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Ubisoft Spent Years Protecting Mental And Physical Abusers (The Jimquisition)

This is another heavy episode containing discussion of abuse. A few weeks ago, I was distraught, devastated, and overwhelmingly saddened by the accounts of misconduct in the game industry. Now I am angry.

I am very angry, and very disgusted, and I've saved a lot of pent up rage for Ubisoft, a company that went above and beyond in its protection of predatory men and systemic exploitation.

The publisher used this past week to BURY the story under a mountain of previews, trailers, and announcements, which the press dutifully lapped up. As the publisher has successfully drowned out the abuse allegations with sheer noise, it's time we started shouting back.

Ubisoft spent years protecting mental and physical abusers, and CEO Yves Guillemot should never be allowed to forget that.


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