The Spin-off Doctors: Mortal Kombat Annihilation

“That tattoo, I’ve seen it before. On a woman and a robot. They both tried to kill me.”

Mortal Kombat: Annihilation is, in a word, glorious.

Let the Spin-off Doctors tell you why, and peruse some hot gif action while you listen:…t-annihilation/

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  • Anton

    I remember watching this and thinking it was unironically good.

    ….I was seven at the time, but I’m still ashamed.

    • Raging Raving

      dont worry, I used to think it was cool as well… we were all dumb as children lol

      • Anton

        I loved the cyborgs in particular. They were like edgy hyperviolent power rangers, and just like the power rangers, they came in every color of the rainbow XD

        • Raging Raving

          Same, Smoke and Cyrax looked sort of like the games, so that made my child mind happy, no Sektor though strangely.

          • ConradZimmerman

            Ermac was eventually turned into Sektor, so it was either because of that or because it was cheaper to just have one red costume.

            Actually, fun fact, Jim and I tracked down some props used in the films, including what looks like the Reptile costume from the first flick. Turns out, it was probably the Scorpion costume too, as there’s yellow under the green paint.

          • Raging Raving

            oh neat, hilarious video btw 🙂

  • Raging Raving

    Think the “Tiger man” Jim was talking about was King, and he was from Tekken
    Or Kintaro I suppose

    • It was Kintaro. My wife corrected me the other night.

      • ConradZimmerman

        OH YEAH! I remember Kintaro now.

        • Jabberlove

          A little bit of info just for you Conrad since I know Jim won’t care. It
          isn’t the “unknown chemicals” that cause the rapid combustion when Cyrax is killed. It’s a powder explosion. Powder/dust explosions can occur with basically every combustible powder you’re likely to encounter. The finer the powder, the more easily an explosion can occur. Based on how the powder looks it’s a very safe bet it would combust. It’s a bit of a stretch that it would work out as well as it does in the film but that’s what is happening.

          • ConradZimmerman

            I actually knew this to be true, having singed my eyebrows performing the stunt with powdered coffee creamer as a youth.

  • SilentPony

    Was it moviebob who said Suicide Squad was about as good as this one?

  • Polishfury5000

    This may be the rare time I wait till I watch the movie before listening to the podcast.

    Usually I’ll listen regardless of whether or not I saw the movie, but there seems to be something extra special about this hot mess.

  • galactix100

    Oh god not Ratchet and Clank. That film’s so utterly dull you’ll struggle to even do the whole subversive darker message you’ve done with similar films like Angry Birds or Wreck-It Ralph.

    • Chris Schwartz-Brown

      Well, the main question will be how can they blame ratchet clank for Donald Trump? Because that was what saved the angry birds episode.

      • I’d imagine they could do something with Quark and Trump.

      • Landy Alexander

        Pretty easily actually. The villain of Ratchet is a buffoonish former hero who doesn’t like getting upstaged by Ratchet, so he sells out to literal supervillains and realizes too late that his personal ego stroking vendetta has led to planetary scale warcrimes.

        • Chris Schwartz-Brown

          I could see that working.

          I’ve not actually seen ratchet and clank, not ever played the game, so I didn’t actually say that knowing whether there were any comparisons or meaning to imply they should be. Mostly just wanted to rile up the guys who flipped out at that episode for them going political. The more frequently Jim and Conrad do that the better.

        • galactix100

          Fair enough. I remember that character and his arc, much like everything in that film, being so eyerollingly boring and cliched that I was largely zoned out.

      • galactix100

        Admittedly that’s because Angry Birds gave them nothing to work with beyond that. Ratchet and Clank is the same, intensely dull with nothing worth noting or remembering.

    • Stephen Mc Devitt

      R&C hits the beats of a modern animated movie with upbeat montages and sad moments but don’t really what made those great.

      • galactix100

        It’s the same as Angry Birds. Nothing memorable, painfully dull with no personality, crap writing, etc.

        • Stephen Mc Devitt

          I’m not defending the R&C movie but Angry Birds has the upper hand at being worse for its ‘messages’.

          • galactix100

            In the context of this show though, R&C is worse because it doesn’t even have anything to make fun of.

          • Stephen Mc Devitt


  • Terriosaurus Hex

    This film’s problems reminded of that Simpsons sketch with Mr Burns being told by the doc that he has so many diseases or viruses that they’re all trying to get through the door at the same time, blocking any of them from manifesting as actual problems. With Burns walking off, proudly announcing his newfound invincibility over the doc trying to explain that he really isn’t and the slightest thing could tip the balance over the edge.

    With the weirdly large budget, one has to wonder how much was spent on the crew partying hard at the few on-scene locations with the actual filming forgotten till the last minute. Sort of like a less sinister version of Adam Schwandler’s Jack and Jill ghostly vacant budget.

  • Moon1337

    I laughed rewatching this last night in preperation. I laughed even harder listening to the two of you talk about.

  • mrhair

    Johnny Cage was my favorite in the original, and I could not forgive this movie for killing him off like that. In retrospect, one of the dumber things to get up in arms over.

  • kimiyoribaka

    There’s actually 1 more actor from the first movie that returned, but he’s less obvious. Sub-zero’s brother sub-zero played reptile in the first movie. I found this out cause I was wondering who played Sindel and looked up the cast. Apparently, Nightwolf was played by a native american rapper, which seems really appropriate.

    I was going to ask if you’d be covering the other hilariously camp mortal kombat movies, but then I remembered that those were, in fact, video games.

  • Parapraxis

    Unrelated question, Jim & Conrad: Have you guys considered doing the Yakuza film adaptation at all?

  • Austin_sj

    2.5 hours of brilliance for my night shift tonight

  • SilentPony
    • George


    • Kev’ Bryant

      I’d feel safe in those arms!

  • THUD!

    True story:

    This was the movie I took the girl I was dating at the time for our second date. I remember both of us being terribly pissed afterward; so much so that we sat through the end credits in a complete state of shock.

    Surprisingly though, she stayed with me. Though even after twenty years, she still refuses to watch it again.

    • Raging Raving

      aww that’s nice your still together.. even after… THIS mess.

      • The Jünger Ludendorf

        Facing adversity together always strengthens the chains of love!

  • True story: one evening while I was in university, there were two movies playing in theaters that I wanted to see. So I decided to see them both. Back to back, the7 PM showing and the 9 PM showing.

    So, back to back, I watched…Alien Resurrection, immediately followed by Mortal Kombat Annihilation.

    • Anton

      Resurrection was bad, but nowhere near as gloriously awful as this. It did have its own corny charm.

      • Definitely not. It’s even a contest. But I remember walking out of Alien Resurrection thinking, “Christ, that was bad. Well, at least it can’t get any worse from here.”

        I was wrong. I was SO wrong.

        • Anton

          Yes you were wrong, they hadn’t made Prometheus yet *rimshot*

    • Kev’ Bryant

      What a charmed life you lead!

  • Oh, yeah, when I saw Get Out, it would have been amazing with more than the few people in the matinee. I mean, it’s a great movie and really good but if there were more people? So much better. Hearing just the few people gasp and even yelling at the screen was good as it was. Get Out is a movie that during your first viewing is definitely enhanced with a packed theater.

    • Anton

      I had an, ahem, “interesting” experience with that. When I went, the theater was packed, and the entire row behind me was filled by a group of rowdy black chicks that provided commentary the whole time and yelled during the “scary” parts. And I’m talking about about super stereotypical shit like “oh no don’t go in there!” and “aww heeeeellll naaawww!”. It was funny at first, but I got progressively more annoyed as the film went on. Past the hour mark, I couldn’t even focus on the movie, and all I wanted to do was to stand up and tell them all to shut the fuck up. Of course, I’m a white guy, so in the context of things that would probably not have looked good. At all.

      So, it was a movie about white racists…. that made kinda me feel like doing something that would have made me look like a white racist. Some ultra-meta next-level immersion right there.

      Great film, though, would love to see it again by myself.

  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    Loved how it just abruptly ended.

  • Rickard Pettersson

    It truly is a glorious piece of filmmaking, it just doesn’t stop giving. Even after the 85 or so minutes running time it sneaks in more than 11 minutes of credits, at least three location teams worth of, and of course all the teams have a lot of delightful titles, personal favorite: prop buyer. And the inexplicateness of it never ends, getting Rammstein’s Engel in 1997 must be seen as quite the get, and where does the geniouses of filmmaking that are the Mortal Kombat: Annihilation crew place said piece of music… starting 8 minutes into the credits, glorious.

  • Jack Trevor

    So is ConradZimmermanDotCom gonna be a thing now?

    Because those gifs were pretty great.

  • Nemesis_Hunter

    I’m ready, this will be an interesting drive to and from work tomorrow

  • George

    This is one of the funniest episodes! So many memories. I think i was 12 when I saw this and I just thought it was so confusing but I loved seeing all the characters.

    Brian Thompson as Shao Khan was a delight. He was in first Episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  • Oliver Mendes

    That tatoo… I’ve seen it before… on two Movie Boys… they both tried to kill me!

  • Maddy

    I’m barely 2 minutes in and I’m already contorted from laughter XD

  • I have to say it since you were praising his work; Robin Shou (Liu Kang) was also credited as the fight choreographer.
    Again, where did the budget go?

    • Chris Schwartz-Brown

      I am baffled by that budget, I had always assumed that this one was as…interesting as it is because the budget had been slashed to hell after the first one. Maybe that terrible, terrible CG was way more expensive than we give it credit for at the time? Either that or this was some kind of The Producers style scheme to make as bad and as cheap a movie as possible and steal the rest of the budget somehow.

      • Wellsy487

        I think at the time people thought the CGI looked good.

        • Chris Schwartz-Brown

          I remember 1997, and I don’t think we did.

  • Nitrium

    Shit I decided to watch The Room that Jim mentioned in this Podcast, and holy fucking shit! Starring, produced, written and directed by Tommy Wiseau, with just about the weirdest super bad and sleazy (borderline creepy) acting I’ve ever seen outside of porn.

    • Chris Schwartz-Brown

      Seriously? I mean I get that it’s not a universal appeal, but ‘so bad it’s good’ isn’t something that’s limited to Jim. I love the Room precisely because it is so painfully awful in so many hilarious ways. It’s a fascinating train wreck.

      But at least you rated it as being objectively exactly the same as Yooka-Laylee

    • drownedsummer

      I’m curious how many people know that Jim has kind of interviewed Wiseau? Wiseau had a show related to gaming on Machinima a few years back. Holmes and Jim interviewed him about this show where if I recall Wiseau comes across as someone who barely knew anything about games in general. It was a pre-recorded interview which featured in an episode of Podtoid. They discuss the first episode of his show in a later Podtoid. Which as it is only ten episodes either suggests it was only contracted for a few episodes or quickly fell apart. As Wiseau mentioned rather ambitious and lofty ideas for it I’m suspecting the latter. Annoyingly I can’t remember the episode number and podbay is not loading currently.

      • J Resurrección

        It’s Podtoid 168 I believe.

  • Veya

    To this movie’s(and the games’) credit, japanese war fans are a real thing, they served for two purposes, they were given to soldiers so that they could use the fans to cool themselves off from marching, and they were a weapon on their own to make sure the soldiers always had a weapon at hand in case of an ambush, and to serve as holdout weapons for Samurai in places that weapons weren’t allowed, if a tanto were to be found it would be easily identifiable as a weapon, but even if the fans were found, the Samurai can just claim it’s to be used when it is warm, the best way to think of them is as a multi-purpose tipless dagger with a really wide blade.

    By its own nature, it is a secondary/holdout weapon, not something you’d base your entire fighting style on, but it is still a valid weapon and you COULD develop a fighting style based on wielding them, I would say gets an 8/10 for realism, it is a real weapon, but there is no fighting style revolved on wielding them, at the same time, there is nothing stopping anyone who is already a talented martial artist to develop a fighting style revolving around them, there is no reason they would as there are other existing fighting styles with more practical weapons, but as a cool factor/passion project reason, it falls on a “could happen, why not” area.

  • Bill Best

    So, who else watched the boot that was zoomed way in?

  • Aleks Storlid

    I loved the episode! But again, I really, really hope you guys stop peppering in the politics. I agree with you guys but I’m trying to relax to your podcast and hearing more politics really dismays me. I just want to have fun with your podcasts. Put the politics in their own section if you want to talk about them a lot.

    • Chris Schwartz-Brown

      When the world stops being terrible, maybe they’ll stop making jokes about it. Anyone who is surprised by Jim and Conrad making political jokes at this point isn’t paying attention.

      • Aleks Storlid

        Surprised? Not the slightest. 1, The world will never stop being terrible. 2. I’m not throwing shade, it’s their podcast.

    • John Hagg

      I’d prefer more politics myself.. along with a healthy dose of religion!

      • Chris Schwartz-Brown

        I’d say so long as every episode Jim reminds us that abortion should be legal because he hates babies things will be great.

    • ConradZimmerman

      “I had thought – I had been told – that a ‘funny’ thing is a thing of a goodness. It isn’t. Not ever is it funny to the person it happens to. Like that sheriff without his pants. The goodness is in the laughing itself. I grok it is a bravery … and a sharing … against pain and sorrow and defeat.” – Valentine Michael Smith

      • John Hagg

        “A desire not to butt into other people’s business is at least eighty percent of all human wisdom.”

  • Barry Evans

    For the love of christmas Jim – please do a review of BloodSurf or Double Dragon the movie. I thought these movies were awful even when i was a kid

    • ConradZimmerman

      We did Double Dragon almost a year ago now.

      • Barry Evans

        Brilliant! thanks for letting me know Conrad, I must have missed that one! But yeh – BloodSurf – you wont be disappointed……….actually you will its bloody awful!

    • George

      Jim has an archive on the site. 🙂

      • Barry Evans

        thanks George

  • Wellsy487

    This looks like it’s gonna be a good podcast. Almost reaching Pixels length.

  • TheGreenGarden is Slipstream

    I’m likely way to late for the party for this but here is an interesting bit of info. Jim and Conrad at the end point out their was no real sequel hook at the end, well there actually was supposed to be originally.

    In a deleted scene before the big final fight, there was a scene where Shinnok went to the Neatherrealm to give Quan Chi his amulet just in case anything went wrong.

    Now think about, Shinnok returns as a fallen Elder God, Quan Chi as his “loyal” henchmen, Raiden now a Elder God, They were clearly wanting to do Mortal Kombat 4’s plotline after this film and I’ve always wondered why that scene got cut out.

  • Camilo Fernández

    Jim, I am INFINITELY disappointed. How is it that this episode isn’t tagged

    “Wait a minute; that tattoo… I’ve seen it before; on a robot and a woman. They both tried to kill me.”

  • drownedsummer

    Conrad’s description of James Remar as the guy you hire if you can’t get Lance Henrikson does describe his appearance in Vs/All Superheroes Must Die. Remar also played Ajax in The Warrior’s which in hindsight sounds like a character out of Mortal Kombat.

  • Appretaur

    Watching James Stanton on Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997) is like watching James Rolfe on Hong Kong 97.

  • Jabberlove

    This is a surprisingly fun movie. I’m actually enjoying it.

  • Gregory McIntyre

    A. the centurion pig. I had to pause and laugh because I know exactly who you meant.
    B. I think the weird weather is supposed to be from the world dying.

  • Darkseid200

    Sat watching it for the first time. It’s even worse than you described it.
    I can’t stop laughing.

  • Here is hilarious story in retrospect: My cousins and I first watched this movie as a rental on VHS probably a year after it came out. On the copy we watched, the tape ended mid way through Raiden telling everyone how prude he was of everyone in the final good byes after the final fight. No credits, the tape just ended and the VCR just began to rewind the tape. As far as I’m aware, this was an actual copy of the movie and not some bootleg from Blockbuster though I could be wrong. If it wasn’t a bootleg, the studio just didn’t give a shit.

  • Dan Century

    This podcast was excellent. Sounds like a good candidate for RLM’s Best of the Worst. I’m eagerly anticipating the Ratchet and Clank review.

  • Drake Warnock

    Jim. The four armed catman is Kintaro from Mortal Kombat II.

  • YoDude

    I’m honestly surprised Conrad went to a Gwar show?

    The alien cum tastes a bit like bath soap tbh.

    • ConradZimmerman

      I was a big fan, up until Hunter Jackson left Slave Pit and the music shifted into a much more hardcore metal direction. I still have a shirt covered in fake blood and the band’s signatures from the second GWAR show I attended.

      • YoDude

        I actually liked that move into the harder sound set I’ll be honest. I’ve only seen them once. They were headlining a show. I went in there knowing a bit of their stuff mostly going for the band right before them.

        They put on a fun show though. My Waster Tee still has green and red stains.

        • ConradZimmerman

          A big part of my attraction to GWAR was them being silly and experimental. I’ve never much been into metal, really.

  • Kim

    Nice to see Gavin made a cameo in this episode.

  • J Resurrección

    Should you watch the first one before seeing this one?

    • ConradZimmerman

      As Annihilation essentially invalidates the relevance of the first film within the opening minutes, not really, no.