit overhyped at launch. Just as it happened with Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword. Seriously, patern recogniton is an usefull skill to have.

          • Ralph Panebianco

            Agree with this completely. Great but flawed and overhyped.

          • …Was Skyward Sword overhyped at launch? I don’t remember it being particularly lauded. In fact, there was quite a lot of “this game is very good, but the Zelda formula is getting old”

          • RedWolf

            I liked Skyward Sword, even though it was very flawed. I know the
            popular opinion is that it was hot trash, but the game did a lot of
            things right.
            Also, Twilight Princess is still great. It was definitely a much stronger title than Skyward Sword.

          • Andrzej Sugier

            You see, I said that both of those games were great. But when they first came out people were praising them to the high heavens and had no criticism whatsoever. I believe that the same story will repeat once again with BotW. Please mind that I have never played a Zelda game I didn’t really like, it’s just an observation.

          • RedWolf

            Fair enough. I wasn’t criticising or trying to rebut your statement, just giving my own input.
            I also think that BOTW is very overhyped. I haven’t played it myself, but the gameplay clips I’ve seen and Jim’s review make it apparent that it’s not for me, and fanboyism tends to put me off playing any kind of game.

          • GenGaoGaiGar

            Good on you for finding a truly objective measure of games. If only we were all so lucky as to know definitively what score represented a game’s quality outside of any subjective opinion. How could Breath of the Wild possibly score a 7! He gave a game he had a good time with a good score instead of a great score, truly the pinnacle of unprofessionalism. All of his arguments about the stamina meter being frustrating or weapon durability making the game more of a chore were too subjective to be considered in the review score, which as you know is supposed to be an objective measuring of a game’s quality. /s

          • Mister Lamp

            I play video games, and I think Jim gave Zelda too high of a score, based on what I’ve seen of Zelda. Which is admittedly, not a lot, I don’t own a Wii u or switch, so my exposure to it has been like 4 hours of a let’s play that I dropped because it was too boring.

          • Mir Teiwaz

            The problem is that you’re assuming Jim values the same things in a game that you do. He clearly doesn’t.

        • Luke Hodgkinson

          Why was it a silly score to give? He gave it a score that represented his opinion.

        • Silvershock

          Why was it silly, beyond “it’s not the score I wanted”?

        • Michael Alexander Seiler

          You mean the same words that explain the score? Those words that Jim has to remind people of when they ask him why he´d scored a game with that score?

        • Nathan Aldana

          Translation: “I didnt mind the stuff jim minded therefore I think he shoukldnt be allowed to have an opinion that conflicts with me”

      • Sonydrone

        He can’t have his opinion about the Zelda review? I always see Jim’s fanboys saying “Stop being so upset, it’s just his opinion” but when someone have a different opinion from your god, you guys just do the exact same thing that you tell to others don’t do. People like you are pathetic.

        • Silvershock

          You’re still mad that I pointed out you doing that exact thing two articles back, then?

    • Andrew Christianson

      Wah wah


      • GenGaoGaiGar

        It’s Assassin’s Creed 2 all over again. Do these people ever realize the ‘No one is going to take you seriously again’ argument has been trodden out ad infinitum by this point?

        • Here I remain.

          • Christopher Hammond

            Yeah, you’re remarkably relevant to these people’s lives for such a big fucking joke.

    • Muddy Scarecrow

      No, see, I think the problem is they take his scores TOO seriously.

    • RedWolf

      Dude, get over yourself.

    • Nathan Aldana


    • TimKovich




    • I AM A TENT
    • TheMagicLemur

      Funny; I can’t take anyone seriously who “can’t take Jim seriously” because he gave Breath of the Wild a 7/10.

    • Benj

      This is a much healthier and more nuanced approach to the fanboy whinge than I’m used to seeing.

      It’s still salty but a kind of high quality natural sea salt rather than your bog standard table salt.

      So congrats… I guess.

      • Ralph Panebianco

        Thank you. I strive for quality.

    • Ben

      ITT: Folk unable to accept a non-hysterical, well supported difference in opinion while accusing you of the same.

    • CaitSeith

      This is such a perfect passive-aggressive compliment that I had to give it a thumbs up!

  • eljueta


    • eljueta

      actually I really wanna play this.

  • Silvershock

    I’m not sure if I’ve read a review where you’ve given out a 10 before, but I am gratified that your top rating is “Sterling”.

    • Muddy Scarecrow

      Both Undertale and Nioh got 10s. =3

      • GenGaoGaiGar

        As did Inside and Nioh

        • Muddy Scarecrow

          I said Nioh. Do you mean Nier? I don’t remember what score he gave that >///>

          • GenGaoGaiGar

            Fuck, I’m dumb, somehow Bloodborne in my head turned into Nioh on the screen

          • Muddy Scarecrow

            No it’s cool! I mean he liked Nioh enough maybe he would give it a ten twice if he could XD

          • James LaValle

            He gave neir a 9

      • Silvershock

        I’m sure he’s given out 10s before, I just haven’t read those reviews.

  • Cameron Ward

    how fast does the timer move? I think that might be my only hesitation in terms of purchasing this game. been keeping my eye on it for awhile

    • I believe an hour = a minute.

      You’d be surprised though, you can do a lot before someone dies, and once you have the solutions worked out, you’ve ample time to do the legwork needed to turn those solutions into action.

      • Cameron Ward

        hmm Alrighty then! I shall see the price and if it’s good for my budget, i shall download it. Seems like a game I would enjoy since I also enjoy weird puzzle games like One Piece Mansion (not related to the anime) on PS1.

  • Andrzej Sugier

    Jim, have you forgotten Nier already?…

    • Raging Raving

      maybe he spelt Nier wrong 🙂

    • Mir Teiwaz

      It’s possible it was on purpose.

    • CountOrlock

      Forgotten? I believe he beat it like 5 times, hardly forgotten lol.

      • Andrzej Sugier

        But he didn’t put it in the hall of fame at the end of the review!

        Btw, to truly beat Nier ONCE you need to “beat” it 5 times, the game toys with the definition of “ending”.

  • Sperium3000

    Why couldn’t have this one launched free through PS Plus instead of god damn Drawn To Death?

  • Wow, I’ve never heard of this. This just jumped on my steam wishlist.

  • Aaron

    As to the voice acting thing, do you think that was strictly a budgetary limitation, or did they perhaps want to avoid scenes that moved at a specific pace due to things being on a timer? I haven’t played it yet, so perhaps the question is less applicable than it seems, but I do find it curious that what sounds like an old lucasarts game in a lot of ways wouldn’t have VO to support the story.

  • Muddy Scarecrow

    And this is exactly why Digital Homicide can go get fucked by a cactus. They sneeringly tried to claim that Jim is actively against indie games and wants to see them all fail. And yet if it weren’t for Jim I wouldn’t even know about two very amazing indie games, the first being Undertale. No joke, his review was the very first I’d ever heard of that game. So…yeah. Gonna check this one out and I expect to love it. You had me at “time travel murder thriller” because this sounds like a spiritual successor to Ghost Trick.

    Edit: AND it has an electro swing soundtrack?! SUPER sold!

  • Sperium3000

    “The music is fantastic, a suitably swinging soundtrack for the setting, and while there are two lovely vocalized songs, the lack of voice acting overall is a shame.”

    But you know, I argue that there are certain games where the lack of voice acting is a strenght, specially because not all voice acting is made equal, you can always have stinkers. Like, the fact that every character’s voice in, say, Don’t Starve, is represented by a different musical instrument gives that game an unique charm.

    But of course, it’s a case by case thing. I’m not trying to discredit what you said, it’s just my 2 cents.

    • Arella Jardin

      For me, it depends on how much the game relies on dialog and story. If a game is almost entirely focused on gameplay, then I don’t care if there’s no voice acting. But, for a dialog heavy game, lack of VA is “almost” always a sin (the exception being Undertale). I tried Earthlock a while back, not a great game, adequate. But the lack of VA made it feel dead.

      Hell, I won’t even bother with interactive novels/ dating sims without voice acting. I’d rather watch someone like Dodger play them, so she can provide dumb voices for all the characters.

  • Maxpower16

    So what does “Brutale” actually mean? I’ve been trying to Google it for a while now, only having found references to the French and Italian versions of the word “brutal”.

    • GenGaoGaiGar

      Think it’s a portmanteau of the words ‘Brutal’ and ‘Tale’.

      • Maxpower16

        Oh, that would explain a lot! Thanks for replying.

        Sidenote: I like it when some thought is put into the title of a piece of media. Cleverness is always appreciated.

    • The Interloper

      Probably just a fancy take on brutal if I had to guess.

  • Polishfury5000

    Why hello you interesting little gem of a game that I’ve never heard of before.

    Me and my better half love playing crime solving/mystery/puzzle games together, so welcome to the top of our “must buy” lists.

    • Benj

      I read that first sentence in a child-molestor style voice and now I feel sad.

      • Polishfury5000

        Oh god why would you do that? And which one of us is projecting to where that would be the first place you go?

      • Polishfury5000

        Oh god why would you do that? And which one of us is projecting to where that would be the first place you go? I hope that’s not the tone I give off.

        Either way there’s sadness for everyone now.

        Edit: And why did my edit cause a double post? Just going to delete I guess.

  • mrhair

    Anyone else play Shadow of Destiny? It was an early PS2 time travel murder mystery where you had to prevent your own murder. I remember really liking it, although who knows how well it’s stood up.

    • Silvershock

      No, but now you’ve said that I’m adding it to my PS2 hit-list.

      • Landy Alexander

        Please don’t. Shadow of Destiny had some interesting ideas, but the time travel puzzles had insane solutions that no human would ever consider, and the entire thing was kind of a disjointed nonsensical mess.

        • RifleAvenger Sashiro

          As absurd as getting my character sent to prison, where I make a gun that shoots seagulls out of an accordion to get the attention of a deaf pirate?

          Insane puzzle solutions are nothing unusual to the genre.

          • Landy Alexander

            You get murdered by a guy standing behind a statue. Time shenanigans happen and you go back to before your murder. How do you prevent your murder, that you are now aware of the exact time and location of and could simply not show up for? Simple. Travel back to the 1400s and make the statue never get made. Have them plant a tree instead.

    • Chris Nicholas

      Oh yeah I remember that game, it was also rereleased on the PSP with new voice acting. Great game with many alternate endings 🙂

  • Sperium3000

    Hey Jim, have you played a game called “Hollow Knight”? It came out last month, I think, and it’s the first game by Team Cherry. I’ve been devouring it since I got it, and it’s already a game of the year contender in my book. It doesn’t do anything new, but just like Horizon, it does what it does so *well* it’s mind boggling. Like, you know how a pet peeve of yours is an open world full of collectibles that are just tat and there’s no point in collecting them besides the vague promise of a payoff?

    This game has a collectible sidequest in the form of baby grubs you can rescue, but for each one you rescue, you can go back to their father, who will pay you in money or items. And I’m like, “Of course, an instant gratification to keep the interest in this sidequest high”. Why doesn’t more developers do this? I would have been way more up to collecting those god damn feathers in Assasin’s Creed 2 if for each one there was a small recognition of my effort.

    • Muddy Scarecrow

      Link Between Worlds also did this beautifully. By making it that for every ten (I think it was ten) Baby Mai Mais you collected Mother Mai Mai would upgrade an item of your choice. It made me actively want to collect those chirpy little squids.

    • Dream gazer

      More importantly the baby grubs are soooo adorable I don’t think anyone could resist not saving them.

      • Alex Blackmore

        I’m going to assume you’ve not collected all of them yet? I highly recommend you do, then go to a bench, rest and head back. It is relevant to your interests.

        • Dream gazer

          That’s a way off still, but yeah I will.

      • Sperium3000

        In contrast to the grub mimics which are the scariest fucking thing ever. I don’t know how they recorded the sound the mimics make, but it sounds like the evil in men’s hearts crossed with a very constipated chupacabra.

    • The Interloper

      Everyone’s talking about how many games there are which are amazing this year, but me I’m too busy with the adorable de facto mascots there are between Faeria’s yak, Rainworld’s cat-slug, and Hollow Knight’s baby grubs.

      Hollow Knight looks great, heard about it through Co-Optional. If only I were into Metroidvaynia games.

      • Sperium3000

        Baby grubs? The Hollow Knight itself is the cutest, most badass adorable thing there is. I want a plushie of it.

  • RedWolf

    The way Jim describes this game makes it sound an awful lot like Majora’s Mask. As somebody who really dislikes Majora’s Mask, that’s rather off-putting, but I do really like the idea of piecing together the threads of an actively unfolding sequence in order to solve a puzzle and save the day. I’ll keep an eye on this one, and perhaps read a few more reviews.

    • Muddy Scarecrow

      Him…repeating a set amount of time and using magic masks…Yeah that’s a comparison I can see.

      • Sperium3000

        Plus it’s as charming as it is macabre. And Majora’s Mask is charming and macabre as *fuck*.

  • Lloyd

    OT: Jeez are people still on about the BotW review? Let it fucking go.

    First I’ve heard of this game but while I’m not a huge fan of puzzles I’ll certainly look into it now. Based on the description I’m not surprised that this was right up Jim’s alley.

    • Lloyd

      So I bought the game, just finished it last night and all I can say is…that was beautiful.

  • Ken

    The premise reminds me a lot of Ghost Trick. Gonna check this one out since I <3 that game.

    • BAH!

      What does it mean to “scrotum” something?

      • Dream gazer

        You’ll understand when you’re older.

  • Chris Schwartz-Brown

    So…. objectively better than both Breath of the Wild and Persona 5? Fucking sold. I’m glad too, I’ve been playing Persona 5 non stop all week, but since a game has a higher score than it and thus must be objectively better my enjoyment of it is completely ruined.

    • TimKovich

      Subjectively, actually. It’s an opinion piece.

  • Arella Jardin

    So, objectively better than Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Uncharted 4. I’ll have to check this out.

    But seriously, I’m leery of games that revolve around replaying the same content over and over for a better outcome. It’s why I didn’t care for Majora’s Mask, and why I’m one of the few idiots that actually prefers the direction Dead Rising is taking.

    • Jeremy

      That’s not what “objectively” means.

      • RedWolf

        It’s called sarcasm, friend.

      • Arella Jardin

        Thank you, Ted, that was the joke.

  • GenGaoGaiGar

    Very high praise there Jimmy boy. I don’t know if I’ll be checking it out for reasons brought up in the comments, I find the core gimmick to be something I dislike, to the point I wasn’t able to complete Majora’s Mask. It does sound like a well-crafted game but I’ll be passing.

    The primary reason I wrote this comment is, I say this understanding this is your site and you do with it as you wish, I’d like if ‘Featured Comment’ was less of a ‘Let’s stand here and laugh at this silly person’ and more of a ‘Why don’t you find this comment and perhaps join in on a discussion’ kind of deal.

    Edit: Or a ‘This is something not brought up in the review and might be useful information to some of you’

    • mechajuma

      Yeah, stop forcing your narrative down our throats, Jim. Make it happier and more productive. Now!

  • Zach Montville

    Another great one to add to the pile.

  • Dariush

    i cannot understand the genre by the gameplay videos, and thats intriguing already.

  • digi_matrix

    Played this at EGX Rezzed a week ago, was impressed. Gonna pick this up. Glad to hear the other scenarios are as interesting as the tutorial one.

  • Chris Nicholas

    This game would be brilliant on the Vita or Switch. It’s the sort of game that would be great on a portable platform. Does a laptop count? ^_^

    • Martina Veselá

      I would love to play this on the Vita, but I don’t think they’ll bother porting it seeing how the system is pretty much dead. :-/

      • Chris Nicholas

        I know, still, one can only dream lol ^_^

  • Anduinel

    Really, the lack of VA isn’t offputting to me. I read faster than dialogue spools out, and tend to absorb clues in text better than from spoken instruction. So this sounds like a win on all counts.

    • Jason

      Same, actually. I do love good VA but in a lot of cases I’m far more interested in text.

  • Molly

    WTF is 2017? Another 10? Sometimes there aren’t so many in a year (from Jim). So many 9+ games out right now and we aren’t even 50% into the year yet.

    • LegendaryFrog

      I’m not sure if I should be excited for the rest of the year or worried that the remainder will be trite. The beginning of 2017 has really been a stellar year for gaming thus far.

      • Dimitrios White

        At least if the rest of the year sucks, you’ll have plenty of time to finish what we’ve got. Andromeda was my one AAA full price game this year, and I have a feeling I’ll need it to dredge up the energy to finish, even if I do like the game one point more than Jim.

      • Molly

        I’m almost more worried that all the good games will partially hurt the sales of each other. Most consumers can’t go out and get them all, obviously.

  • LegendaryFrog

    Does resetting the time also mean you have to redo a puzzle? For example… If you replace the bullet with a blank for the first scenario, save the victim then move on to the next and you reset the day do you have to go bad and replace the bullet with a blank again? My concern is that resetting the time will just lead to having to redo each solved puzzle over and over again.

    • Ryan Hulse

      I feel that, if that was the case, he would have mentioned it and he would have docked the score. I was playing Nier: Automata, and when I cleared the first ending, I was afraid that I would have to follow my previous character’s movements exactly, but if that were the case, I would have heard about it.

    • Lasse Andersen

      No, once you stop a murder once, it’s done and you get to proceed on in the game. The murder still keeps happening after you’ve moved on, but you only need to break the loop once to save the person and proceed.

  • Davorbasic

    Nice will check out the game later.Also to the zelda fans fuck off.If that game was even a 1/10 of good as you claim you wouldn’t be here.

    • BAH!

      That may be a bit extreme, but we know it’s definitely no more than 7/10 as good as they claim.

      • InfamousDS

        They, like me, could have just gotten bored and moved on. This will be the first Zelda game since I was 7yo that I have not finished within a month of my acquisition. Too much open empty space, too many small complaints adding up over time, too much deviation from the oft-hated-on “formula”, and just a complete lack of in-game motivation to proceed. I mean, they locked the single most iconic clothing in the series behind Amiibo and 100% shrine completion and made the heretofore indestructible Master Sword flimsy and rather weak except in specific and barely explained circumstances.

        I hadn’t touched the game in a week since my Warframe group really wanted to play every night. I ended up playing Warframe Saturday solo, frustrated myself against the brick wall of RNG, and decided to do something different. I cut it on Saturday, wandered aimlessly for an hour, then cut it off to go watch “How It’s Made” feeling as though I had gained nothing of value for my time spent after finding a combat arena with no actual reward for completing it aside from a single chest with an amber and a bunch of mid-tier weapons taken from the actual enemies.

        • Sonydrone

          You really like to riding huh

          • InfamousDS

            I have no idea what the meaning of these words are. They make no sense and have no context.

  • Mathew Hargreaves

    So its like ghost trick with a new idea and theme?

  • Hank Garretson

    The game’s Steam page is featuring your review. COLLUSION. /s
    In all seriousness, will probably pick this up.

  • Johnny Alejandro Roa

    Hi James, hopefully you can read this.
    I wanted to mention a thing that bugs me, is that you let someone else review Persona 5 when it’s arguably one of the strongest contenders for GOTY and i wanted to listen your take on it, i know you’ve said in a past video you think it’s a good game, but this title is the i was waiting for you to review personally.

    I thank Kenshiro for you.

    • LegendaryFrog

      I can’t speak for Jim, but I’d be willing to bet it has to do with the time commitment. P5 is a huge game and it takes easily 80 hours for a ‘normal’ clear and that is a huge amount of time to dedicate to a full clear when he does so many different reviews, podcasts, Jimquisitions, etc.

      • Especially given just how much has been coming out in the last month or two. A lot of huge, time-sucking, high-profile titles are dropping in rapid succession. It’s no wonder he can’t keep on top of all of them.

    • GenGaoGaiGar

      Just a heads up, he’s made it clear before that he doesn’t care for people using his legal name of James, and prefers people to call him Jim. James is usually used by someone who trying to get one over on Jim

      • Johnny Alejandro Roa

        and i preferred to call him James in my sentence. I don’t care for one upping people. English is my third language and we’re used to calling people we don’t know that we’re addressing by their full name and not their nickname.

        • GenGaoGaiGar

          I hope you meant given name, and not full name. That’s also why I said it as a heads up. From the rest of your post it doesn’t seem like you’re one of the individuals who comes here to level personal attacks or put up bizarre arguments for no reason so I wanted to pass on that information.

      • BAH!

        As far as I’ve seen, it’s not that he “doesn’t care for it”, but that he finds it amusing when people use “James Stanton” as some sort of weapon against him- as though they’ve really showed him who’s boss, or something.

        • GenGaoGaiGar

          That is also true, but he’s expressed a preference to Jim Sterling over James Stanton. I didn’t say he disliked being called James Stanton, I worded poorly and should’ve said he prefers Jim over James instead of ‘doesn’t care for’

          • BAH!


    • Ooh, someone used his real name like it means something. *checks it off on the bingo card*

      • Johnny Alejandro Roa

        another fucking moron losing the point

        • Hey, if I’m a FUCKING moron, at least I’m a moron getting laid!

          • Johnny Alejandro Roa

            haha, that’s not a good argument. But either way, i retracted what i said.

            I already said that it’s a custom in my culture to call people by their name instead of their nickname and that’s why i called him James.

            I didnt even knew it was going to be such a HUGE deal for 3 people to notice it and tell me.

          • You can “retract” it all you want, but you still called me a moron. So you can go fuck yourself. Preferably with something sharp and pointy.

          • Johnny Alejandro Roa

            hey man, for all i care, you can stay with it, live with it.
            And i didn’t called you a moron.
            I called you a FUCKING MORON.

          • Because that’s so much more scathing, right? As I said, if I’m a moron who gets to fuck, that’s fine with me!

            At least I know how to properly capitalize my words. For someone who knows three languages, you’d think basic capitalization would come easy. I don’t know any language that doesn’t capitalize its I’s.

    • Nada Namae

      NieR Automata > Persona 4: Fuck the Police

      There’s your take. I suggest you keep yours and enjoy your game instead of looking for approval by prominent figures.

      • Johnny Alejandro Roa

        by your own logic i say: take your comment and shove it up your ass.

      • kevin

        It’s persona 5 thank you very much and I’d take it over nier automata any day of the week which is saying something since nier is amazing

    • Otherhand

      It could be that he hasn’t played it yet. It could still end up in his favourites at the end of the year, whether or not it had a guest review on release.

  • BAH!

    Question: How much gets reset when restarting the day? Do you have to keep solving the same murders in quick succession before you can move onto the next, or do those somehow magically stay solved?

    • HaveSomeOatmeal

      This was actually my first question as well. Any help clarifying this part, Jim? 🙂

    • XionEternum

      I’m pretty sure the phrasing implies that each murder sequence is its own day.
      Something as awkward as a single day for all of the murders would be more noteworthy.

      • HaveSomeOatmeal

        That’s a fair point. I suppose I just didn’t catch that implication from the phrasing – but if other people are then that’s good enough for me.

        • XionEternum

          I watched his Jimpressions video after posting that. He makes a point of it off-handedly that each murder (or set of murders) is its own day.

    • Lasse Andersen

      It all takes place in one day, but each section of the house contains one murder, which is all you need to solve to proceed. While you’re working on a midgame murder, you start recognising the sound cues of the victims you saved previously getting offed again and again.

  • Squinty

    I’d only briefly heard about this game and I wasn’t interested before, but you’ve piqued my interest. Well done, Jimothy

  • ManuOtaku

    This has a physical retail release, or is it just digital only?

    • potatoman

      Amazon shows a PS4 physical release, don’t know about pc

      • ManuOtaku

        Thanks, glad to hear this. 🙂

        • GloatingSwine

          The physical release looks like it’s an extra gubbins edition with a soundtrack CD and such.

  • BiggusDisqus

    Story driven puzzles with real-time action, blood-thirsty murder, and delicious music?

    I require toast, for I have found my jam!

    Thanks for the review, Jim. I will be buying this at great speed.

  • Anton Caligari

    Looks like a lovely little game (youtube quick preview) but i’m worried that the time you have to solve the mystery will be as long as the battery’s you get in a FP steam horror game.

    • Jason

      I imagine if it was painfully tight, Jim would have mentioned. I’m guessing (and it is a guess, but one based on the review) that the time is appropriate to make it challenging at times but not frustrating.

      • Lasse Andersen

        It is not painfully tight ever. The only tightness comes from dodging the paths of the NPCs, and also that tightness you feel in your loins when it all clicks and you feel so f*cking smart.

    • Lloyd

      The day can go pretty quick but it’s never an issue since you can rewind as many times as you like, whenever you like. My first “day” for each mystery was usually spent just exploring the layout of that part of the mansion without worrying about stopping the murders. There is no penalty or rush, just enjoy yourself. You have all the time in the world 🙂

  • Benj

    This game is 1 better than Zelda and Yooka Laylee added together.

    I’ve understood that right, haven’t I?

    • Mister Lamp

      Yeah, that’s how reviews work. You could also say this game is as good as playing 5 copies of Yooka Laylee simultaneously.

      • Sperium3000

        I played 5 copies of Yooka Laylee. That’s equal to a 10 review score. That’s 5 times a 2 review score. And that’s terrible.

        • InfamousDS

          I’ve played zero copies of Yooka-Laylee. A not insignificant part of me hates the people who have played 1 copies of Yooka-Laylee and posted their shit on PSN for me to see on my pre-order. The amount of hate I have for you is 5 times greater.

          My god, I am not going to enjoy this game, am I?

          • Sperium3000

            I was doing a reference to that “Lex Luthor stole 40 cakes” thing, but sure, just don’t get it. Ruin all my hopes and dreams, why don’t you.

          • InfamousDS

            I know nothing, therefore I am everything in my ignorance.

  • Benj

    Before this year Jim has given out (I think) three 10/10. Undertale, Bloodbourne and Inside.

    Now we’ve had 2 of them in the space of about 3 months plus a handful of 8s and 9s as well. Why did I choose this year to finally enter full time employment!

    • Jason

      So you could afford all those games? 😉

    • Adam Robert Sherman

      Kind of ironic in that this is happening in the year of President Orange Windbag.
      World around us gets shittier, but media gets better.

      • Benj

        Supply and demand I suppose because people really really need sort quality escapism at the moment.

    • sillyskeleton

      Those were nothing. Everyone and their dog wanked all over those games. How can you forget the most important 10/10 he’s ever given? Deadly Premonition.

  • Jamesworkshop

    small puzzle game with good music, makes me think of Contrast (googling it tells me it came out 4 years ago, doesn’t seem like it was that long ago)

  • Alexander Stallwitz

    Time to add this to my Steam wishlist, i really liked Deadlight and this sounds pretty awesome.

  • Noah Caelum

    I don’t quite understand why this got a 10/10 but I’m not the one who has played it. I guess if you are very into puzzle games than this game can be a good choice, but I’ll need to try it. And once again please stop hating on Jim for giving Zelda a good score.

    • Jason

      From his score guide- “A 10 represents the finest of the fine, an exemplar of its genre, and the current game of its type to beat.” It sounds fresh and unique, well designed, like it has great visual and sound design, wonderful gameplay and spot on writing. Which sounds to me deserving of a 10!

      • Noah Caelum

        Fair enough, when I play it I will be able to judge for myself I guess. Thanks for the response.

  • EiM

    Between the art-style, the steam store description, and Jim giving it a 10 out of 10, I decided to stop reading this review after the first few paragraphs to avoid even the slightest of spoilers. I intend to go into this one blind.

    • Jason

      He’s done a Jimpressions video which kinda says that that’s a really good idea if you want to play it.

  • Loewenheim

    Huh, didn’t have this one on my radar at all, but it sounds fascinating.

  • Added to wishlist. Had no idea this existed till now.

  • MeatMan


  • Will113

    It’s just like Shadow of Destiny/Memory, BUT good. Basically you play as a guy named Ike who keeps getting murdered, but can travel back in time, both a few hours before his death and decades into the past. Solutions include making it so, in the past instead of planting a tree the town built a statue (this means Ike wasn’t shoot from a killer standing behind the tree), and advising a man to make movies, so that in the new present a group of people looking at a poster for his new film, these witnesses prevent the killer from killing Ike.

    • Naz

      I remember playing that on the PS2! It was odd but in a good “this isn’t like anything else I’ve played” way. I also remember the Homonculus confusing me by looking like a small girl but sounding like an old man.

      • Mandrake42

        Yeah, that disconnect between voice and form was deliberately unsettling.

        • Naz

          That would make more sense than “the American translation team really screwed up on finding an appropriate female voice actor.” 😀

          • Mandrake42

            Goodness, I hope that wasn’t the reason. I just assumed it was deliberate 😉

      • Will113

        I watched the play-through Retsupurae uploaded.

        • Landy Alexander

          The retsupurae video missed the single most batshit element of the game. Basically, early in the game it limits you to a relatively small area of the city. The way it prevents you from leaving this area is each street out has a dog standing in the middle that will growl at you if you want to go down, and your character will refuse to walk past it. I remember when I first played it, laughing uproariously at the fourth identical street with an identical, menacing dog.

  • King Calamity

    So I didn’t read the text, because if I intend to play the game I prefer to hold off on that until afterward, but I was checking the tags to see if this game contained skeletons, and…

    Jim, you tag 10/10 reviews as “Sterling”, don’t you? How… on brand.

  • GrimmyReaper

    Ugh one of those point and click games? I’ll pass.
    Not saying those games are bad, they are just not my thing.
    Same with card games. I don’t like Gwent, I don’t like Magic The Gathering, I don’t like HeartStone.

    • digi_matrix

      It’s not a point and click game, try again. Also, plays in a unique manner, so you’re not likely to find a game that plays quite like this.

      • GrimmyReaper

        It’s not? Then, what is it?
        I mean, I did read it’s a puzzle game. I do like those.
        What would you compare it to for instance?

        • digi_matrix

          It’s an isometric stealth puzzler. You’re not talking to other characters in long dialogue trees or making narrative choices. Maybe a bit of Ghost Trick, The Last Express (because of the real-time thing), but there’s not much out there that plays like it.

    • craze


      • Chaindrop

        cool beans

  • Lim Cheng Yi

    hmm, a mystery game? This is up my alley. Thank you jim for the recommdantion.

  • Dave Shepherd

    This reminds me of Gregory Horror Show. I have never heard of this and it looks amazing. Thanks for highlighting it.

    • Lasse Andersen

      The comparison is a very apt one. The movement, setting and perspective is a strong reminiscence.

  • Riley Holt

    Another 10/10? Christ, this is gonna be a packed year indeed.

    Not sure if I’ll grab it (time limits, puzzles, etc hurt my brain), but I’ll keep an eye on it. If it gets a 10 from Jim, it’s gotta be something special.

    • Otherhand

      If I was a reviewer, I’d be sweating every day.

      Having just bought it, I was using Snake Pass as an illustration of how a game can be reviewed completely fairly and get 7s, and yet still be a personal favourite and become a fond reference for years to come. But then I played the whole thing and now I’m a Snake Pass fundamentalist. I’m completely obsessed with how brilliant the design is, and I’m demanding other people buy it because it’s a true gaming classic. If I was reviewing it professionally, I would have to give it a 10 and buy new locks for the doors.

    • Lloyd

      I’d laugh my ass off if the game suddenly had microtransactions added so Jim couldn’t nominate it for game of the year awards.

  • Harry Mitchell -MUSIC-

    Reminds me of deadly premonition meets animal crossing and ff9

  • サイラス

    So, it’s Ghost Trick?

    • Mandrake42

      The gameplay sounds similar. But then again the whole seeing something play out then rewinding time to fix it was not entirely original to Ghost Trick either. People have mentioned Shadows of Destiny. It predates Ghost Trick and uses the ability to go back in time to avert a coming future. It was really quite good. So was Ghost Trick too. Sounds like The Sexy Brutale has once again taken the concept and used it to good effect.

      • Nitrium

        And more recently Life is Strange had its core gameplay mechanic as being able to rewind time and change things too.

        • Wellsy487

          Sadly Life is Strange had a poor ending in my opinion.

        • Mandrake42

          Good call, I enjoyed that too. Apparently I really dig games where you rewind time 😉

  • sweetbabyroy

    The Sexy Brutale is Jim’s signature sex move. I’ve seen it unveiled with my own eyes on Ultra Fuck Night 2016

    • Dariush

      i think he just sits on people.

  • sillyskeleton

    Honestly, despite the score I couldn’t care less about this game right now. Its sales are going to be absolutely cannibalised by what we’ve been hit with this past couple of months. If it’s really as good as Jim says, I feel bad for the developers.

  • Envy Noson

    This game is a 9 at best.

    • Sonydrone

      What are you doing? In this place, you only are allowed to have an opinion if it align with Jim’s opinion.

      • Envy Noson

        I must have forgotten, for a second there I’ve almost thought listen to the people.

      • Aptonoth

        Honestly been watching footage of it, and it looks kay. I adored MM so I was expecting to love this, but then I seen it and was like. Kay.

      • HighEvolutionary175 .

        You’re actually allowed to have any opinion over here, as long as you give others the same courtesy.

  • Brian Seiler

    Splutter splutter gurble gasp gasp hurk chonk swoggle 20% better than Zelda choke grunt snork snork bias garble actual travesty snort hack barf swog SLAP IN THE FACE!


    I hope this eventually makes it into the free stable for PSN. This seems like the sort of thing that I would enjoy on a bored afternoon and never, never remember existed. That’s what those are made for.

  • Patrick Murphy

    Added to my steam wishlist. Sounds like something I’d enjoy quite a bit.

  • Greyson Xiu

    Nice! I be sure to check this game out. After I complete Persona 5 that is. Oh my god that game is so fucking good. To bad their JP overlord is stupid….

  • Martina Veselá

    One questions: what’s with the damn name? It immediately made me think of trashy games like Haydee or Bloody Boobs. If it’s really this good, it deserves a classier name.

    • David

      I argue we need more good games with sleezy names, so that…something…

      Okay, there’s absolutely no logic in this argument, I just like sleeze, I’m a monster.

  • Agent9

    [insert comment about this score making it arbitrarily better than zelda hurr durr]

    in all seriousness though I will certainly give this one a try. I loved Majoras mask so this looks like my kind of game. if only I had the time for it though.

  • Nathan Stapleton

    Huh… That sounds kinda like an odd mashup of Majora’s Mask and certain cases in Phoenix Wright with a bit of Layton and Ghost Trick to round things out (if anyone else even remembers Ghost Trick, anyway). I’mma check it out. Though, as another here said, AFTER Persona 5. Nier: Automata followed immediately by P5 has done terrible things to my sleep schedule………………

    Zzzzzzzz…. HWUH?! I’m awake, I swear…! I’m almost glad I don’t…. have a Switch…. yet….. zzzz…….

    • RaikuNH

      Ghost Trick is awesome.

  • Jonathan Allbritten

    Eh, I like Catherine a lot more, myself.

  • Stelios Markios

    Reads interesting but I won’t play it soon, if ever. There’s so many other good games that by the time I’m done the earth will be going through another ice age.

    • Jesse Laier

      I’m the opposite. I’ve been looking for a short game that costs around 20 bucks, and this fits the bill perfectly. Don’t have as much patience for sprawling epics as I used to.

      • Stelios Markios

        Whatever suits you best. I really love the long epics, given that they are done correctly, but I have little free time, so I finish games at a dead turtle’s pace.

    • HighEvolutionary175 .

      I know the feeling. I took actual time off work to play Andromeda and that’s only one game off the “things I really want to play” list. A list which grew by like 4 in the month of March alone

  • Wellsy487

    I saw the Jimpression you did, which caught my wife and my own attention. Gonna check this one out.

  • RSL

    So…reverse Hitman? That sounds lovely. I just hope I’ll still remember it, when my gaming money has refilled.

    • Lasse Andersen

      That is a remarkably apt metaphor. Have a like!

  • Mark Patten

    All the characters are wearing masks, biased out of 10!

  • Alex

    Is this like, “umineko, the game”?

    • LMMN

      While it’s not that similar in terms of the narrative it definitely felt like there was at least some level of inspiration. If no one on the creative team had played (read?) Umineko I’d be genuinely surprised

  • ZeldaFN

    Zelda got 7 and this got 10 ? Hahaha !
    Don’t make me laugh Jim, but what are you smoking ?
    Sexy Brutale is 83 on Metacritic while Zelda is 97, and only 97 by your doing !
    It’s 14 points difference, they are not even comparable.

    Zelda does not deserve to even be mentioned in the same review as this here, filth, let alone be mentioned by you !
    Please stop reviewing games, you’re only embarrassing yourself now.

    Clickbaiting piece of shite !
    I hope someone DDoS’s this site again and you never get it back !


    Starting with you Jim !

    • Otherhand

      They’re not even comparable? Of course, and they’re not being compared. Each one is being rated on its own merits. Why do you lot insist on upsetting yourselves like this?

      • ZeldaFN

        Then his scoring system is flawed and broken !
        No way, in a million years, can this have a higher score than any Zelda game. Even SS is better than this, and it’s the worst Zelda there is !

        Jim hates Nintendo, and you just can’t accept the fact that your favorite reviewer is so biased against them !

        • Otherhand

          He just doesn’t like the business side of them. He’s got no problem with the game designers. Loved Splatoon and a whole load of other Nintendo games, including other Zeldas. He didn’t even hate Zelda BotW. He thought it was a fine game and one that he recommends, but he didn’t place it in the top end of his recommendations. The score reflects this.

          • ZeldaFN

            7 out of 10 when no one gave it less than 9, and those that did were far and few between !
            That was most certainly an attack against Nintendo, and don’t try to make it not so !

          • Otherhand

            It isn’t. It’s a rating of “good”. He also wasn’t the only person to rate it less than nine. He didn’t even give it the lowest mark on Metacritic. That’s not the point though – he can give it whatever mark he sees fit, and it’s your responsibility to figure out if that’s relevant to your tastes.

            I say again, stop upsetting yourself. Somewhere along the line, you got your identity twisted up with an entertainment product. That’s not healthy.

            Obviously it is possible to be upset by more than one thing at a time, but this appears to be the most pressing issue in your life at the moment. I can’t imagine living like that. There are much bigger things to be upset about than the fact that a range of opinions is available to you (which is a good thing, by the way – you can read them all and get a rounded sense of what the game is like, which you couldn’t in the bad old days when anything half-good got an 8 or above).

          • ZeldaFN

            It’s a rating of not good enough for what it should be, and for what everyone else gave it !

          • Otherhand

            That is pure nonsense. How would anything get reviewed if every reviewer had to wait and see what the others thought? If they were all magically in line with each other because, with your way of thinking, they were all equally “good” at reviewing and would all just come out with the same score anyway, why would we need more than one reviewer in the world?

            Please don’t ever become a reviewer.

          • ZeldaFN

            If Jim were to admit that he did that because he hates Nintendo and wants to see the company fail, that’s fine. Everyone has their personal agenda and distaste of something, no matter how stupid it may be. But the fact that he refuses to say so, even thought it’s so freaking obvious is crazy.
            Don’t take it out on the product because you hate the company.
            Simple as that.

          • storageheater

            I’m intrigued, why did you need a new account to spend an hour being angry about other people’s disgusting belief that they’re allowed to have opinions

          • ZeldaFN

            My previous account got compromised and taken over by someone for god knows what reason. So I made a new one.

          • storageheater

            let’s be honest, we all know the reason

          • ZeldaFN

            Yeah, someone didn’t like the truth so they tried to silence me. It won’t happen again, and if it does, I’ll be back !

          • storageheater

            The sad beauty of this is why I check comment sections in the first place. “someone didn’t like the truth so they tried to silence me. It won’t happen again, and if it does, I’ll be back”
            Look at all that crazy. It’s gorgeous. I’m a bit in love.

          • ZeldaFN

            I can give you my number if you want.

          • Fun fact: In the comments of the Yooka-Laylee review, a bunch of us started a giant, gay cyber orgy. It was hot.

          • ZeldaFN

            Is it still going or has it cooled off ?

          • Otherhand

            Doesn’t make sense though, does it? Why not rate it lower?

            And I know what you think. You think he used his arch cunning to deliberately shave a little bit off the Meta score so that it would slip away from being a new Best Of All Time on the Metacritic chart. You think he did it just low enough to achieve that, while giving himself plausible deniability that it was a good score.

            There are loads of you who think this, but the idea is cracked. The reason you think this is because you need “your game” to be the GOAT. Because your self-esteem is wrapped up in it. Like, if you’re a Chelsea supporter and Chelsea win the FA Cup, then *you* won it. You didn’t. You’re just a customer. Let it go.

            He’s reviewed Nintendo games higher and lower than this, and he will do in the future. Don’t be that weirdo who’s still trying to fit those facts into a conspiracy theory. When Jim’s got the knives out for Nintendo, you’ll see it. The man isn’t shy.

          • It’s adorable you think Jim gives a single flying crap about Metacritic.

          • Clark Kent


            Ok, That was hilarious.

            Now serious talk. I love Undertale, it’s one of my favourite games ever and I’m not the only one to think that. Sadly, other UT fans tend to be a little… overbearing and weird… To the point were, in only a few months, they acquired the reputation of being one of the worst fandoms in game. And sadly, there are quite a lot of people who were so fed up with UT fans that they decided to loath them as a whole and to consider the game that produced this fandom, toxic to begin with and to refuse to give it a chance, which is a shame because, as I said, Undertale is a great game.

            You see where I’m going? When you act childish and aggressive like you do, you don’t make people believe that Jim is wrong and shouldn’t be trusted. Instead, you convince them that Zelda is a game only whiny children like, and thus, probably not that great. I haven’t played the game as I don’t have the right console, so I can’t be sure if I would have liked it, but given the reviews (including Jim’s one) I tend to believe that it’s an excellent game, and yet comments like yours make me feel like not playing it even if I got a Switch.

            So basically, if you like Zelda and are annoyed at Jim’s review, just keep it to yourself. It will be better for everyone, except maybe people like me who laugh at your silliness.

          • ZeldaFN

            UT was a good game, not my cup of tea, but a fine game nontheless, but it was also reviewed properly. This wasn’t.

          • Clark Kent

            And do you think your rightful outrage will change anything? Do you think that, by reading your powerful comment on an entirely unrelated review people will be convinced that Jim is a terrible reviewer and that BotW is indeed the greatest game of all time? That Metacritic will choose to ignore Jim’s review and give the game a rating of 102 to compensate? Or that, just as I described, people will read your comment, laugh at how stupid they are and consider Zelda to be on the same level as Sonic, MLP and other franchises whose fandom is so awful it ruins the experience for anyone else? Hint : it’s the third option.

            Seriously, if I was a Zelda fan I would be fucking embarrassed reading you. YOU ARE DESERVING YOUR OWN CAUSE! Is that clear enough? That being said I have the sneaking suspicion that you are just a troll riding on the controversy to have people react. So now that I’ve indulged you I’ll stop answering. Anyway, assuming you are serious, you really should stop and spend your time doing something less pointless with your life.

          • ZeldaFN

            Nothing is perfect, BotW certainly isn’t. But it’s not as bad as Jim claims it to be.

          • You realize he said it was “good,” right? He liked it. He just didn’t like it as much as others.

          • James LaValle

            …this one comment in particular just gave me all the goosebumps. I’m not even going to entertain your weird fucking conspiracy theories about jim “hating nintendo” or how giving a 7/10 to a fucking video game is an attack on a major multi-billion dollar corporation by one independent critic. No, I’m just simply going to tell you that your argument is not only flawed, but a fucking farcical and erroneous assumption about how reviews and criticism works, and that your commitment to yelling about how one review being an attack is absolutely skin crawling; I’m glad I’ve never had the misfortune of ever meeting someone as legitimately unhinged and divorced from reality as you, because you’re hands down the creepiest person I’d ever encounter.

            Please understand that just because you’ve replaced your independent identity with videogames doesn’t immediately justify everyone else in existence needing to love your favorite toy as much as you do.

          • ZeldaFN

            One person is more than enough to start the ball rolling.
            Once it’s picked up speed, many others may jump aboard to push it down even faster.
            Then before you know it, it crashed into Nintendo’s HQ and left nothing but rubble where once was a big and massive company standing.

          • Martina Veselá

            Aww, an attack against Nintendo? Poor little multibillion dollar corporation, they must be crying themselves to sleep at night because one critic gave their game a 7/10.

            You, my friend, are a perfect example of how delusional Nintendo fanboys are and why no one on earth takes you seriously anymore.

        • Kamion

          When you’re rating the CDi Zeldas and Zelda 2 higher than SS, you have lost all credibility. Either you’re completely dedicated to this troll or, like, really young and don’t know these.

          Heck, even if we only go by 3D Zeldas, I think Twilight Princess is easily the worst of the bunch (I didn’t touch the HD Remaster with a 3 foot pole, it’s such a bad game). SS at least had some creative elements, even if the waggle was eh.

          Also, having played (and liked) BotW, it’s not even one of the better Zeldas. Doesn’t even make my top5 (ALTTP > Oracle games > Wind Waker > Link’s Awakening > Majora’s Mask). And apart from ALTTP none of these is a 10/10 for me.

          See? Everything is subjective.

      • Fred Davis

        No no, sexy brutale is exactly 150% better than breath of the wild, similarly breath of the wild is 350% better than yooka-laylee, which is infinitely better than aliens: colonial marines.

        Numbers have been done, let the numbers stand or die alone, bereft of the petty justifications of mere words.

        • Otherhand

          I’d much prefer it if Nintendo just told me how good each of their games is. I’m sure I could trust them to do that as well, because we’re great pals and they’re interchangable with my own mother in terms of emotional importance. We have each other’s backs.

    • Dosbilliam

      Besides the simple fact that your username clearly shows a massive bias, this is his OPINION. If you don’t like his OPINION, you’re free to go elsewhere.

      • ZeldaFN

        My username has nothing to do with being biased !

        Jim is a reviewer, his opinion must be as unbiased as possible, else he can’t review games. Simple as that.
        But we all know how much he hates Nintendo and their products. He hates them so much that he’s willing to promote piracy.

        What kind of reviewer goes so far to promote piracy? Tell me please?
        How can you even consider yourself someone in gaming world if you promote piracy !

        • Polishfury5000

          Kirby:Planet Robobot- 9/10
          Kirby and the Rainbow Curse-8.5/10
          Hyrule Warriors Legends-9.5/10

          Yeah, he totally hates Nintendo alright.

          But please don’t let me stop this meltdown, just because he didn’t like the same toy as you as much.

          It’s been a treat to read so far.

          • ZeldaFN

            That was before he started promoting piracy and hating on Nintendo !
            If Breath of the Wild were to be released before his, somewhat sudden change of heart against Nintendo, he would’ve gave it 9 or 10.

          • Polishfury5000

            You keep saying promoting piracy, but you bring no evidence forth. So I’m going to go with you have a critical misunderstanding of metaphors.

            He said because Nintendo is fine with stealing the ad revenue of content creators using Nintendo game footage under fair usage, then it’s fine in turn to steal from them.

            Sounds like a “good for the goose, good for the gander” metaphor to me. You probably just didn’t watch the video either, because that’s clearly explained to those that did.

            Again, don’t let all this logic dissuade you from continuing to bash. I’m having a lovely time.

          • ZeldaFN

            Creators are using Nintendo’s owned property to earn their money. Earning money on someone elses work is not a good thing to do, so Nintendo takes what’s theirs.
            Stealing from Nintendo because they are defending their property is abysmal, and Jim has no right to even say that, and let alone try and make any sense of it.

          • Except they’ve even flagged and pulled down videos using widely distributed TRAILERS.

          • ZeldaFN

            Those people were distributing trailers without Nintendo’s approval. Nintendo has every right to take them down.
            If they were to speak to Nintendo prior to their videos being claimed or being taken down, I’m certain something could have been arranged.

          • That’s not how fair use works. You can use those videos for discussing and criticism. Plus, it’s free publicity for Nintendo.

          • ZeldaFN

            It’s not free if someone else is making money of their work.

          • That’s not my argument. I’m talking about free publicity for NINTENDO. That’s like saying Roger Ebert should have paid movie studios to review their movies.

          • ZeldaFN

            No, it’s not. If he were to pay them they could’ve been inclined to rate his movies better than they would’ve done.
            Nintendo is already a widely known company, they don’t need free publicity.

          • His movies? Whose? Roger Ebert’s movies? Do you even know who Roger Ebert was?

          • frkmgnt1

            ZeldaFN You are incredibly committed to this troll. Unlike BoTW, this troll effort deserves a 9.5/10. It’s not quite perfect, but it’s pretty damn close.

          • Polishfury5000

            Doesn’t matter, the use of footage is legally covered in fair use. It’d only be property theft if they tried to pass the game off as they’re own, or something ridiculous like that. You don’t have to like it, but fair use is law, and Nintendo is breaking it.

            Stealing from content creators who are trying to defend their products is abysmal, and you have no right to even make sense of it =^3

          • ZeldaFN

            Nintendo is a Japanese company and their laws differ from yours.
            You can’t blame them for not conforming to someone elses laws.

          • Polishfury5000

            Nintendo of America does it just as much. YouTube is not a Japanese company, and I refuse to believe a major company as Nintendo doesn’t have a contingent of lawyers versed in foreign law.

            You don’t have to like the law, but Nintendo (and they’re American branch) are breaking it.

            Now, back to my question (you must have missed it because it was an edit): Why do you believe that professional critics/reviewers/influencers shouldn’t make money for doing they’re jobs?

          • Otherhand

            He’s been heavily critical of Nintendo’s business practices looooong before he reviewed Splatoon and Hyrule Warriors (don’t know about the Kirbys since I’m not well up on that series’ timeline).

          • IkeTheChungus

            I must say, I tip my hat to you sir. The troll game is strong with this one. Also, resisting the urge to go for the typical “Kill yourself” and “Fat Fuck” comments, I respect that.

        • Dragongelf

          “his opinion must be as unbiased as possible”

          Can you please explain how this would work?

    • Naux

      I should print this comment out and frame it. The amount of stupidity in there would make my day every time I look at it.

      • ZeldaFN

        Only thing stupid here are Jim’s flawed and broken scoring systems !

      • Michael Horton

        Eh, not interesting enough a troll to be worth it, in my opinion. Some previous examples have been far more entertaining :-).

      • Polishfury5000

        That’s fantastic and you’re a champion for sharing it.

        • Thanks! Me and a few others on here put the list together. 😀

          My only regret was putting “Jim Fucking Sterling Son!” as a Free Space.

      • ZeldaFN

        How many did I check ?

        • Eh, you can count them yourself if it matters that much to you. The fact that there’s a bingo card should show you just how often these idiotic comments appear.

        • Lies That Bind

          This would be funnier than it is if it wasn’t so obvious youre ticking off all the arguments made against Jim before. Wheres the people faulting Jim for fucking pogs?

          • ZeldaFN

            I hate pogs !
            Cool ?

          • Hey, you can hate-fuck pogs. No one’s judging here.

          • ZeldaFN


          • Lies That Bind


      • Dragongelf

        Been looking for this one!

        Now we can finally play the game with actual cards!

        Have an internet point good sir/madam!

    • James LaValle

      Ahhh zelda zealots of the world, never change.

      (I’m kidding of course. Please stay as far away as possible you angry little gremlins.)

    • Veya

      Different standards for different contexts. TLoZ is one of the oldest game franchises still active, it builds up humongous expectations by the very nature of what it is, this is a game from a small studio that raises low expectations by nature.

      It’s the idea that you won’t judge a world-renowed restaurant by the same standards you judge the small café down the street, even if the restaurant is objectively better, the café may be more enjoyable for various reasons.

    • La Chica Incognita

      The internet would be better if people understood how reviews work. Period.

      OH wait your name is literally “ZeldaFN”. You’re either a troll or have ZERO self awareness.

      • ZeldaFN


    • Punkster

      Bloody hell. Each game is and should be judged by their own merits, not compared to one another. Even games that are very similar should NEVER be compared when reviewing.

      Don’t worry, it’s a common mistake made by many other very stupid people, sadly far too often these days.
      If this is what gets your jimmys truly rustled, then you should go away and rethink your life.

      • ZeldaFN

        If there’s a universal score included in judging games, than every game is comparable to each other.

        • Punkster

          No that is not how it works at all.

        • You can’t judge every game on the same merits, though. There’s a difference between open-world and linear games. Or games with a huge budget and detailed graphics versus indie games with sprite artwork. Or even just different game genres like first-person shoots to strategy games.

          If every single game was the EXACT same, then your argument had merit. But fun fact: not every game is the same. Therefore, they’re all criticized accordingly.

          • ZeldaFN

            Then why score games at all ?
            Why then just not write a review and let people decide their own opinion by reading the whole review ?
            If that’s the case than scores this arbitrary shouldn’t exist.
            Someone should make a proper way to judge and score games based on certain factors then, to make scoring as unified as possible and not based on personal preference.

          • Every review IS based on personal preference, though. There’s no such thing as an objective review. There never has been and there never will.

            There are some, in fact, that don’t believe in scores. Yahtzee, for example. I don’t mind scores. What I do mind is people losing their shit when a game doesn’t score the way they want. Or worse, throw a big, childish hissy fit because it affected the Metacritic score. The point of the score is a summation of the pros and cons that particular reviewer felt about the game. To get into the nitty gritty of why, that’s when you read the review.

          • ZeldaFN

            Yeah, reminds me of someone I know.

            You’re a reasonable person.

          • Us pog-fuckers have to stick together.

          • Matrim

            There is so an objective review, it was on FFXIII ^_~

          • THUD!

            Why not just read the full review and not worry about the score?

            Oh yeah, right: Nintendo Snowflake

        • Snowskeeper

          Okay, let’s play the comparison game.

          Breath of the Wild was made by one of the biggest publishers in the world. It is one of their biggest IPs. It was in development for several years, and cost roughly $160,000,000 to make, assuming the reports re: it needing to sell 20 million copies to break even are accurate. Despite this, it had a number of glaring flaws, including a weapon durability system that was, at best, frustrating.

          The Sexy Brutale is an indie game with a small budget and a small team. Despite this, everything it does is as tightly wound as Breath of the Wild, if not more so. It achieves everything it sets out to do, and does them in a way that is entertaining, stylish and satisfying.

          7/10 is not a bad score. That’s why the word “good” is right there next to it. But Breath of the Wild had a lot more to work with. And they charged $80 for it.

        • Chris Schwartz-Brown

          Exactly. That’s why persona 5 is objectively a better game than Zelda, and the PS4 is objectively better than the switch. I’m glad the Zelda fans finally admit this.

    • watafuzz

      That’s sarcasm right?

      • ZeldaFN


        • That’s what makes it even funnier!

        • watafuzz

          I’ll pretend you said yes, it’d be far too pathetic otherwise

          • ZeldaFN

            Kk. We could maybe keep it at maybe. To add some suspense.

    • Hahaha, fuck off.

      • Boom. You’ve just been Jimmed on.

        • Actually I don’t even know what to do with this one so I’m just gonna let ’em troll into the night.

          • ZeldaFN

            Ahh, the man himself.
            You could start by explaining yourself and admitting your hatred !

          • 7/10 is not hatred.

    • Fallen Prime

      He’s openly critical of their business practices, is not shy about that, and has spent many episodes of his show blasting them. He’s been on their case about the unnecessary scarcity of amiibo and NES Classics (and even Switches now because THAT makes sense in a competitive console market), their outdated and draconian policies regarding YouTube, and their fumbles in the world of mobile gaming, among other things.

      None of that, unless it somehow bleeds into the experience of the game, colors his opinion of said game. He adores the IP’s, and even gave quite favorable scores to the latest Pokemon and Kirby games (he’s the reason I bought and loved Planet Robobot). Even Breath of the Wild, while he took serious issue with the stamina and weapon durability systems, saw the pros outweighed the cons in his experience and gave a score reflective of his time with the game. Which, because his scores use the full gamut rather than being frozen from 8 up, was shown as a 7.

      Also hindsight likes to vindicate him, so.

    • RipTide

      Why are you comparing completely different things? Comparing this and Zelda, and saying Zelda didn’t get a 10 so this can’t get a 10 is like comparing Mashed Potatoes and Cola. Sure they both go in the mouth and can be rated on taste but they are trying to be and accomplish completely different things. Just because there are full Peppercorns in the potatoes and someone doesn’t like Peppercorns, why should they be forced to rate the Cola any lower?

    • Matrim


      Opens by comparing Zelda and this.
      Angrily asserts they are incomparable.

    • THUD!

      Because you all didn’t get enough stupid today, here’s a comment from a Nintendo Snowflake!

      • Marcelo Ou Hare Pirani

        I was about to write a comment to say I was kinda disappointed with the lack of fanboyism in the comments… but, even though I know ZeldaFN is just trolling/being “ironic”, I’ll take it.

    • Dariush

      you are trolling, arent you?? 😀

      • Lasse Andersen

        The faceciousness is quite obvious, yeah.

    • ATBro


    • Spencer Trumbore

      Dude, it’s REALLY good, Zelda is not anywhere close to as interesting or clever as what was done in this game. I can’t stop playing it. Why don’t you stop being a little bitch and try it.

  • RaikuNH

    Lemme guess, another PC exclus- *sees PS4* Sold!.

  • Jack Spence

    Black Dow has let himself go

  • Sebastian Bo

    another great game, man this fucking year what the hell, and i don’t even own 3 of those great game because i don’t have the console and still think there is to many great game that i need to play

  • La Chica Incognita

    The cover art made me think someone released a Mardi Gras themed Darkest Dungeon but it turned out to be Braid’s illegitimate baby with Laura Bow.

    …hopefully the PC version isn’t a bug riddled disaster.

    • Dariush

      apparently it isnt, Karak from ACG channel reviewed it and didnt mention any bug, also said you can easily crank it up to 4k also on a 970 or similar performance card.

  • Marc Richards

    Might have to check this out. Also, can people in 2017 PLEASE finally realise a majority of a review is opinion based please. I disagree with Jim on a lot of games but his input is always informed and entertaining so I continue to read/watch. Nice one mate.

  • hmm, another one for the piqued interest pile…

  • Michael Horton

    Hmm, sounds like an interesting game to check out when I get a moment. Cheers!

  • Camilo Fernández

    So, yet ANOTHER game of the year contender.
    You’ll have to make it a top 20 if this year doesn’t calm the fuck down…

  • Hawke

    Is it fair to trust the score of a game where the developer was like, “How can we make this exactly what Jim Sterling wants in a game”. Since Jim is god’s voice on earth, and we all thank god for Jim… yes. Yes, it is fair.

  • Just4You

    Has anyone made an Erotic Violence joke yet?

    • Snowskeeper

      I’m sure somebody has.

  • Drake Warnock

    This game sounds fantastic.

  • Dariush

    @Jimquisition:disqus would it be possible to add a small section where you arrange reviews by score? Maybe in the review score guide?

    • Snowskeeper

      Do you like hurting people?

      • Mandrake42

        He could make his own aggregate score site that totals all his scores for every game and makes an average. MetaJim?

  • silentwatcher

    Hell, I was just planning to take a look at the steam page, but than the trailer music blasted through my speakers. I’ma going to have to buy this game now.

  • Narumi Ayumu

    Honestly, I wasn’t THAT impressed by this. Kinda think Jim got a bit excited here. The game is way too short, and as he says, this game really isn’t all that puzzling, it’s more a case of getting lucky with trial and error as to where and when you examine the game world every time the day resets.

    Interesting premise, but I would have hoped for an extended stay, with a lot more complex ideas as to how you solve and stop the murders.

  • Enuo


    • Lasse Andersen


      • Sperium3000


        • Chris Schwartz-Brown


          • ENAY


  • Muddy Scarecrow

    So now that I’ve finally played the game myself I will confirm that I REALLY like it. Tho I’m not sure it’s a ten for me. For one thing the puzzles are a lot more simplistic than I was expecting. Not that they’re easy exactly. Just that nine times out of ten it feels like I stumbled on the solution not even knowing it was the solution. Though they were still challenging enough for me to feel really smart for figuring them out. I also really like the Metroidvania feel of mask powers unlocking previously inaccessible areas. And you can go back to people you saved and watch their deaths again so you can learn more about them and pick up collectibles. All in all another solid indie game I would never have heard of without Jim’s recommendation. Suck it, Romines.

    • Jesse Laier

      I felt the same. Cool game, but the puzzles weren’t difficult at all.

      • Spencer Trumbore

        I had a hell of a time with the Thanos and Auron murder, because I didn’t have the insight to note that (etc. etc. spoilers)

  • Clark O’Brien

    It’s a good and is fun, but it sometimes gave me the same feeling of unearned achievement I get from reloading a save. As I said I did enjoy it but it’s not something I think I need to play again anytime soon.

  • Robby

    Drink bleach you fat miserable cu-

    Oh, he gave it a 10.

    • Bob Ind

      It’s worth a 6, tops.

    • YoDude


  • While there are some flaws with the game, like the mediocre control scheme on keyboard and mouse and the bizarre cases of selective deafness, the game has a really nice level of polish, intriguing core concept that is well executed, and very solid and entertaining writing. And godlike music. Like, by the gods, that music tho.

  • Max Whiteley

    10/10 “Sterling, perfect, a masterpiece.”

    “One other criticism”

    Lol, not 10/10 then. 9 or 9.5 or 9.9. If you find something where it can better itself it’s not perfect. 10/10 means perfect in the eyes of the reviewer, no matter who’s reviewing it.

    If your going to be throwing perfect scores around as often as you do, it belittles the 10/10. But it does push your right to the top of that left hand side metacritic list though so I wonder if people do it because of that…

    • craze

      your comment is a 7/10, top of metacritic

      • Max Whiteley

        Mehh middling scores don’t get you to the top of metacritic. High scores and low scores get you to the top of metacritic. I’ll take a 2/10

    • BarthVader

      “While nothing in life is perfect, these games come as close to the ideal as one can get.”

      The review score guide takes that into consideration.

      • Max Whiteley

        Ahh the glass if half full 😉

        My opinion is there are perfect things in life, many many perfect things. So my ten in my head means perfect, but jims ten is “close to perfect.”

      • Max Whiteley

        Empty* I meant half empty

    • timmy

      No, it doesn’t. It means it got a 10. If he thinks it deserves a 10 despite having a couple of flaws, he gives it a 10. It’s very simple. And does he say “Sterling” as if he’s talking to himself? I think not


      • Max Whiteley

        You completely missed the point Timmy.
        And did I say he was talking about himself? I think not.


        • timmy

          No, I didn’t. I believe others have clarified why above. And you made up a “quote” by him, in that curious habit people persist with because they don’t know how stupid it looks. It does.

    • Whirlwind86 .

      Not really.
      The notion that a game with a perfect score must be a perfect game is in your mind.
      Stop holding people to standards they have never subscribed to and are personal to yourself please, this rule on reviewing games isn’t written anywhere, what is written however is the “Review Score Guide” on the top right, if you are confused about what or why, refere to that.

      • Max Whiteley

        You are also missing my point.
        Giving out lots of 10/10 belittles the 10 score.

        Like how in Olympic scoring for diving or gymnastics they very rarely give out a 10/10, because the more 10s they give out the lower the standards need to be.
        If a 10/10 is rare the the standard needed to obtain one is greater. Do you understand my point?

        • timmy

          He didn’t miss your point. He called you out on the first thing you said, where you were wrong.

          Read Jim’s score guide, as two people have now suggested you do.

          I’d also suggest not to assume that people haven’t understood you, if you’re that prone to forgetting things that you’ve yourself said, or not taking advice that would clear things up.

          Will properly leave off this time, as I can see this going round in circles. Bye again

          (You may repeat that too, if it makes you feel better)

          • Max Whiteley

            None of you have addressed my point though.

            Someone a fue days ago copy and pasted the review score guide. To which I replied it’s a glass half empty scoring system.
            But the conversation has moved on from my end, while replying to numerous people it naturally would.

            I will put my point one more time to see if anyone cares to address my point rather than focus on a single word I used.

            Throwing out many 10/10s (which Jim himself dosent even think are 10/10s going by the review score guide) degrades what a makes a 10. When/if he ever does find a perfect game, his over use of the 10 is lowing the bar that makes a 10 what it is.

            One other point is that all other reviewers for what ever product that use a 10/10 scale, 10/10 means perfect. I mean 10/10 and 100% in maths means perfect, a whole.
            If jims 10 dosent mean perfect, he shouldn’t use the 10/10 rating scale, because it is flawed.
            The words are fine, he can define what the words means as much as he likes because that is unique to this website. But a ten rating scale should follow the fraction that it is. And also follow the unspoken reviewer code that 10/10 means literally perfect, so that outsiders can also understand it.

          • Jonah Slinn

            You’re being way too literal about this.

            Art cannot be quantified in the same way that shooting hoops can, you’re completely missing the point. A 100% score is not the same as a 10/10 score, which is not the same as a 5 star score either. That might confuse you if you’re thinking in the realm of maths, but this isn’t to do with fractions. If you’re working with 100 points to give a game, you can be very precise with how those points are given. If Jim Sterling used a 100% system, he might not have given this game 100% because of the flaws mentioned in the review.

            Using a 10/10 system makes the rating more vague than a 100% system, it gives you less information because it is less precise (a 5 star system even more so). For example, if using 100/100 someone may rate a game 94/100. But if that same person used a 5 star rating, what would be a more accurate portrayal of their opinion (assuming it hasn’t changed), 4 stars or 5 stars? Obviously it’s 5 stars, because it’s closer to that fraction than the other one, however it still isn’t perfect. There’s no such thing as a perfect game.

            Also, what is this bollocks about an “unspoken reviewer code” that 10/10 means literally perfect?? I think if you spoke to most respected game critics (or critics of any art) you’d find they’d disagree with that heartily…

          • Max Whiteley

            Well I’m now thinking a 100/100 scoring system is a much better way of rating video games.”

            I’m not saying that code actually exists, but to the everyday man reading a review, I feel a 10/10 should mean perfect in the eyes of the reviewer. As a way of saying “yes this is the pinnicle” of said product, with so many 10/10 games, how can one stand out as the pinnicle?
            The first 10/10 means a lot, but by the tenth the 10 has lost its elusiveness and by the hundredth? Well it would be difficult to take that opinion seriously. Like that one mate we all have who says every movie they see in the cinema “is the best ever”. Granted my mate and professional game reviewers are not comparable, but I feel the comparison helps describe the phenomena I’m talking about.

            I just spoke to my dad who is graduating from DMU doing some kind of arts degree, regarding the perfection debate to get his opinion on it, and he said;

            “Perfection is what you want it to be.” So he didn’t add a lot.

            My opinion is Tetris is a perfect game. But that’s irrelevant.

          • fifferx

            You are confusing a few things, which is making it impossibe to even discuss the topic.

            Factually, 10/10 means noting more then 1. It can be interpreted as 100% as well. But “Perfect” has no relation to ANY number scale. That relation is only given by a description or rules-set of such number scale.

            For instance, in your example of basketball, they could change their scaling system so that 20/10 is the new metric for indicating that a player has not missed a shot. Sure, it might confuse people a bit, but their would be nothing wrong with that system.

            Similarly, you could have a review scale for games that started at -50, and worked its way up to -20 (-20 being the max possible score). In fact, ANY scoring system can easily be shifted to fit any other scale between two numbers. What the core problem is that you have this connection of 10/10, 1, or 100% to have any relation to the word “perfect”. That simply is nonsense.

          • Max Whiteley

            It dosent matter if you change the numbers involved, if hit hit every basket that still a perfect record regardless if each basket is worth 2 points or not.

        • Whirlwind86 .

          I don’t fully agree with that statement too but mostly because I don’t feel that Jim is overusing scores, if anything the overusing of high number score is done by most of the rest of the game media to the point that when he uses a 7 it’s considered a travesty.

          He did a good job of spreading most of his reviews along the scale, i’ve seen plenty 5s or 6s on this site along the 3s and the 9s
          A slight bias towards higher numbers is gonna happen tho, if nothing else because he has limited time in a day and he will tend to play (and because of that, review) games he think he will like.

          On the concept that using 10s belitting it, I still don’t get it.
          I feel you are still bringing up standards that some people subscribe to, as a reason as to why everyone should do that, while the downside they usually combat are nowhere to be seen.

          As I see it, the score inflation if anything, here is held back quite a bit, so i see no reason for him to self police on how many tens he give out, if he feel a game deserves it.

          • Max Whiteley

            Fair point.
            For some reason I remember him giving more tens then actually he has.
            And now this.

            I’ll pipe down now.

    • Caven

      No, a 10 does not mean perfect. Here’s exactly what a 10 means as explicitly declared in Jim Sterling’s review score guide:

      “10 (Sterling): A 10 represents the finest of the fine, an exemplar of its genre, and the current game of its type to beat. While nothing in life is perfect, these games come as close to the ideal as one can get. Such a score is not given lightly, and is reserved for true pinnacles of the medium. A pinnacle can be relative – another game may eventually come that bests it, but for now, this is the kind of stuff the industry ought to strive for.”

      Notice that the description says “nothing in life is perfect”, and that something better could come along later. So for Jim Sterling, a 10 does NOT in fact refer to perfection. Your desire for a 10 to mean perfection does not invalidate Jim’s decision for a 10 to mean something slightly less lofty.

      And really, a 10 shouldn’t represent perfection. What is the point in having a score that is literally impossible to legitimately assign? Might as well make perfection a 10.1 or an 11, since those are just as impossible to assign on a 10 point scale.

      • Max Whiteley

        What are you on about? I wasn’t trying to invalidate him, I was saying he is invalidating himself, by branding so many games with a perfect score.

        10/10 means perfect. If you have 10 basketballs, and you take ten shots with those basketballs and make 10 baskets, you have a perfect record.

        By not deducting even .1 it has a perfect score.

        What’s the point in him even having a scoring system? He shouldn’t give out perfect scores if he has yet to find anything perfect.
        When he does find something perfect what is he going to do? Give it an 11/10? Or put it on par with these inperfect games, which would be lying to his readership because he thinks the hypothetical perfect game is better than the others that he has branded 10/10.

        Which brings me back to my original point, to many 10/10s diminishes the impact of a 10/10.

        • timmy

          Your original point was your mistake in thinking that 10 on this blog means perfect, which Cavan clarified by quoting Jim Sterling above. Read his post again.

          • YoDude

            This guy gets it.

        • Anonymous

          You know, we should really get Jim Sterling’s review scores added to the International System of Units.

  • Wow, that’s a high score. 😮

  • Spencer Trumbore

    I’m 6 cards short of 52 and have the upgraded ring, being beckoned to continue to the last area. Anyone help me find these cards? I see some in the tubes in the basement but don’t know how to get them, also the card bridge in the basement–what makes it fill-in?

    • Ces

      Do you have Eleanor’s mask? Her power gets you to those tubes.

      • Spencer Trumbore

        Thanks, I have already gotten down there and have 51/52 cards. I need to find out which one I missed. Anyone know where the Queen of Spades is? That might be it

        • Jack_T_Robyn

          Try south of the Casino, in a fireplace, before 2:00 PM, that’s where I found my last one.

  • squid spitt

    10 out a 10 4 this?…….He’s obviously TROLLIN’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL

    • HenriqueRJchiki

      zelda salsagesucker confirmed.

  • Olejka Petrow

    I don’t know, it’s too simplistic, no depth at all. Idea is great, but game is extremely basic, it’s puzzles looks like a placeholder for something much more complex

    • Spencer Trumbore

      you’re very wrong, even the “simple” puzzles are intricately executed. Watch some let’s plays if you aren’t convinced yet. But I am so glad I bought this, holy crap

      • Olejka Petrow

        I played it for mysef, why do i need to watch let’s plays? I don’t regret the purchase and not cosider my time wasted or anything like that, but i found it to be too simplistic, another game with good idea and mediocre execution.

      • J Resurrección

        I feel kind of similar to the other guy. It’s pretty simple, like I solved two of the murders (Willow, Tequila) in like an hour before work this morning…but I am enjoying it.

    • George Yth

      The puzzles are indeed very basic — so many of them are basically “observe a thing at the right time and follow the obvious clue”. I’d posit that their very presence is merely an excuse to voyeur your way through the narrative and environmental storytelling.

      For fans of classic adventure games this is perhaps unsatisfying.

  • David Feichtner

    This game seriously gave me chills and I openly shed a few tears at the ending. It’s amazing how much you feel with every victim when the writing and surroundings manage to flesh them out so well. But what I really fell in love with was the setting. The Sexy Brutale Casino is gorgeously depicted, opulent yet stylish and there are so many small details that make the place feel the way it should.
    So yeah, its a solid 9/10 for me. (And for Jim too since we have to add the usual +1 “Because everyone wears masks”-modifier to the score)

    • HenriqueRJchiki

      i also shed a tear to the ending, very sad :/ i wish there could be a happier ending.

  • Jallen

    So it’s basically Ghost Trick just without hardware limitations? Well I’m sold but I cant help but feel you’ve over sold this one.

    • Spencer Trumbore

      He really hasn’t.

    • George Yth

      That makes about as much sense as saying “Undertale is basically Mother 2”, “Shovel Knight is basically Duck Tales”, “Bayonetta is basically Devil May Cry”, etc. In the grand scheme of things the relation is obvious, but in practice they’re hardly equivalent.

      As someone who puts Ghost Trick near the top of their favorite games list, I must assure you that outside of the *concepts* of time travel (more of a stable time loop, even) and murder-tampering the relationship is rather tenuous.

  • Kamion

    Well, this certainly looks interesting. Might have to look into it.
    I watched your video on it, even the spoiler part. The part you’ve been so excited about didn’t really grip me, but I guess it just doesn’t work out of context.

    Anyway, always up for some murder-mystery.

  • Eric

    I personally don’t understand all the praise this one is getting for the ending. I was pretty well in on the story all the way up to the finale at which point all the good will went out like a balloon getting away from me, and I was left with “Seriously? You’re pulling That tired, bullshit twist?” and after I’d figured it out I just ran through the leftover exposition waiting for the credits so I could stop.

    Gameplay was solid if a bit frustrating sometimes. I accidentally solved one of the murders just by fiddling around with the environment on my first time through and had to quickly restart the day just to watch the characters one by one so I could figure out wtf was happening in the scene it had cut to when I saved them. On the opposite spectrum, several times the game didn’t give me enough information so I could figure out what I was supposed to do next so I bumbled around getting more and more frustrated for 40 minutes at a time.

    Pretty good overall experience but it didn’t stick the landing for me and I will quickly forget the story because of it. Not something I will replay for all the secrets either.

    Really good music though.

  • CyanManta

    Definitely going to be one of my top indie games of the year. Not quite as good as Night in the Woods, however.