The Jimquisition: Overwatch Porn

Overwatch‘s success is nothing short of remarkable, sparking a fanbase that was zealous long before the game was even released.

This popularity has been manifested in fan art, cosplay, and… porn. Lots of porn.

Porn that indicates a welcome resurgence of personality and artistry in the videogame industry… in its own dirty way.

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Podquisition Episode 80: A Hobgoblin’s Knobhole

The world is not ready for JimGav, the horrific new Podquisition host. It’s quite a spectacle.

Overwatch obviously commands much of our time, but we also badmouth that crap new Turtles game, and discuss the latest failings of Oculus.

Oh, and we talk about LOTS OF OTHER THINGS!

You can listen/download directly here and get the RSS feed here.

Also, check out Laura Kate’s Patreon page!

Also also, check out Miracle of Sound’s channel!

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Overwatch Is Blatantly Better With A Controller

Overwatch finally descended from Heaven into mortal hands this week, pleasuring gamers in overwhelmingly sensual ways. To experience it is to feel the intense burning passion of true love’s orgasm. It is perfect. Nobody can ever suggest there’s anything wrong with it. Don’t anybody fucking dare.

However, we must ask a pertinent question when faced with such unblemished transcendence. Can Overwatch be improved upon? Can you, in fact, enhance perfection itself?

Yes you can. That is the answer, and I made this discovery by doing something literally anybody could do – I played Blizzard’s crème de la masterpiece with a controller.

Friends, lovers, fans of all that I do, hear me now! Overwatch with a controller is better than Overwatch with a mouse and keyboard.

Here’s why.


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The Bullshit Roundup: EA’s Star Wars Rushing, Nintendo’s Minecraft Mess, FOX’s Content Theft

Time for another slice of bullshit from the big budget games industry, served steaming for your tasty pleasures.

On today’s edition, Electronic Arts admitted to gimping Star Wars Battlefront, Family Guy did a naughty thing, and Nintendo’s overreaching ContentID policy has seen it seize ad revenue it had absolutely no right to.

Oh what fun. What giddy, giddy fun!


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Podquisition Episode 79: Barbie Girl

You can brush our hair and undress us anywhere! The gang discusses Homefront: The Revolution which means we also sing Aqua songs for your pleasure.

There’s plenty of gushing about Doom, we talk about *that* bad gameplay video, and we discuss the upcoming Tetris trilogy.

Oh, and that Assassin’s Creed film got a trailer, I suppose.

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