Hey, this whole "independent" thing you're doing seems pretty great! How can I help?

I'm glad you asked!! There are multiple ways you can support the Jimquisition and friends! By supporting us using any of these methods, you help us:


1. Buy games for videos.

2. Pay for software and hardware for producing the content.

3. Pay supporting crew (Laura and Conrad for Podquisition, Justin for handling art and editing, etc.).


And much more! So if you are able and would like to help, here are the methods you can use to support the show (as well as the individuals who help along with their other work)! 



A service that lets you donate monthly to support us!


The Jimquisition Patreon (This is our main source of income!)

Laura Kate Dale's Patreon



If you'd rather make a one time donation, Paypal is the way to go!

Jim Sterling's personal PayPal

[Jim Sterling PayPal Link]

Laura Kate Dale's personal PayPal


Justin McDaniel's personal PayPal



Many people prefer to support content creators they love on Twitch, and you can do the same with us!

The Jimquisition Twitch Channel


Laura Kate Dale's Twitch Channel


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