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Podquisition 386: Someone’s Enzymatic Dalliance

Don’t rain on our brown parade.

Games we played this week include: Steel Assault (14:25) Ravenous Devils (24:00) Evil Dead: The Game (25:10) Pokémon Go (34:55) Steam Deck (36:15) Fight Knight (42:20)

News things talked about in this episode: Organizing QA contractors for BioWare will not be forced to return to offices (45:10)…ze-return-office

Nintendo of America’s Doug Bowser is “troubled” his contractors aren’t happy (46:35)…tors-investigation

PlayStation boss Jim Ryan wrote a weird and bad email to staff about abortion rights (48:20)…bortion-comments

Images claimed to be from new Silent Hill project leak (59:55)…t-art-has-leaked

Fall Guys going free-to-play, coming to PS5, Switch and Xbox (1:04:35)…at-the-same-time


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