• Jim Sterling


The Summer of Sterling is back again this year, and it's first appearance on THE JIMPORIUM!! We've got brand new merchandise, including a new Duke Amiel shirt design! In addition, all our old merch is either on sale or on clearance! Of course, the best news is that every order of $25 and up gets $3 taken off? Why is that good news? Because that's the exact price of the exclusive SUMMER OF STERLING BUTTON!!!* Stop by THE JIMPORIUM today and grab some goodies and celebrate the summer... OF STERLING, THAT IS!!! https://www.thejimporium.com/ *(We tried to make it so the store gave you a free button with the order, but our shop hosting program couldn't figure that out. So this was the compromise.)

© 2019 Jimquisition. I don't really know what else to write down here. Why are you even reading down here? Are you bored? I'm bored, so I don't really know how I'm going to help you with that. I'm listening to a podcast. You could do that too if you want! It's something to have on at least. Am I hungry? I dunno, it's kinda late. Maybe just a snack...