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Podquisition 383: Corsets For Everyone

No more slouching for us!

Games we played this week include:

Elden Ring (6:10) The Force Unleashed (13:20) Nobody Saves the World (18:40) Lost in Random (25:40) Chernobylite (28:00) Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion (32:30) The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe (40:10) News things talked about in this episode:

Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg alleged to have helped bury story about Bobby Kotick restraining order (45:20)…ly-mail-11650549074

Activision names two women to board despite their best effort not to (50:50)…-392e8af8a543.html

Raven QA testers gear up for vote to formalize union (53:15)…-blizzard-wishes

Thousands of Joy-Cons a week were being sent to Nintendo for repair weekly at height (1:00:50)…-replace-1848828886

SEGA delisting original Sonic trilogy ahead of re-release in Sonic Origins (1:03:20)…-origins-arrival

Gender discrimination lawsuit against Sony to proceed after some counts dismissed (1:06:05)…-lawsuit-falters

PlayStation hiring someone to get more games on PC (1:08:10)…ing-and-strategy/

Elden Ring demake in development (1:08:55)…emake-on-the-way


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