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Podquisition 373: Order of Operations

One, then two? Two, then one?

Games we played this week include: Horizon: Forbidden West (2:55) Infernax (16:25) Dreamscaper (27:15) Pokémon Legends: Arceus (34:05) God of War (39:05)

News things talked about in this episode: Microsoft suggests they’re only going to keep the good employees at Activision Blizzard (41:30)…cquisition/

Roblox has a sexual content problem, along with being a predatory child labor engine (43:25)

Ubisoft isn’t doing a damn thing in terms of the demands of its workers (44:45)…1493231476980293636

Team17’s NFT push has pushed employees to push back on company direction (50:15)…ast-weeks-report

Ubisoft internal discussion of NFT project got considerable negative feedback from staff (54:00)…chain-initiative


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