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Podquisition 349: Well-Rested and Refreshed

Oh, you’ve got a new podcast to listen to? Must be fucking nice.

Games we played this week include: Psychonauts 2 (6:00) Rustler (15:00) No More Heroes 3 (22:10) Aliens: Fireteam Elite (30:45) Lake (32:25)

News things talked about in this episode: Unity employees are concerned about the company’s defense department contract work (34.15)…video-games-to-war

EA exec claims toxic environments are ‘inevitable’ in large publishers (44:15)…ake-action/

CD Projekt Red hires CyberPunk 2077 modders (47:55)…t-red-de-1847590961

Apple will now let alternate payment systems be offered, but not through the App Store (49:40)…-payment-options

Steam refunds system abuse is hurting developers of short indie games (53:25)…game-development

Epic hosts Martin Luther King Jr. experience in Fortnite, predictably unprepared for users (56:45)…ing-jr-tribute

Activision responds to shredding claims, says they kept the important stuff, honest (59:15)…redded-documents

Wata co-founder accused of selling graded games online from personal collection (1:00:35)…ing-graded-stock


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