Podquisition Episode 97: Tiger Dong

Would you eat an animal penis? That is the hot topic of the day, as the gang attempts to navigate the tricky world of knob munching.

Elsewhere, we talk about why Dead Rising 4 will be good despite the hate, we chat about Nintendo’s continued NX coyness, and there’s some discussion of some other stuff, probably!

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The Bullshit Roundup: Rocket League Goes Fee-To-Pay, Gears 4‘s DLC Drenching, REVII Celebrated For Doing Nothing

The Bullshit Roundup hasn’t happened in a while, but that doesn’t mean the bullshit’s stopped. This is the game industry – there’s feces in every corner!

This week, we’ve got microtransactions, season passes and pre-order culture – the Holy Trinity of videogame bullshit.

Let’s dig in!


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