You’ll Be Thrilled By These Thrilling For Honor Screenshots That Thrillingly Showcase The Thrills Of For Honor

Ubisoft released the highly anticipated For Honor on Saint Valentine’s Day Twenty Seven Teen, and in just over 24 hours it has cemented its place as one of the most enthralling, absorbing videogame experiences in videogame experience history.

With its clashing swords and unflinching portrayal of a world at war, For Honor is a game for which words can only provide scant context. To really appreciate how visceral this game is you have to see it, and that’s why we’re here – to take a visceral look at Ubisoft’s latest masterpiece and revel in some high quality screen captures that promise a world of entertainment.

Here, in full color, I give you the incredible For Honor experience!

One thing that immediately jumps at the player when they begin enjoying For Honor is how blinkin’ immersive it is. Though it takes place in a fantasy world of anachronistic warriors, Ubisoft has still worked diligently to make For Honor as authentic an experience as possible.

I’m sure we can all recall learning about great historical conflicts – The War of the Roses, the Hundred Years’ War, Japan’s Sengoku Period – and how often the poor soldiery dealt with network connection recovery during some of their most desperate clashes.

As a keen history student, I’ve long imagined what it must have been like at Agincourt, staring down the numerically superior French army but inspired by my king to take up arms and… wait.

Please wait.

“Cry havoc,” declares Mark Antony in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, “and please wait while I recover the network connection!”

I’m really thrilled looking at these images. This is due to how thrilling they are.

For Honor is so good.

Part of what makes For Honor such a tense game is that you never know if the match you’re playing is a huge, demoralizing waste of time. It’s sure wracks my nerves to worry about getting a random error in a match and losing any of the progress I’ve been working toward, missing out on loot and currency in a game that’s already making the acquisition of such things quite a grind.

Few games are as bold as For Honor to create a multiplayer game in 2017 that uses unreliable P2P connections and frequently boots players out of a match with nothing to show for their efforts.

For Honor‘s main menu is packed with engaging information and a wealth of options, so visiting it frequently against my will is always a treat.

thrilling treat.

The sheer variety of For Honor‘s errors is impressive. Most games fuck up in a single specific way if they’re going to, but there are all sorts of options to choose from when one is trying to decide how best to not play For Honor.

Here, the match ended because not enough players were present. That seems weird for a game with a huge amount of hype that launched only yesterday, but even in match types reporting “high activity,” For Honor valiantly struggles to fill a team up.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of people actually playing it. For Honor just doesn’t seem to know that, and I think it’s awesome.

Should we be seeing half a team comprised of bots in such a high profile multiplayer game? No, but that’s just how For Honor rolls. It’s unconventional, like a razorwire suppository.

You’ll see a lot of vaguely defined blue and orange fellas showing up on the pre-game screen, because For Honor bucks trends and takes us away from traditional, boring old multiplayer games with its traditional, boring multiples of players.

It’s not all fun, though. Sometimes you have to actually play the game.

Here I am playing For Honor. I’m running away from 75% of the enemy team who are all chasing me.

Because that’s how For Honor is played.

Thrilling. As. Fuck.

  • Indymonster

    Look like so much fun. And it seems like you can barely hide your excitement for this thrilling hyped up game.

  • CyanManta

    But the most crucial question remains: is the gunshot sound effect any good?

  • Thomas Davidge

    It’s like Dead By Daylight. Fun when you actually get to play it. Dominion is by far the worst. It seems to be a more fun game in the smaller game modes. The actual combat system can be excellent. With fighting game type skill scaling and move sets. The actual game they’ve built around the fighting system is pretty weak sauce though. Maybe it’ll be good in 1 year when you can get the game and all the DLC for 14.99 on the PS Store.

  • TheGonzoMD .

    Well… it has bots, that’s genuinely cool!

  • Ahiroth

    Uhh the tea is boiling HOT.

  • Varghund

    Yes, I also had as much fun as you Jim. The game was tied until disconnection error. I killed four. I blame the sore losers for that.

  • Duncan Parker Newton-Gaines

    Honestly, I kinda just want to go play Chivalry again.

  • Michael Alexander Seiler

    So there wasn’t a single player campaign after all.

    • Andreas Dellrud

      There is.

      • Michael Alexander Seiler

        So its that bad and forgettabke tgat no one I see talk abou For Honor mention it?

        • Γιώργος Δράκος

          No, it’s not you probably haven’t been searching enough

  • spigelwii

    Can’t wait for your review on this one, Jim.

  • artisticMink

    Played the beta for qutie a while. 1v1 and 2v2 where quite a bit of fun.

    But i already felt kinda full after just a few hours – and that was without the peer to peer problematic as it wasn’t that prominent in the beta (or rather the demo).

    The game overall felt like a fun but niche core concept that got artifically inflated to be this big thing.

  • Alexi Mikhailov

    What gets me is that they weren’t even competent enough to code in a simple god damned team balancing algorithm. If there are six players available it should be pretty simple to make sure that there are 3 real players per team. I mean holy hell Ubisoft…

    • InfamousDS

      Lest we forget, all the major platforms have “party systems” now. And Ubisoft can’t override the platform’s “friends stay together, fuck you everyone else”!

  • Altoryu

    I can hear it in the distance so let’s say it altogether now

    1, 2, 3…

    Oh Ubisoft!

  • Johnny Precog

    Ubisoft reluctantly said they’d use a peer-to-peer system a few months ago. Even back then people were certain that this alone would turn off a lot of players and smother any competitive multiplayer scene in its crib.
    Having played the beta, I’m certain this lightweight wouldn’t have enough content or variety to draw in enough players long-term anyway.
    It’s just another slick, by the numbers AAA fast food product.

  • Oh, man. I have a friend who was super hype for this game. I hope they’re at least having fun with it. :/

    I mean, it’s a Ubisoft game, yeah? They know it, I know it, but ya kinda hope it’ll turn out good for the people who wanna play it anyway. Ya kinda hope that games turn out good, even if you’re not personally interested in it.

  • Sixty fucking dollars, though.

  • SilentPony

    I wonder if that ‘lot of sarcasm’ tag is itself sarcastic, and there’s actually very little sarcasm.
    In which case that tag itself is even more sarcastic, and the thrilling For Honor might be retroactively thrillingly sarcastic.

    …my head hurts.

  • galactix100

    Is this why Ubisoft keep churning out formulaic open world games? Or have they just been doing that for so long that they’ve forgotten how to do anything else?

    • diamond

      I like most of their open world games aside from the AC series, they also know how to do third-person shooters pretty well as evidence by the Splinter Cell series.

      • galactix100

        AC’s the only one that breaks the formula in any way, the rest are largely the same beyond the setting/gimmick. The fact that they haven’t made another SC since shows that they’ve pretty much jacked it in for anything they can’t adapt to their open world formula, hell they’ve managed to add Ghost Recon to the sludge. The only exception seems to be RB6 which I’m sure they’ll either dump or adapt once they get bored of Siege.

        • diamond

          Strongly disagree there, the Far Cry and the Watch Dogs feel very different to me even if they some similar mechanics. I hear they actually are working on another SC game right now and Michael Ironside is set to return.

          It’s not “sludge” at all, i’m really fucking excited for Wildlands, I think it looks fucking awesome.

          I hope we get a better R6 game that has an actual fucking campaign next time.

          • galactix100

            Your complaints about AC can be applied to every Ubisoft open world game. Watch Dogs entire hacking premise is pointless, apart from arbitrarily locked doors that need to be hacked it’s just a gimmick. A cluttered map filled with inconsequential map markers. Pointless stealth mechanics that don’t matter because it’s easier to just kill everyone. Dull narratives. Other than Ezio, Edward Kenway, Vaas and Pagan Min they’ve not had a single good character, 4 good characters across what could be 10 or 10 million games (they’re so homogeneous that I’ve lost count). As for SC the only stuff being talked about there is a film with Tom Hardy that may or may not happen, nowt about a game.

          • diamond

            Not really no, Far Cry series never added a pointless mechanic with a forced tutorial that you never actually had to use once unlike Revelations. Also I have big problems with the narrative of the AC series which does not apply to any other of Ubisoft’s games(the whole idea that you are playing someone reliving virtual memories means there’s a big disconnect between you and the main character).

            Hacking is not “pointless” that’s completely fucking nonsensical and asinine(I should point out BTW that Watch Dogs was actually originally going to be a sequel to Driver San Francisco)

            The Stealth mechanics actually do matter quite a bit, there were plenty of times when I found it easier to be sneaky.

            I didn’t find any of the Far Cry games “dull” at all, I think you are crazy there, I found those stories all very compelling and thought they had plenty of good characters besides the ones you mentioned(I personally found Ezio and Edward to be about as interesting as a plank of wood).

          • Chris Schwartz-Brown

            Far Cry 3 and 4 both make you spend hours and hours doing basically tutorial missions before you can unlock much of the gameplay and most of your skill tree. I enjoyed Far Cry 4, but you couldn’t even use half the skills until 20+ hours into it.

  • Sai

    In the later days of the open beta I was running into players that were actually trying to keep fights 1v1. Not so much in the 4v4 game types, but more so in the 2v2 formats. I specifically remember getting reprimanded by my teammate for interfering in his fight after resolving my own. The game has the potential to build up an interesting community that, with a little guiding from the daily achievements, could come up with its own code of combat conduct. I hope the single player campaign was implemented well enough to keep players interested in the game while the network issues are sorted out.

  • Mewshuji

    Ah yes, I remember this from the closed beta. Disconnections and lobbies that don’t refill after people leave.

    Unlike you though, I had loads of fun running from the entire enemy team as I could do nothing to revive my teammates nor fight back. Such a lovely game! :’)


  • CaitSeith

    Jim Sterling is LEGENDARY! – Ubisoft

    • Chris


  • DaTruth

    I remember the beta was a giant indicator of how the MP of For Honor was going to play out; Laggy as shit, 1 vs everyone else bashes, along with piss poorly P2P network connectivity. No one fights one on one they just run away till they find a group and then it’s always a gang spank and even then if its two on two once your partner goes down your dead, sigh I had hopes for this games melee and then it turned out to be a over inflated game around one interesting thing I like the melee, but honestly I like the game maybe 30% of the time I’m playing the rest of the time its me trying to get back to the fun part while dealing with the rest of the game that I don’t like.

    Sigh why can’t devs make a melee system for third person online games that isn’t dumbed down trash… *cough cough Behaviour Interactive I’m looking at you*

    I called it then that this was another War of the Roses in the making… alot of hype for the combat system, but then once people play it for a day they get sick of the random DC’s, lag, or unbalanced teams… it’s 2017 and I’m still waiting for Mount and Blade 2 so I can enjoy melee combat in an online game that isn’t over-hyped trash…

  • Anton

    I really want to be hyped for this game, for multiple reasons. First, it’s probably the most unique/risky venture taken by Ubisoft recently, and shitting on it feels like a fast track to them dropping the whole thing and going back to making Assassins Creed games. Secondly, this seems like it should be right up my alley – I can roleplay a crusading knight in a game with weighty, skilled combat, what’s not to love?

    … a lot, apparently. The connection issues (in a game that must always be online!), the fact that this is a full priced game with a 40-buck season pass AND P2W microtransactions, and the fact that any mode that’s not 1v1 duel seems pretty uninteresting right now. I really hope they improve and refine this game so that it’s a better product a year from now.

    • diamond

      Is it really that unique though? To me this looks Ubisoft attempting to do it’s own version of Chivalry: Medival Warfare

      • Anton

        It’s unique for Ubisoft.

        • diamond

          That’s kind of sad, Looks like they’re also trying to make their own version of SSX with Steep.

          • Anton

            …and that should be applauded, even if they fail. They’re breathing life into a woefully ignored genre.

          • diamond

            I’ll applaud them for Wildlands(Which looks awesome) and also if they make an R6 game with an actual fucking campaign next.

      • ATBro

        It’s definitely unique. The isn’t much in the way of really technical combat sims out there. While the general set up is similar Chivalry, they don’t play at all the same. Besides Chivalry being a fucking disaster area of messy gameplay, the viewpoint makes it an entirely different thing.

        • Anton

          I generally agree with your point, though I wouldn’t call FH a “sim”. It is a surprisingly deep game of rock-paper-scissors, though.

        • diamond

          there’s also War of the Roses.

      • Chris Schwartz-Brown

        Just because you don’t like the game that you’ve never played doesn’t mean it can’t have good or unique features. The fighting is actually really interesting from what I saw in the beta. Not my cup of tea, since I’m not much of a fighting game person and it had a lot of that kind of feel to it, but it felt nothing at all like Chivalry.

    • Andrzej Sugier

      I share your sentiment completely. Until I opened this articled I was really pumped for this title, but severe connection issues and F2P mechanics in a full priced release are too big hindrances for me to even consider buying it now…And it feels even worse than it should.

  • Chris

    I wish more games had bots for their multiplayer mods… but you know… FOR OFFLINE PLAY! Jesus…

    • Anton

      I would generally agree, but fighting games – and this is essentially a fighting game – almost never have interesting bot opponents.

      • Mitchell

        Eh, I played against AI in the beta at first. The first thing I noticed about humans when I switched to fighting them? All they do is run away. Ugh. At least the AI faces off against you. Playing tag is not what I expected For Honor to be all about.

        • ATBro

          That definitely sucks, but it’s still early days and general-best-playing-tactics will shift as time goes along. Remember when everyone complained how cheesy Bastion was, for like 2 weeks last year?

          • Anton

            I feel like exploits, poor sportsmanship and cheap behavior generally get worse in these kinds of games. At the same time, the “just having fun” players filter out after a few weeks, and the game is left with the overcompetitive tryhards. If the game isn’t fun now, there is a good chance it’ll be downright miserable in two months.

          • diamond

            not really no, that game was critically acclaimed straight out of the gate.

  • bimmyz

    when i was playing the beta, my brother walked in and said “hmm, its reminds me of those crazy chinese games” (referencing Dynasty Warriors) and i said, yeah, but not as fun to play.

    • Γιώργος Δράκος

      Fun is subjective, the thing with For Honor is that it is a lot more complex than DW which are just button mashing games

      • diamond

        Don’t let Jim hear you say that, he loves that franchise.

        • Chris Schwartz-Brown

          Yeah, but unlike you Jim tolerates people with different opinions than his.

          • diamond

            I do tolerate other opinions you dumbass

          • InfamousDS

            Your posting history and choice of language disagrees with your statement.

          • diamond

            You are dead wrong, I don’t care if someone actually likes the Twilight films or not.

          • InfamousDS

            I had to re-read the discussion, as you made me do a legitimate double take. Well-played, diamond. Well-played. Upvote for that.

          • ATBro

            He also knows that it is a button mashing game and that that isn’t an objectively bad thing.

          • Chris Schwartz-Brown

            Indeed, it’s almost like opinions on games aren’t objective and we each have our own tastes. What a novel idea!

  • Anton

    Jim, your sarcasm here is a total disservice to Ubisoft’s Iconic Connection Problems. It’s their most widely recognized feature.

  • goodbyejojo

    unstable network connection and servers? its not a bug, its a feature, a iconic feature.

    • Boris Drumev

      It is also in the process of being iconically metabombed! PC release sits at a cozy 68… for now.

  • Benj

    For Honor trully is a non-stop thrill ri

    • Benj


      • K.C.

        Seems like someone needed to recover their network connection. 😛

  • Oxycominum

    You may not run away with honor but with grace. Maybe you can escape until a time-out hits and then nobody wins (which is steill better than giving it to the enemy of course. That’s very honorable btw).

  • raphsere

    Why are you always pursued? I very rarely get pursued in… wait… are you MAINLY playing in Dominion?

    Dear god, Jim.

    • Linda Sofia Hartlén

      Because who wouldn’t chase after Jim Fucking Sterling, Son? To see that sweet ass in front of me would be enough for me to lose all my inhibition and just dash after hoping to get a taste.

      • raphsere

        I don’t share that peculiar predicament, madam, but I certainly understand, and I sympathize with you.

  • K.C.

    Aw crap, I was really looking forward to this.
    Now I have to wait until they roll out a new update which probably takes 2-4 weeks (converted around 1-3 Battleborn queues).

    • Benj

      The worst thing about multiplayer games now adays is that they don’t work properly for the first month but if you wait until it’s patched you get mullered by the nutters who’ve already mastered every bloody aspect of the game.

  • HaveSomeOatmeal

    Pre-order today to receive your exclusive “Tachanka Lawbringer” skin.

  • AllWormsMustDie

    I haven’t had many connection problems on PC. Yesterday I played for a good 5 hours without dropping from a single match. I mainly play 1v1 and 2v2 though, with occasional rounds of Dominion and 4v4 to shake things up. The loot grind is totally uninteresting and pathetic so far, despite a good amount of cosmetic customization, which makes the premium elements a slap in the face. I’ve seen some people complaining about the season pass, but For Honor has a much better dlc model than other games. All heroes, modes, and maps will be free. The season pass just gives you a 7 day head start and some exclusive cosmetics and whatnot. The game itself I’m having a great time with. The combat system has a lot of depth, timing and positioning are vital, the animations are gorgeous. Takes me back to playing endless matches in Bushido Blade on the playstation with my brother.

    • Nitrium

      Did you just say “slap in the face”? ;-).

    • diamond

      Better my ass, being able to buy steel(which you need to buy more then just cosmetic stuff, it actually unlocks characters and weapons) with real money is just flat out insane.

      • AllWormsMustDie

        Yes, I agree the microtransaction model is shit. That’s why I was referring to how Ubisoft is pricing the game’s DLC model. Read my comment again.

        And as for the steel issue? After playing through the story mode and about 5 hours of PvP, I had enough Steel to purchase all of the characters, with 4500 steel left over that I threw at gear for my Orochi. For a player like me, who mainly plays 1v1 where the gear is disabled, gear is kinda irrelevant anyway. Which is why I criticized the loot system in my above post.

        • InfamousDS

          Apparently the community is already adapting around the P2W players. I just overheard my brother yell “You may have bought the skills, but you can’t buy real SKILLS!”.

  • Jiryn

    I was just going to rent this from RedBox, but all my friends talked me into buying it…
    I wonder if it’s too late for a refund

    • Jiryn

      Because Sony gave me a refund on Umbrella Corps, they will not grant one on For Honor.
      The difference, Umbrella Corp I purchased and downloaded with the promise of a “Single Player Campaign” even listed on the sales page, and there wasn’t.

      For Honor I literally purchased, and within an hour had asked for a refund, before I even downloaded it.

      • diamond

        That’s one more good reason to buy physical copies over digital(weird how Umbrella Corps only got a physical release in Japan though) i’m sure Gamestop, Target, Walmart or Best Buy would’ve had no problems with you returning the game for a refund.

        • Chris Schwartz-Brown

          Actually no, most retailers won’t return open software. Worked at both Walmart and Target and they would only exchange for the same game if you had a defective copy.

          Unless you paid extra for their scam replacement plan, same scheme GameStop uses if I recall.

          • Jiryn

            Oh I know, but in this case the physical copy wouldn’t have been opened.

            The digital copy I purchased, and never downloaded (downloading now though. Friends still want to play with me.)

            Though the physical has the advantage of being able to be traded in if it is truly shit.

          • diamond

            You are very wrong there, i’ve been able to return opened games to Gamestop on more then one occasion(so was Angry Joe).

            Gamestop does not have a “scam replacement plan” or any nonsense like that, I returned that piece of shit Metroid Prime Federation Force back to Gamestop and they gave me a full refund with no arguments whatsoever(the clerks thought the game was shit too).

          • Chris Schwartz-Brown

            I can’t speak for Gamestop, because I haven’t shopped there in years due to all their other policies. But Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and every other retailer I’ve either worked at or shopped at for games will not return open software for anything other than a same item exchange. So that’s a big advantage to buying digitally these days. That, and not having to deal with a shitty company like Gamestop.

          • Jiryn

            Depends on the Gamestop.
            Most will not take returns of opened “new” games…
            Though used have a 7 day return period.

          • diamond

            Guess my Gamestop is pretty good then.

          • CX316

            I think that mostly involves PC games nowadays, since they can’t resell those once the CD-Key has been used. Console games they can just slap a pre-owned sticker on it and make MORE money than they did originally for it.

  • Varghund

    Just want to add that the amount of dlc the game already has is quite staggering. Not to mention the painfully slow grind of steel (ingame currency) which you actually need for everything. You get 2000 steel for completing the tutorial. Then you have the tough choice of unlocking a few more characters (there’s 12 heroes, where you start with three unlocked, and they cost 500 each), waste it on random loot crates or buy 3 days of champion status. There is also a season pass because of course there is.

    But the worst of all is the fact that you can buy steel from the ingame store. That makes this game into a pay to win game. A fracking triple-A full priced pay-to-win mmo with peer-to-peer. I would understand if there was some dedicated servers they would need to keep up running, but frak that.

    I bet Jim has wet his pants over this 😉

    • Jiryn

      Yea, it is hugely micro transaction laden.

      • Γιώργος Δράκος

        you have no idea how the system works, the loot boxes you buy are bound to the character you buy them from. Also, the gear does not improve your stats the numbers stays the same all it does is modify the number. For example, you can have a sword that increases damage done but decreases the damage you can defend. It’s worse than you think my ass I’m sure you haven’t even played the damn thing

        • diamond

          Ubisoft fanboy detected! Get your mouth off their cocks already.

          • Chris Schwartz-Brown

            Because no one is ever allowed to like a game you’ve decided to hate without trying it.

            Because someone famous on the internet gave you an opinion to have and you’re going to insult anyone who has a different one!

          • diamond

            Never said that dumbfuck, if people like this game that’s fine, but nobody can seriously defend the games bullshit business model with a straight face without sounding like a fanboy.

            Goddamn you are so fucking brain-dead it’s hilarious.

          • Chris Schwartz-Brown

            So ‘fanboy’ means ‘person who disagrees with you and considers something worth their money’, got it. Do you sit around jacking off to these fanboys suffering the way you seem to for anyone who enjoys a Nintendo product you’ve prejudged and decided can’t be worth it?

          • Γιώργος Δράκος

            Hahaha, I despise ubisoft for everything they do. However For Honor does not feel like a Ubisoft game, next time you post something grab your head out of your arse first

          • diamond

            You take your head out of your ass first you stupid cocksucking piece of shit, Ubisoft’s other games are awesome fool.

          • Jiryn

            Not always a fanboy, but sometimes people can better explain certain game “features” and “systems”
            Though, I don’t know how people can defend the microtransactions.

        • DerKarton

          No me mate the gear makes you stronger, becaus it decreases stats less then it incresses others.

        • Jiryn

          Spent quite a few hours in Beta, and am in the process of downloading the game as we speak. (See previous post below)

          I corrected the fallacies I had made in my original post. It does not change the fact the game is literally laden with microtransactions, and the whole “loot box” roulette.

          It is what turned me off into getting the game until my friends talked me into buying it.

    • Anton

      That’s fucking honorable as fuck

      • Captiosus

        They may take our money but they’ll never take… OUR HONOR!


      • Jiryn

        It’s worse than you think.
        You buy “Steel” which you then use to buy Random Loot Boxes, which can have loot and armor for characters you don’t use or have not even unlocked yet.
        Same with the end of battle, you get weapons and armor for classes and characters you don’t own/play. Take the problems with Overwatch’s loot boxes, then make it so the items you earn actually affect gameplay because armor and weapons have stats and bonuses.

        • DerKarton

          This is factualy wrong, at the end of a round you gain always gear for the char you played.

          • Jiryn

            Thank you for the correction
            I swear I’ve gotten stuff not for my class (during the Beta).
            Updating the post.

          • CX316

            if that happened it was a bug. The loot drops on missions, and the crates you scavenge are both based purely off the character you currently have selected when you do that.

        • CX316

          Steel is used to either directly buy cosmetics (Emotes, Execution animations, “Mood” particle effects, helmet ornaments), skip the unlock for feats for a class (only usable in dominion and you still need to level in-match to access them), Champion Time (a small boost in XP to help you level faster), Outfits and unlock the customisation of characters other than the three vanguards (500 steel per character, but you can play with them without the unlock). Other than that you can use steel to buy scavenger crates for a single character that contain a few pieces of gear that tweak stats in Dominion (like exchanging some attack points for defense on a weapon, or lowering defense to lower stamina costs, or lowering revenge duration to increase your throw distance) which are locked to your own reputation tier so you can’t randomly get godlike high level gear from a crate unless you put in the time and level your character up to the next prestige level.

      • Jiryn
    • CX316

      You can play the game without unlocking the heroes (as in, you can use them in multiplayer without paying the 500 steel), you only need to unlock them to customise their appearance, gear for dominion, or feats for dominion.

      You also get 300 steel for every order you complete, plus smaller amounts of steel for the contract orders you complete. You get two orders per… uh… day I think? I’m not sure if it refreshes more than once a day or if the refresh time is at some weird time in my timezone because I had two separate sets of orders when I played two sessions today.

  • Sam

    Oooooh Ubisoft…

  • Jim’s mentioning of Agincourt put me in mind of the Bard…

    “2P or P2P, that is the question…”

  • Terriosaurus Hex

    Honour is found in strategic cowardice.

    I got loads of those soundbites btw, just gonna throw that out there. For a price…

  • Sperium3000

    You do know you can probably beat three players through smart use of the revenge meter, right? I mean, I get that you’re salty cuz Ubisoft didn’t give out review copies, and that’s dumb, but come on, man.

    • diamond

      No you come on, stop sucking off Ubisoft, this game should never have launched in such a terrible state, guess Ubisoft learned nothing from how terrible Rainbow Six Siege was for months.

      • Sperium3000

        Haha. You again. Ok.

        • diamond

          HAHAHAHAHA you again, ok fanboy.

          • Anton

            I can imagine a vein popping on your face as you typed that.

            Seriously bro, even if he’s wrong you gotta relax a little.

          • diamond

            Nah I was actually quite relaxed while typing that.

          • Anton

            If that’s you relaxed, I don’t think I want to see you mad.

          • diamond

            Indeed you don’t, you want to see me mad? Look at my entry on TV Tropes Dethroning Moment of Suck page for Video Games.

          • Chris Schwartz-Brown

            No one believes you aren’t sitting there screaming and ranting at your monitor about all these ‘fanboys’ who you love to see suffer and love to insult and call homophobic slurs.

    • Anton

      I dunno man, I have heard a ton of complaints that 4v4 matches are plagued by people using outnumbering tactics to score cheap points. Very….dishonorable, you could say.

      • InfamousDS

        You would be correct. In the Open Beta, my brother (I don’t have any shits to give about Ubisoft these days) played the 2 1H+Shield classes that were available almost exclusively. He would turn matches around by himself using Revenge while the rest of his HARDCORE Elder Scrolls Online PvP guild was getting their asses kicked (I cap for emphasis because they used to spend up to 12 hrs a day on PvP before this launched). He was routinely the number 1 or number 2 player in every game.

        After release, he has spent more time being thrown off cliffs, chasing people, and having his Revenge/Universal Block combo broken by unblockable attacks (conveniently available for purchase!) than he has actually playing. I have never seen him get above the 4th place spot on his team, and he routinely has the lowest scores now.

      • Sperium3000

        I mean, Domion didn’t really have that in the beta because forming a 4 people death squad also means you’re only in one place killing one person while the opponents are going around taking the points. Plus respawning is super fast so if you can hold 4 people for 20 seconds or so, then you’re doing work.

        I did hear Elimination is fucked, though.

        • CX316

          That would explain why I couldn’t get an elimination match earlier when all my optional orders were for elimination matches… at least Dominion, Duels and Brawls I can get matches no problems.

  • sillyskeleton

    I see my experience of the open beta was indeed representative of the final product.

    Too cheap to buy dedicated servers, but more than happy to offer microtransactions on top of their already $60 product. Why should we bother with such a shameless product, honestly?

  • Γιώργος Δράκος

    That’s what you get for playing on a peasant playstation, I’ve been playing for 9 straight hours on the pc and never had one problem with the connection

    • diamond
    • DerKarton

      I played for 8h on a pc and spend over 3h of it disconecting or searching for a game. This game is great if it works but most of the time it is not.

    • ATBro

      That sounds awful.

    • diamond

      Oh great a PC elitist, fuck off.

      • Jiryn

        Thank you.

    • Jiryn

      Supposedly the game is cross platform?

      • Γιώργος Δράκος

        No, it’s not

      • CX316

        sort of. The campaign map is cross-platform, so all platforms compete for the faction war, however the actual matches are only against your own platform.

  • diamond

    Wow this game looks like a steaming pile of dogshit, won’t be surprised if it ends up being on Jim’s shittiest games of 2017 list.

    • galactix100

      The game itself looks pretty good, just a shame ubi wanted it always on and have a shite system in place.

      • diamond

        I think it looks very boring and repetitive personally.

        • ATBro

          Just about every game is repetitive.

          • diamond

            That’s a lazy excuse, this game looked repetitive in a bad way, in an “I can’t imagine myself playing this for more then five minutes without falling into a coma” kind of way.

          • Chris Schwartz-Brown

            And that means absolutely no one can enjoy a game!

          • CX316

            It’s a fighting game. It plays like a fighting game with more freedom of movement. Do you find games like Mortal Kombat to be repetitive?

          • diamond

            Not really big on fighting games in general, though For Honor looks more like Chivalry or War of the Roses then it does like MK.

        • galactix100

          Good for you. I was merely offering a different perspective.

    • CX316

      1. There’s no pay to win, so fuck off with that.
      2. Unless they literally leave the matchmaking in the shoddy state it’s in at launch, there’s no way this game will end up on the shittest games list.

      • diamond

        No you fuck off cocksucker.

  • NacMacFeegle

    I got fed up with the beta due to these bugs, doesn’t sound like they fixed them for launch!

    • CX316

      to be fair, the beta that was meant to be a server stress test ended 2 days before the game launched.

  • Appretaur

    I haven’t seen Jim comment yet on Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s announced $20 season pass. Is his Nintendo news feed suffering similar connection issues?

  • Jason

    Classic Ubisoft, and if R6 Siege is any indication, there will be DLC clown masks for the knights before the servers are fixed.

  • Fallen Prime

    I miss the days when a game would work the day it launched.

  • Jacob

    I’m managing to have an alright time with this game despite it being made by Ubisoft and having mircotransactions.

  • I really, really like the look of the game, so the crap connection problems make me sad.

  • Polishfury5000

    A shame it’s plagued with those iconic Ubisoft launch bugs. It’s not my cup of tea, but it sucks for those looking forward to it.

    There’ll always be Chivalry to fall back on, and the bigger, more chaotic battles are more my jam. The actual game play seems solid enough, so I could see myself grabbing this for dirt cheap next year for the campaign.

    • Demonbane775

      Don’t, the campaign is just random bots plonked in random places on random multiplayer maps with a really bored-sounding woman narrating over the campaign map serving as some sort of excuse for a “Story”.

      • diamond

        Wow that sounds about as lame as the campaign for Evolve.

      • Polishfury5000

        I liked the game mechanics enough from the beta, so dropping $10 once it hits bargain bin to mess around against bots will be a fun weekend distraction.

        Especially if there’s a bunch of said bots on each map.
        I’m not keen on smaller 1v1/2v2/4v4 MP, so bigger battles, even with bots, has some appeal to me.

  • Drake Warnock

    What even is the context of this game? Like why are these people fighting?

    • Lies That Bind

      For honor!

    • Nitrium


    • InfamousDS

      The campaign sheds some light, if what I overheard in the next room was remembered correctly.

      The Knights are defending their homeland from invaders.
      The Vikings did viking things and came back several hundred years later to reclaim the land they seemingly abandoned.
      The Samurai followed the Vikings for revenge and decided they like the land, so they want it for themselves.

      All of the above could be completely wrong, I was busy fighting Tyl Regor on Warframe.

    • CX316

      Check out the cinematic trailer for the main gist of it. Basically some massive cataclysm happens and destroys a large portion of the world. Fights break out over remaining natural resources (shown in the trailer as them fighting over a spring of fresh water) which then leads to a millennia of fighting to the point where now the main reason they fight is “we’ve always fought”. And if things ever get too peaceful, someone stirs things up to get the fight going again.

  • Thom

    Was surprised at how intricate the story was: “What if knights and vikings and uh samurai they’re all like brarag! And then the knights are like Hhraarrag! Glory! and the vikings are like hrurrbrr AXE and then bruush! Bram! and then samurai like Ahhh arruuuugh”

    Hey, Night in the Woods is out next week.

  • ENAY

    Is it Unisoft iconin though?

  • velt

    60usd for a mp only game…

    • Nitrium

      I think it does have single player campaigns for all the different character classes(?).

      • Anton

        They’re essentially hollow MP tutorials.

        • Kev’ Bryant

          Yeah. It should be against trading standards to call these campaigns.

          • Γιώργος Δράκος

            It’s not hollow MP tutorials, it’s a full fledges single player campaign

        • CX316

          It has a storyline, “boss” fights and voice acting. What more do you want from a game that’s built around that style of combat?

  • ATBro

    Has this been marketed at all before mid-week last week? I only remember seeing anything from it at the PS4 Pro announcement, and a quick mention here or there. Nothing that made it seem like a marquee release.

    • diamond

      It was hyped pretty big at E3 last year, but then people kind of forgot about it until recently.

      • ATBro

        I guess I’d be one of those.

        • Gorantharon

          For people watching Twitch almost every half way popular gaming streamer was part of a promotion campaign in the last week.

    • Viking Mana

      The released some vague stuff at E3, and then they pretty much relied on word-of-mouth and the Souls-crowd. Ironically, this couldn’t be much further from a dedicated Souls-like PvP experience. 😛

    • Kev’ Bryant

      There was quite a lot of hype on PC. Glad I’ve not gone in on this one!

    • CX316

      They had a playable demo of it at E3 2015, with a presentation that a lot of people considered the highlight of the ubisoft presentation at the event because the guy they had presenting the game was rather… eccentric.

      They then had some more stuff about it and opened the signup for the betas at E3 2016. No idea why it took 18 months to go from playable demo (though the footage looked like it was stuck in Realist mode, since the demo they showed them playing on stage had no HUD) to full release, since the level they had running at E3 looked pretty polished.

  • ATBro

    Looking at this game, I’m having a hard time really hating on this game right now. Blah blah blah it’s got technical issues at launch, just like every game with a heavy online component does at launch. It will get ironed out, hopefully sooner rather than later, and it will find it’s audience. It sucks, but I’m passed being pissed-off about something that is just not really realistic to expect. These things are really difficult to make. Don’t underestimate that.

    I’m glad that they are at least taking risks and doing new things, though. This is a nice break from their staid, open-world formula that they have been cranking on for years.

    • diamond

      no not every game with an online component does this., that’s a lame-ass excuse, games should not be launching in this poor of a state, you’re only enabling shitty practices by blindly defending this shit.

      It’s very realistic to expect a game with a heavy online focus to not be a broken piece of shit on launch.

      I like their open-world formula, at least those games(aside from Unity) weren’t broken pieces of shit on day one.

      They’re not exactly taking a risk in terms of business models as this game is loaded with bullshit pay to win microtransactions.

    • Viking Mana

      When you “Stop expecting” games to function on launch, that’s when you essentially become part of the issue. That’s what the Devs and publishers want you to do. Shrug off glaring faults, because “Eh, every game is broken now, it doesn’t matter.”

      They are fully capable of releasing products that work on launch, but they can save money on dragging out the polishing process, or skipping it entirely, in favor of an early release.

      If a dedicated online experience doesn’t work, and you can’t rely on the core online component, you should be absolutely pissed. if a restaurant kept serving you under-cooked products, and it kept doing it in site of complains, you wouldn’t just go “Whatever, I’ll eat raw potatoes and frozen meat. It’s what every restaurant is serving after all.”

      “These things are really difficult to make” isn’t a defense either. It’s really hard to build bridges, but if the thing collapses the instant you let traffic onto it, you wouldn’t go “Eh, it’s hard. Give the guys a break. At least they tried.” If it’s too difficult for a company that’s been producing online experiences for years and years, then they need to stop doing it, or admit that it’s too difficult. There are no participation trophies among professionals. It is ABSOLUTELY realistic to expect games to function on release. It was realistic 20 years ago, 10 years, and now people are okay with broken shit that may or MAY NOT EVER get fixed.

    • Viking Mana

      Actually, allow me to rephrase this as an inquiry:

      Please explain why it’s acceptable for some of the biggest companies in the industry to consistently fail in producing a stable product, and still demand a full retail price for their game, add in micro transactions to further monetize it, and fish for pre-orders?

      Please elaborate on how it’s so difficult to make functioning online components, that the Devs decided to use a controversial P2P system?

      How come Blizzard learned enough from their past failures to deliver their newest expansion of World of Warcraft to millions of players with, at best, minor issues, but it’s too much to expect a decent realize from Ubisoft, Bethesda, EA, and so on?

      I just don’t understand why’d you’d be okay with it, and even defend a notoriously anti-consumer industry, because of the fact that they keep being anti-consumer and unreliable? The “These things are difficult to make!”-arguments just boggles my mind, especially when using P2P-connections was a conscious decision by the developers, who’d only have to google “Is this a good idea?” to know that they shouldn’t have done that. That’s not an honest mistake, or even incompetence. It’s honest slacking. A commitment to corner-cutting that goes well beyond what’s acceptable.

      • Tom DeFrank

        Because video game expense/value is not a very pressing concern for a lot of employed adults?

        • Gaealiege

          63% of Americans don’t have $500 to cover an emergency.

          You and I must define “a lot of employed adults” very differently.

          Also, games prices in other countries are much higher. Not even on par with currency rates. Australians pay out the nose for games, for example.

          Your argument is the prototypical classist “I can afford it, so everyone else is inferior” horseshit. Not welcome here.

    • Otherhand

      Wasn’t all of this what the betas were for, though: to stress-test the online portion and make sure it works?

  • Viking Mana

    Oh my, I’m thrilled!

  • Viking Mana

    My honest opinion: The gameplay is too slow for my liking, and I fear that it’s got too little going for it. To me, it feels like the same one game over and over again, with only slight variations. I played for a few hours during the beta, but it never showcased any of those amazing moments that make a game like Overwatch a ton of fun. It’s just a grueling game of “Wait for an opening, and quit the game if a Nobushi turns up.”

    As stated, I think the gameplay is slow. I understand that it’s meant to be at least somewhat realistically presented, but I don’t like the way that every character controls like an armored vehicle driving through a swamp. It didn’t feel very responsive to me, and the combat system is more simplistic than it needs to be. Given the fact that you’re pretty much just spamming one button, it ends up feeling like it lacks even just the depth of Dark Souls PvP, which arguably isn’t great either, but at least allows for you to get a bit more creative, with thought-out movesets and agility.

    My biggest issue would have to be the price though. 59.99 for this? I believe there is a roughly 2 hour long campaign for each individual hero, but the multiplayer is the meat of the game, and even that is limited to a few different gamemodes on a bunch of maps that are probably all a little too similar in nature. I’d be tempted to buy this at a 50% discount, but I’m no longer willing to bet 59.99 on games focused on competitive multiplayer. Way too many games have come out in recent years that have squandered my trust in a Dev intentions.

    • diamond

      Seems like Ubisoft just feel like they have to charge full price for all their retail releases regardless of content, there’s no way this game and R6 Siege should’ve been 60 dollars.

      • Viking Mana

        Actually, Ubisoft did Grow Home, which was priced like an Indie-title.

        I think For Honor is going to do fine. I think it’s going to rake in a nice profit for them. That being said, I honestly believe that it would have done better if they hadn’t given in to short-term temptations like launch-day greed, and made it anything from F2P to a 39.99 title.

        I just personally won’t be buying ANY dedicated multiplayer experience with micro transactions and a tiny, or no, campaign, for 59.99. And I certainly won’t be buying any dedicated multiplayer experience AT ALL on or before launch.

        • diamond

          I don’t know, I think the community is soon going to be overrun by people who will just curbstomp every single new player and that will discourage people from playing it. Plus the blatant Pay to Win aspect will turn many people off.

          • CX316

            I really wish people would stop claiming the game is pay to win. If anything it’s pay to loose, because if you’re buying gear (which btw isn’t pay to win because it trades one stat for another, so if you’re hitting harder you’re either losing defense or paying more stamina per swing) then you’re upping your gear score which puts you up against higher level players who have actually played the game to earn their stuff who will curbstomp you.

            Also, you have to level up to get better gear. Buying salvage caches at low levels is idiotic and a waste of steel because you’ll get much higher grade items for it when you’re at the next reputation level (with each reputation level being 20 character levels)

          • diamond

            you are so dumb.

  • was gonna buy this game but it looks like a mess right now. Played the demo and the combat seems clunky and the most efficient tactic is to gank other players.

  • jedimastercosmin

    The last part can be a number of things, Jim. The guys/gals maybe just wanted to give you a slap on the bum and take a picture.
    That’s what I would have done anyway.

  • Matej Škriba

    The game is based mailny on 1vs1 duells. Everything else is just fluff. The dominion mode is trash. Its’s just a fun diversion for in between duells. For honor is foremost a fighting game like street fighter or tekken etc.

    • Anton

      Now, if I could just by 1v1 as a standalone mini game, I’d be all in.

      • Matej Škriba

        Do you also consider mortal kombat or street fighter a minigame? There is ton of games based on 1on1 combat with full price. Its not about the number of modes the game offers. Its about how deep the combat system is.

        • Kev’ Bryant

          Does it contain a kart racing/Tetris/chess mini game?

          • Matej Škriba

            Don’t forget the tower defense part and the roguelite mode.

        • Dragongelf

          The latest Street Fighter on launch? I would definitely consider that a mini-game.

  • Anton Caligari

    With any new release, i’m not going to touch it until around the 3/4th patch.

  • Wolfie

    While reading this, for some reason…

    I thought about Stanley Parable and the “emotion booths.” https://www (dot) youtube (dot) com/watch?v=9VtGaMrkhYM

  • Jiryn

    Since I now own it, I decided to play For Honor.

    For about an hour I cut my teeth fighting bots in the various game modes. Then I decided to try my hand against other players in Elimination, the first thing I see at the beginning of the match was multiple people disconnecting. Then as the match started and it was showing a fly by of the map… the game froze. The sound effect of the rain was still playing, but the was frozen. Eventually the system become unresponsive.

    After resetting my PS4, as soon as the console booted up… For Honor was missing. The game crashed so hard apparently deleted itself.

    • diamond

      Damn that’s a new whole new level of incompetence on Ubisoft’s part! I’ve never heard of a game deleting itself, but maybe that’s a blessing in disguise since now you’ve got an excuse to never play that game again.

      • Jiryn

        I’m literally redownloading it now.
        I tried to force close the game before the system became unresponsive… so that might have had something to do with it.

        • diamond

          Don’t blame yourself, there’s no way force-closing a game should cause that to happen if the game itself is properly programmed.

    • BAH!

      S I’m reading this, and I think “classic Ubi PC port”.

      Nope, PS4. They really put in the extra effort this time, yeah?

      • Jiryn

        Yep, I was playing on the PS4.
        Instead of servers seem to be peer to peer with one person hosting each match it seems.

        Seriously, they want this game to be “e-Sport” quality, but cannot shell out the extra cash for dedicated servers. When you join a game in progress it even says “Joining ‘s session”

      • CX316

        Hey now, if a PC port managed to delete itself I would be asking some serious questions.

  • Nathan Stapleton

    You mean… an Ubisoft game released as a buggy mess. I can’t believe it. My innocence… it has been taken… now that I know… game companies ca-

    Okay, I’m dropping the faux-surprised act. I’d say, “Get your shit together, Ubisoft!” but… it’s Ubisoft. If you preordered this expecting it to actually work, you’ve had to have been living under a rock. Or are a History Channel fan that doesn’t play video games that often and may now never try a one again, thinking they’re ALL like this.

    • Jiryn

      I was going to mention how rock solid the game’s code seems to be, besides the net code..
      But I literally just had the game freeze up, crash my system, and delete itself…….

      • diamond

        I’m definitely glad I trusted my instincts and stayed the hell away from this game.

      • CaptainDju

        It deleted itself??? Wow, must be that “becoming self-aware” thingy everyone is talking about.

        • Anton

          Yup, and the first thing it did upon gaining sentience was committing virtual suicide….

          • CaptainDju

            Well if that’s what Skynet is about I can’t say it’s a bad thing!

          • InfamousDS

            Your statement reminds of the South Park episode where all the immigrants actually left the US.

    • diamond

      True, but just because we expect Ubisoft games to run like shit(at least the online portions) does not give them a free pass.

      I saw this coming as I remember the mess Siege was on launch(which probably came from rushing the game out for the holiday season, the lack of a campaign i’m sure was also caused by that).

  • Matej Škriba

    I played both betas and had a blast with the game. There were known connection issues mainly in 4v4 then and everybody experienced with betas should know by now that it wouldn’t be fixed at launch. I mean P2P in a 4v4 MP has SHITSHOW written all over it. But I played mainly 1v1 and 2v2 and it worked quite nicely. With the fighting system as it is I wouldn’t be playing dominion mode even if it worked. I don’t want to defend Ubisoft because a game should work 100% at launch but people who bought the game for dominion made some poor decisions themselfs. It’s like buying a Battlefield game for the campaign only.

    • diamond

      I’ve done just that for all the BF games(except for BF1, which looked like shit) and was not dissapointed one bit.

      Anyways that’s not a good excuse at all, had Ubisoft actually used dedicated servers instead of P2P, this shit wouldn’t be happening(or at least it wouldn’t be THIS bad).

    • Do remember that Ubisoft’s own promotion has been hyping up the Dominion aspect, not the dueling aspect. I went in expecting big battles because big battles is what got promoted.

      • Matej Škriba

        Well yeah. But since you are a reviewer and all, hopefully you try the dueling aspect as well. Maybe you like it. Maybe not. Why do I even care I don’t know but fingers crossed.

  • Uldi

    Server issues aside, I think the game looks pretty fun. There’s plenty of combat depth with the different classes. Some environmental hazards that can be used for those paying attention to where they’re at. There are too few maps, however.

    Watching streamers, I’m getting the impression too many players are approaching this game as if the combat if from a “Souls” game. It’s not. It has far more in common with Soul Calibur. This is an open arena 3D weapon-focused fighting game. It’s got light and heavy attacks, dashes, grabs, charge attacks, blocks etc. Treating it that way would probably go a long way in explaining why so many don’t seem to “get” the combat.

    As for getting teamed up on… There’s only three points to capture in a Dominion match. Of COURSE people are going to team up. It’s a team oriented mode. Pair up and effing communicate (sorry, saw LOTS of streamers lose because they wouldn’t open their effing mouths and talk to their effing team ffs).

    Oh, and the reason they’re chasing you is because your team broke (no respawn if a team member dies) and you’re the only one still alive. The match will continue until one team is completely wiped out. And they have to do it fast, because if they dick around, you could capture a point and drop their points low enough to end the Break state. Though this isn’t an issue in your pic. Even if you did capture a point, they’d still be over a 1000 points. Still, you had to die in order for the match to end.

    • lcs

      I have played soul calibur for a really, really long time and tried out for honor during the beta phases. But I don’t think that’s a fair comparison.

      • Uldi

        In what significant way are they different?

        • Anton

          It’s weirdly close to both. Yes, the combat is more involved here than in Dark Souls, but it still remains a game of timing, positioning, and knowing the correct counters – all elements present in DS. However, there is no real deep combo system to learn here as there would be in any “real” fighting game.

  • Sapphire Crook

    In the future, aliens will found the archives of humanity and think that all AAA companies were really just jesters at the court of God’s Gift Jim, the motherfucking, Sterling Son.

  • Lewis w

    “The extensive beta slots ruined it for those of us joining on launch day. Getting face rolled after paying the launch price is a **** slap in the face.”

    Rejoice, children, for the metabombing has begun!

    • krazykain

      fuck this game, how dare other players be better at me on day one 🙁

      gotta love these people

      • Wolfie

        Well duh! It’s because their [insert chosen class] is OP! NERF! NERRRRRF!!

    • CX316

      There’s negative reviews on Steam for the game that are literally just a review of Uplay.

  • Hatim05

    In the CLOSED beta, the game worked absolutely fine, in the open one, i swear to god, in the three days me and my brother played, we only had about 15 matches between us that went flawlessly. It was an absolute shitshow. They even tried to *fix* it with a patch on day 2, but it made absolutely no difference. A lot of people over at the game’s reddit, were saying stuff like: it’s just the closed beta, they will fix it for the release. i’m really sad i was proven right.

    • CX316

      In both betas I had issues with 1v1 vs AI not registering any of my match results for the whole beta, and couldn’t connect to Dominion vs players at all (it’d let me into the match then immediately either disconnect me or lock up the game)

      So that’s been an improvement so far.

  • Glenn

    Not that I am sticking up for ubi or incompetence, but has there been many online games that haven’t tanked at launch? GTA, overwatch, rocket league…you name it, it’s usually fucked to start with. Which begs the question why all these companies seem to be so under prepared for it.

    • Every time Blizzard releases a WoW expansion, they have server problems. They’ve been doing this for more than a decade.

      • jedimastercosmin

        Error 37, Opening of the Dark Portal in BC…
        Never forget.

      • Linda Sofia Hartlén

        in Blizzards defense, I didnt notice any during Legion launch. But yeah its usually terrible

    • Polishfury5000

      Usually it’s just the company trying to save a buck. It’s cheaper to just run as many servers as they think they’ll need for their eventual core audience, rather than spending extra resources to cover the short lived launch week bloat.

      Battlefield1, weirdly enough, was one of the few last year that managed to launch with next to no connection issues. That’s almost miraculous when you remember the BF4 launch debacle.

    • Bilateralrope

      Server capacity costs money. I’m assuming that devs need to decide how much server capacity they are willing to pay for in advance. The player count also drops off shortly after launch.

      So it seems that the bean counters intentionally underestimate how much server capacity they need to save money.

      • mth

        This might have been an argument 10 years ago, when investing in a large amount of hardware that would only be used a few days after launch would have been a waste. These days you can rent server capacity by the hour from Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure etc. and it costs very little if you only run it for a few days, so the only reason to be short is poor planning.

        • Bilateralrope

          Do any games run on those servers ?

          • mth

            I don’t know if they do, but there is no reason they couldn’t.

          • Bilateralrope

            No obvious reasons. But if no games are running on them, then it looks like there are reasons that aren’t obvious.

            Maybe a dev hosting their own servers is cheaper than renting from a cloud service due to economies of scale. Maybe the cloud servers don’t guarantee a quick enough response time for gaming. Maybe some limitation of the sever architecture gets in the way.

          • mth

            I don’t know because I haven’t read or heard that they do. It would really surprise me though if there are no game servers running on cloud services.

            Hosting your own servers that you run for several years could be cheaper than a cloud service, but the question was why they don’t have enough server capacity to handle the launch window. They could use a cloud service only for handling the extra capacity that is temporarily needed and handle the base load on their own servers.

            It’s possible cloud services don’t guarantee a particular network latency, but in practice they’re probably at least as close to the main internet exchanges as your own servers would be. Besides, compared to the problems that Jim described, a high ping is a far lesser issue.

          • mth

            Having read Laura’s review now, I have to add that if the networking problems are in the peer-to-peer part, adding server capacity is of course not going to solve them.

  • Angry Canadian Gamer

    It’s 2017. Games that require persistent online connections have been around for 20 years now. There is absolutely no reason for this type of thing to happen to any game with an online component at launch. At all. Ever.

    Ubisoft, and any other games company, should know how many people are pre-ordering their game, and if they don’t, then that’s incompetence on yet another level. They should have at least some idea how much server capacity they’re going to need at launch.

    Plus, this game had THREE online beta tests. Any issues with online play should have been caught and dealt with.

  • Yep, Classic Ubisoft server problems. Or should I say, ICONIC Ubisoft server problems.

  • Neto

    While reading that initial paragraph, I could just feel the sarcasm drippling down my monitor with every word. I wondered if I was just being paranoid and Jim was actually being honest. But after seeing that first screenshot, my first instinct was proven right.

    Then I realized this is an Ubisoft game and that it was obviously sarcasm because of that. Oh, Ubisoft!

  • ICUP

    I wish all multiplayer games would just use dedicated servers and not peer to peer. My biggest gripes with modern multi games stem from the use of peer to peer; dropped matches due to players leaving and my BIGGEST complaint is a lack of long term support for any game. The publisher/dev gets to decide when the game dies once they turn off the “master server”, dedicated servers allow the game to be played online long after its profitable for the publisher, battlefield 2, ut 2004, bf bc2 all are still being online due to others hosting their own dedicated servers for these titles.

    • MJC

      And remember: on consoles you have to pay money to Sony, Microsoft, and soon Nintendo to even be able to access this absolutely shitty peer to peer multiplayer.


      • ICUP

        I can’t understand either, most of the heavy lifting is done from the host client, the master server just “arranges” the server/client based on connection speed. At least that’s my understanding of peer to peer.

    • CX316

      If it’s enough of an issue they might switch later. Remember, Rainbow Six Siege started out with some massive server trouble on launch and things got fixed eventually. They even migrated the Division servers at least once, too.

  • Meyneth

    Oh, Ubisoft!

  • La Chica Incognita

    So when I first saw the title card floating around on Steam I thought this was a remake of some Half-Life 1 MP mod and thought “oh that’s cute” without any actual sarcasm intended.

    Then I looked at the store page, saw it was a Triple A game by Ubisoft and thought “Oh…that’s cute” thinking they ripped off an ancient MP mod and are now charging 60 bucks for the the honor of playing it and they couldn’t even do THAT right. It’s like a Triple A asset flip.

    • Jabberlove

      I don’t think anyone knows what mod you are talking about. Your post makes it sound like it’s the title card which gave away that it’s a rip-off/remake but I googled it and I can’t find any half life mods titled “For Honor,” nor do I remember any. And I can’t seem to find or remember any that were THAT similar to For Honor. Can you please just say the name of what you are talking about, or maybe link to it, in your post.

      • La Chica Incognita

        I can’t remember what it was nor do I actually think this was “ripping it off”. I was being hyperbolic that the “three warriors form different historical cultures fight” spawned a ton of MP mods and occasionally full fledged shitty History Channel games . You all are taking what I posted waaay to literally; clearly it wouldn’t of been an asset flip either as I mentioned something from nearly 20 years ago. It was more of a commentary of it being a tired idea that I would expected more from a Triple A company with tons of resources at their disposal.

        Edit: After a two second google search it was probably Pirates, Vikings and Knights I was thinking of which had a retail release 6 years ago.

    • RomeoMacTavish

      Yes please enlighten us as to what “mod” is being ripped off here.

  • Claptrap

    I really enjoyed reading this.

  • Shui Gor

    Guess we know what to expect in the next “Oh, Ubisoft!” segment next week!

  • Batmatt

    Articles like this one is why I love you, Jim. With all my heart.

  • Tom DeFrank

    I gotta say, I’m having a blast with the game and the system feels truly unique. I haven’t experience any disconnects or errors, though. I do get the thing where the screen freezes for everyone and it says “recovering network connection” but it’s few and far between. The streams I’ve been watching the game have had minimal issues as well.

    Sorry to hear other people are having a different experience.

  • RomeoMacTavish

    It seems like the recovering network issue is only at lower levels of the game, the matchmaking I’ve had to deal with from the first few hours of online play seem to be gone as Ive been getting more consistently matched with higher level players who don’t seem to be inclined to quit or give up the second they have one bad round(Considering most rounds on Elimination/Duels last between 30 seconds and 2 minutes, it doesnt present a huge problem for me.) The real issue is in the Dominion game mode. I consider that a free for all where any and all “honor” is thrown out the window. But again, when I started getting matched with higher level folk I never got the network issue.

  • The Pope

    What a thrill.

    With darkness and silence through the night.

    • Milo Gotje

      What a thrill…
      I’m searching and I’ll melt into you
      What a fear in my heart
      But you’re so supreme!

  • Helmic

    Yeah, it’s pretty bad. The lack of a leaver penalty in duels makes it stupidly easy for a salty fuck to deny you a win, and since they get replaced with a full HP bot and those bots sometimes seem to be absurdly good their leaving could actually make you lose – trying to kill a full HP level 3 bot with just a sliver of your own health left while you’re out of stamina just feels frustrating.

    No dedicated servers, for game this expensive. Absurdly expensive microtransactions in game that can’t even justify them with “server costs” (as though multiplayer games never made money before microtransactions were a thing back when servers were much more expensive). And, as usual, Ubisoft Support is about as useless as ever – they’re a step above Steam support in that in five hours of waiting in queue you’ll talk to a human who won’t understand your problem, but if you believed what they said they’re not allowed to do anything that could conceivably help you with your problem.

    The only reason this game made money is because From has been horrible for serving its PvP community the PvP experience it always wanted and there really isn’t anything else serving this niche. I hope someone else manages to make a game like this but puts in the love it deserves.

    • Varghund

      I think Nioh could be the game that fills the niche. The gameplay is solid and brutal and if they make the upcoming pvp mode right, it could be awesome.

    • AllWormsMustDie

      The Souls pvp community is largely infatuated with For Honor because of its combat system. Strip away all of the half assed unnecessary crap in the game, and just give me 1v1 duels with the inspired combat system, and I’m a happy guy. Then again, I have fond memories of sitting around with my bro, playing endless duels in Bushido Blade until my hands went numb.

    • CX316

      They’re fixing the full HP bot thing in the first patch. Anyone who leaves who is replaced with a bot will be replaced with a dead bot for that round.

      • Helmic

        From what I saw, I already load into matches dead. I don’t usually see any bots coming back from dead players, either. What happens is someone pulls the cord when they’re *about* to die or shortly enough after they die that when the game resyncs there’s at least one client that’s claiming the bot should be alive – and that bot will be at full HP in a random location away from danger, possibly close enough to revive a friendly and turn the match around.

        • CX316

          Yeah, they’re fixing that

  • Varghund

    If you made the mistake and bought this at full price like i did, you really should play the single player campaign. It’s quite fun and the huge pile of steel you get after completing it makes it worth it. The campaign is atleast more interesting than the multiplayer dominion mode. The actual story is gringeworthy and stupid as fuck.

    Few of the boss battles were really annoying tho. I found that the unblockable trait you get at level 6 is probably the best to have around. Helps you a lot when fighting all the shield dudes. 30 seconds of unblockable attacks, yes thank you.

    Would I buy this just for the single player campaign? Wait until the price goes down.

  • Landy Alexander

    I was really excited for For Honor when I knew nothing about it. Now I’ve heard multiple people compare it to fighting games, and saying that it’s almost impossible to actually play online. Then I found it was a Ubisoft game, and now I’m happy to not buy it.

    • Joshua Meadows

      its not impossible to play on line everyone saying that is either a liar or a sarcastic fucker

      • Brotown

        Not many people are saying it’s “impossible”. Theyre saying that at times it can be quite annoying/frustrating because of disconnects. Maybe pull back a bit on calling people liars and fuckers, yeah?

    • CX316

      It’s basically a fighting game with full freedom of movement. Blocks, combos, block-breaks, etc. It’s very much built around the same fighting system as something like Street Fighter is, just with the stance/block direction factor added in.

      Probably means they’ll be aiming to do an evo-style tournament scene with the 1v1 and 2v2 game formats.

  • Cody McMunger

    I’ll stick with Mount & Blade. Thanks Jim!

  • Jiryn

    Just going to document my glitches, and problems here as I run into them.
    It’s not because I dislike the game, infact, I really am quite fond of it.. which is why these problems are so noticeable, and in many cases inexcusable.

    We already know the connection issues, I’ve ran into few of them.
    Followed by the game freezing and deleting itself (Seriously.. HOW!?).

    Welp, I just ran into another new glitch/bug.
    I was finally able to get a group of my friends together to play with a full team of 4 people. After the first match, while in the lobby waiting for a NEW match.. it said there were not enough players.. disconnecting.

    It not only disconnected my group from the lobby, but it also disconnected my group. As in the party I had setup in the game to play missions with was disbanded because the client couldn’t find a suitable match for us…

    Seriously, Ubisoft.. I don’t like you, but i do enjoy many of your games. Get your fucking shit together. If you’re going to make a big name, always online multiplayer game… actually learn net code.. let people group and stay together, use dedicated servers, not peer to peer.

    • CX316

      Groups disband if the wrong person leaves the game I think, which since it dumped you all back out to the world map it might have done in the wrong order? Either way I remember some of the streamers I watched playing it having to do things very specifically to keep their groups together when they left a round. Also I take it the “not enough players” was for a 4v4, right? Because then it seems to be fairly random whether it’ll be OK starting the game with a couple of bots on the enemy team or whether it’ll insist on you having 8 players on the server before it starts.

  • Muddy Scarecrow

    This is what happens when one man gets so stomach churningly sick of hearing a developer call its game immersive. You wanna throw that word around so freely, motherfucker? Well get ready to get it flung right back into your eye sockets when that immersion is broken like a rock in sing sing when your fucking servers can’t keep up with the player count. AGAIN.

  • Adam Benevides

    I had these issues early in the open beta, but since then I’ve had very few of them. I’m glad to say it’s been a great experience online so far. My biggest gripes aren’t with the connectivity issues anymore.

    There are balancing issues with the bots to be sure. A level 2 bot, which is supposed to be somewhat low level, is absolutely crushing me. They are superior to most players I encounter.

    The campaign is a piece of shit, but I’m not disappointed or surprised by that at all.

    The microtransactions are absolute fucking shite. The fact they give players the option to drop 100 dollars!! on steel is fucking ludicrous. I previously thought the game gave plenty of steel to deal with things, but after the beta finished and looking over the costs of certain armor pieces it’s NOT enough… I’m certain the beta gave out more than 24 steel per match… it is not good enough Ubisoft. I refuse to buy any steel. I will earn it in the game, but FUCK you for making me work that hard. Just to UNLOCK a character for customization takes an entire evening of playing. Something that shouldn’t even be a requirement. I want to customize the characters NOW. Not in two weeks after I “unlocked” them all.

    • Claptrap

      Just today I read on a German gaming website that the store is absolutely worth it and amazing … that’s where we are now. It left me speechless tbh.

    • CX316

      nah, that 24 steel sounds about right. Only reason I kept having so much Steel hanging around in the beta was because of the Orders scoring you another 600-900 a day.

  • Jeremiah Pizana

    … why am I not having nearly this many issues with it? Guess I am lucky (google fiber ftw – I’m guessing I’m likely the host most of the time). But your right, Dominion is a gank contest and I don’t find it fun except against the AI. But the Duals are tight and that’s going to be where I get my monies worth.

  • MrSaxon

    Ha. Funny article.

    I give it 5 network connections out of Please Wait.

  • Lost in the Schwartzwelt

    An always online game? With persistent connection issues? Whaaaat? No way, it’s almost like always online is almost always guaranteed to be shit and at its worst at launch!

  • TheButtMosher

    I didn’t know Kellyanne Conway was writing game reviews now.

  • makiHyunda

    I’m very disappointed with Jim endorsing a game riddled with microtransactions and grind and a pay wall…on a aaa priced game with day one dlc of £180 or £240 with the digital deluxe version.

    Why is Jim not holding ubisoft guilty of making a good game and then pulling a deus ex on it?

    • Tom DeFrank


    • Jatas

      Not sure if you didnt actually read this or if just went way up over your head

  • Sascha Strimas-Mackey

    This made me laugh so hard I cried.

    Thanks Jim!