The Jimquisition: I’m Not Saying Emulators Are Cool, BUT…

Discussing emulation as a games pundit can be risky business – it’s a taboo subject, and you can’t be seen to endorse it even slightly.

However, the existence of emulation ought to be treated more importantly and taken seriously, especially when you consider how devalued a lot of older games can become.

Also this week – highlights from Sonic’s 25th anniversary shitshow, and some amusing #FucKonami News.

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I Don’t Like That I Don’t Like Earth Defense Force

On paper, Earth Defense Force is everything I should love about a videogame.

Regularly compared to Dynasty Warriors, which just so happens to be my favorite series, Earth Defense Force is a series of unapologetically camp games in which you mindlessly shoot at hundreds of giant insects over and over again.

There’s nothing deep about it, nothing complex. There’s certainly nothing pretentious about it.

It’s a big stupid videogame about shooting massive ants until there are no more massive ants to shoot. It fits squarely into the “so bad its good” category, comparable to Deadly Premonition, another game I absolutely adore and to which EDF could be compared in several pertinent ways.

On paper, Earth Defense Force is everything I should love about a videogame… but I can’t stand the series.


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