You can send stuff to me at jim at thejimquisition dot com. I’d make this an actual link but I get enough bloody spam as it is. Anyway, you can get to me that way. Please understand that I tend to get a lot of mail, so don’t be offended if I don’t get back to you.

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My official Twitter is @JimSterling, but please note that I do not read general @ replies due to the amount of venomous little toads on the service. The official Facebook page for Sterlin’ nonsense is right here.

If you hate electricity or simply feel you have something important to communicate via the physical medium, I also have a P.O. box address so you can send things directly to my trembling hands. Bear in mind that homemade food won’t be eaten for fear of poisoning, and that you’re wasting your money by signing me up for Yu-Gi-Oh cards – someone already did that.

(Currently Not Available)

Alternatively, I have an Amazon wish list. Some folks ask about potential ways to show support without using Patreon. This won’t really “support” the show, but it does give me things to play with. Plus, I like to think people buy me stuff because they love my tits.

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