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Podquisition 348: Educated in the Arts

We are cultured, worldly sophisticates.

Games we played this week include: Road 96 (9:30) The Ascent (14:30) Aliens: Fireteam Elite (17:20) Twelve Minutes (23:55) Psychonauts 2 (29:25) Train Simulator (37:50)

News things talked about in this episode: Roblox exploits child labor for profit (39:15)

State of California expands suit, claims Activision may have destroyed evidence of abuse (44:30)…-43c7c2d3f3ca.html

Electronic Arts is releasing patents on accessibility features (49:20)…to-do-the-same

The market for retro games might be as full of fraud as every speculative market that came before. (53:25)…ame-prices/

Twitch’s tags are being used to engage in coordinated hate raids on minority streamers. (59:20)…ybersecurity/


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