• JP


  • goodbyejojo

    is this the one with the chun li scene?

    • JP

      Yup. One minute she’s in the shower, the next she’s kicking the shit out of Vega.

      • goodbyejojo

        only thing i remember

        • George

          She exposed her breasts for our pleasure.

          • Wayne You Nerd

            She, and Mai from Fatal Fury, are probably the only “PG-Friendly” video game characters to have done that then. We’ll never see anything like that now.

      • Arella Jardin

        Funny thing is, that’s about the only fight scene that was actually any good. Well choreographed, legitimate tension for who’ll win. The fact that Chun Li is having her clothes sliced off is only a bonus.

    • Jamesworkshop

      “Amazonian: Here group bathing facility where Amazonians shower together. With no reason be shy about revealing body.

      Fry: Hmm, what an interesting building. Let’s go inside and admire the architecture.

      Zapp: There’s nothing like a wet, soapy flying buttress!”

  • drownedsummer

    A perfect accompaniment while I have to stare at a mailbox for two hours.

  • George

    I’m been waiting for this one. I’m going to listen to it while I have morning tea. Love the show!

    …I have a feeling I’m going to be a deserting opinion though. haha

  • Apothecary

    The Bison’s voice acting. If I wasn’t his fanboy already for beating the s**t outta my friends in the game itself with him, this movie cemented that.

  • BAH!

    Ha! I’ve got a friend who makes an effort to watch/play/listen to a massive number of new things every year, and Cowboy Bebop had its turn recently. How he managed to go this long without watching it I don’t know, but that’s neither here nor there.

    Last week, he told me he was about halfway through, and he hated it.

    • drownedsummer

      I’ve still not seen it. I have seen Samurai Champloo though.

      • BAH!

        So maybe you can tell me how one manages to go so long without proper exposure to one of the best anime of all time?

        Samurai Champloo is also great.

        • drownedsummer

          Just not remembering to do so.

          • BAH!

            Set an alarm!

          • drownedsummer

            First article on Kotaku today. Cowboy Bepop is now available UK netflix.

          • BAH!

            Please, for the love of God, take the opportunity while you have it.

          • drownedsummer

            I’m house sitting next month and that will involve playing Mass Effect 2 and binging several series on Netflix & Amazon.

    • Nitrium

      Hopefully you have also seen (or on your short list to see), Steins;Gate, Code Geass, Darker than Black, Death Note, Elfen Lied, both Full Metal Alchemists, Last Exile, Monster, Tokyo Ghoul.

      • BAH!

        I only needed to see the first FMA, read some of the Death Note manga (didn’t like it), and the rest simply don’t interest me. But none of those are anywhere near as famous as Cowboy Bebop, which I first saw on Adult Swim when I was a teen. The point is not that it’s good, but that (not counting DBZ, which is utterly awful) it’s the one anime that *everyone* knows.

  • BrentD15

    Jim, if you’re “just” watching someone get beaten to death, and if you do nothing else afterwards, that is a crime. You failed to perform your civil duties by reporting crimes to police.

    Unless, if that statement was a joke.

    • BAH!

      Laws concerning such situations vary from place to place, as do laws protecting individuals from lawsuits if they attempt to help someone in distress. Can you see the problem?

      • YoDude

        That’s true. Doesn’t Muricka have no legal protections for good Samaritans? For instance I know in Canada if you injury someone while removing them from say a car wreck and it’s proven to be accidental and a “legal” response you are protected from being sued by the victim if the wreck.

        • BAH!

          As I said, it varies. Some states do, and others don’t.

  • Michael Alexander Seiler

    No mention how the Super Mario Brothers movie got a steelbook release after your podcast?

    • Lies That Bind

      I’m not saying Jim was the reason for that happening but I’m not denying the possibility.

      • drownedsummer

        I’m hoping there’s a quote on the box from Hoskins stating I went through six bottles a day to get through this.

  • Andrew Barloq

    Hoo boy, Max Payne next time? That should be a fun one, I’ll have to see it. It’s one of those video game movies I really wanted to watch but never got around to.

    SF2 sounds batshit insane, I kind of wish I had watched this as well (this is like the 3rd time I hadn’t watched the movie ahead of time, but still mighty entertaining).

    • drownedsummer

      I started watching it and honestly can’t recall why I gave up. Possibly boredom

  • What the both of you fail to understand is Martial Arts is life..nothing else needs to be said.

  • Terriosaurus Hex

    But…Martial arts really DOES solve everything. Once, I was going to fail a maths exam terribly, I martial artisted the tutor and my grade magically got better.
    Another time this tourist said he didn’t have any spare change on him for my next fix, I martial artisted him and he suddenly remembered he had extra spare change for me and a watch and a child too!
    Another time this old lady needed help crossing the street, I was in such a huge rush for my martial artisting class I didn’t have time to manually cross with her martial artisting every car away, so I just martial artisted her across the street where another of my martial artistry sparring buddy caught her mostly safetly with martial arts. Great martial collaboration that was, Geoff!

    Lastly, if those anecdotes don’t convince you, I’m sure a little martial arts over some coffee will help us come to an understanding…

  • Your chat on how you discovered and experienced Manga during the 90’s were scarily similar to mine, including the odd instant drop in interest. I too have tried to re-ignite the spark but the anime tropes seem to keep me at bay. SF2 The animated movie was a teenage favorite of mine. Loved this episode and felt genuine nostalgia during the introduction.

    • George

      Agreed! I like anime and watch a fair bit of it but…the tropes drive me nuts and I hate “fan service.” Ironically the ones that are the best are the ones the either dive straight into those tropes and never leave (Silver Spoon) or the ones that forgo them entirely (Shigurui).

  • kimiyoribaka

    I’ve heard the people use the “cultural differences” to explain a disliking of anime before, but I’m not sure I can agree with that idea. The actual sets of people I’ve met that liked and disliked anime should, if that’s what’s going on, also have cultural similarities too, but I’ve seen just the opposite. In most cases I’ve seen it seems to depend on what types of people said groups are irritated by and what types of comedy they prefer. That said, the idea of recommending entertainment to people on the internet without at least hanging out with them a couple times in person seems totally absurd to me.

    • YoDude

      I find most anime just… stupid. So much about it is just ridiculous. And not in a good way. It’s just flashy and overdone and the plot is pretty sketchy a lot of the time. And the meaningless fanservice. And the generic characters.

      But that’s just me. It’s important to remember I internalized anime as being “that greasy stuff those weird kids watch” in Highschool and only through sheer force of will have I tried to ease off it and try the recommendations friends have given me.

      So yknow. Take opinion with a grain of salt.

  • George

    So maybe I won’t be as much a dissenter as I thought! lol

    I’ve watched this move 3 times including a rewatch for the show. I have to say that the pointlessness of a lot of the scenes and characters annoyed me. That said, in and of itself, it’s not unenjoyable and the fights were cool especially the Vega & Chun-le one.


    I started to hate the movie when I remembered a lot of the other films and TV that had been made and or released at around the same time or even earlier. Examples like Akira, Ninja Scroll, Ghost in the Shell, Macros Plus..ect. It made it much harder to forgive the problems with Street Fighter.

    • GloatingSwine

      Let’s be honest here, most of the characters are in the film to be in the film. Whoever your favourite character is they’re going to be on screen, not completely off model, and are going to use their signature moves. Job done.

  • BeigePaladin

    to be fair to the martial arts plan, street fighter is a series where being good at martial arts lets you shoot fireballs from your hands, take machinegun fire to the face, and, in cases like Akuma, blow up mountains and sink countries

    I mean, if he tried it in our world it’d fail epicly, but he lives in a rediclousnouss enough world for it to work 😀 it’s like a superhero verse with less interesting costumes

    • Kev’ Bryant

      I’d pay good money to see Batman with Guile’s hair.

  • MeriwetherMalodor

    The echo is because Jim recorded it in his gigantic palace.

  • sillyskeleton

    Before I watch this I’ll just throw out a “Fuck You” in advance for nitpicking one of my favourite childhood movies.

  • Daniel F.

    I watched this for the first time along with the podcast and you really hit the nail on the head for me. Nothing about it was bad, the animation was great and I can’t imagine anything else I would ant in a Street Fighter Movie.

    But…. given the option I would still rather watch the live action version. It was dumber, but still more memorable (even if it’s for the wrong reasons).
    My biggest disappointment was Bison himself. His design was spot on and I liked his voice actor, but he had NO memorable lines.
    Like you guys said: I don’t mind that I saw it but I won’t make a point to see it again

  • Nitrium

    This is I think the first of the Movie Boys where I hadn’t already seen the film. I guess I should watch this one now, since I am a sad, sad completionist.

    • The Outsider

      The whole thing has been uploaded to Youtube lol.

  • Wellsy487

    Martial Arts vs Firearms. Lol

  • Paperfiasco

    This has to be first time i cannot agree with the ending statements. Even with Prince of Persia, a movie i genuinely enjoyed; I still agreed with the overall sentiment.

    In this case, I’m the opposite; I absolutely can’t stand to ever watch the live-action adaptation again. Maybe it is because i’m more of a hardcore fan of the series despite not being especially good at the games? I give my respects to Raul Julia, but that take on teh series just gets me pissed off, and i’m glad to never have to watch it again. This film though? i’ve rewatched this multiple times and don’t tire of it, yea – it doesn’t go above and beyond but precisely because it’s not godawful, I enjoy it more. And now that there’s a blu-ray available, even better.

  • Jecht342 .

    It was nice to hear other people who agree with me about anime. I just can’t get into it. I love Fullmetal Alchemist, but every other series I’ve been either completely indifferent to or I’ve actively disliked it. I’ve tried to get into the genre a lot, and I just can’t.

  • Ian M.

    “Conrad has somewhere to be so we can’t go too long”
    *is as long as the movie*
    I love this podcast.

  • drownedsummer

    If the lack of trivia continues I’ll have to listen to these with a friend hiding in another room armed with a klaxon and random, quite possibly barely related facts about the film in question.

    • InfamousDS

      I’ve been waiting for the IMFDB to make a reappearance since they promised it would be a recurring feature.

      They have not yet implemented it.

      • drownedsummer

        They might be hampered if they start covering more of the Pokemon films.

  • twigcollins

    I’m so glad Conrad mentioned Perfect Blue. Satoshi Kon was a genius. All of his movies were pure art.

  • Daryl Ward

    You need to watch the version with swearing in, because it’s hilarious and was one of the reasons why I got grounded for watching it when I was young.

  • ENAY


  • Saw this one a couple of times, but count me as one of those people who prefer the Van Damme movie.