The Spin-off Doctors: Alone In The Dark

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Christian Slater is the Ruby Tuesday’s of acting in this miserable Uwe Boll shitheap.

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Lloyd Arold

Have to admit that this was one of the more enjoyable Boll movies for me, ironically of course. It wasn’t good by any means but it was funny bad in way that was kind of endearing to me.


They do know that Uwe Boll movies are intentionally designed to lose money, right? Don’t they know about the German tax loophole?


Wait…There was a House of the Dead 2? Why you guys?

Zach Jennings

Believe it or not, it’s actually much better than the first. It wasn’t directed by Uwe Boll.


The amount of fucks not given is palpable. There isn’t even something witty to add, so I’ll just go buy some stuff and then make walnut icecream.

This is the second time I’ve watched the movie after Ratchet and Clunk in between episodes of SODs, now I question my perception of every movie that has been on the Movie Boys. I’m not familiar with the Alone in the Dark games, but it seems like this movie also got the Uwe Boll Resident Evil movie treatment. From slow pace survival horror game to lame gunfight after lame gunfight. But Conrad’s synopsis managed to seamlessly trim so much of the faf that I have a very different impression of the movie listening to you two than what I had… Read more »

I remember desperately wanting to see this movie when it first came out purely because a song by Nightwish was used in the soundtrack and I wanted to support them.

I never actually got around to seeing the movie until years later, when I didn’t care and knew it was crap. It was still a disappointment.

Lewdology PhD

Spin off doctors AKA the movie boiz is my favorite part of jimquisiton, wish it was weekly instead of biweekly 🙁

Thanks for another episode Conrad and Jim.


Christian Slater was pretty damn good in Pump Up the Volume as well as as in True Romance

Allan Weallans

This episode really confused me and I think that’s on the film (though I haven’t seen it myself). I was surprised when you wrapped up. It kind of felt like film ended where the first act should have ended.


I love the Nostalgia critic review of this how the point out two hilarious examples of either shitty editing or purposely spiteful of quality editing.
1. During a shoot out, a bullet flies OVER the head of one of the zombie people but she collapses anyway… but the bullet was CG so someone cared so little they just added the bullet graphic without even making it collide
2. A dead body starts getting up before the scene transition… all the had to do was cut the scene a half second earlier!


Hey, Jim, can you please put the next movie in the description for these. It can take a couple weeks for my library to get these so as much notice as possible is great. I do try to watch them if I can get them, though I won’t pay a dime for that garbage.


Reposting my Soundcloud comment:
It’s been years since I saw it, but House of the Dead 2 is actually pretty damn entertaining as I recall. Not on the same level of awful hilarity as the first, but I think you might be pleasantly surprised Jim and Conrad. Also, that Hannibal scene is pretty famous, but Hannibal itself is not regarded very highly. It’s too bad though, I think it’s underrated, I liked it more than Red Dragon in fact.

I’ll state for the record that New Nightmare was an alright game, if a little obtuse at times because it was trying too hard to be both ResEvil and an old-fashioned adventure game. Some bosses were just nonsense in how unclear their patterns were, and they either had far too much health or straight-up invulnerable phases, but all the content surrounding them was a well-made classic survival horror. I’ll also state for the record that aside from some pacing and balance issues, AitD ’06 was a good time on our Xbox 360. It was trying way to hard to dip… Read more »
Terry Osaurusies XI

I, too, enjoyed AitD06. It was an interesting little romp for the time.


Nice to see the new comment section!
Yeah, I would have hated this movie…except…I was laughing to damn hard the whole time at how funny it was!

That said…I hate Christian Slater’s chest hair in this. You got to make the choice. Do what Chris Evans and Henry Cavil do, either grow it out completely in a thick forest or wax it off totally. The stubbly look is just gross.

Terry Osaurusies XI

Christian Slater did actually do a good role as a balding office worker in the film ‘He Was A Quiet Man’ which had a rather interesting, dark twist on the ‘crazy worker shoots up workplace after snapping’ routine. It was also directed by Frank Cappello in a budget small enough that he had to write his own song due to not being able to afford a coldplay track he originally wanted. Luckily the song was quite alright, which is already leagues above anything from coldplay. 😉


I was hoping for two Slater films in a row.