Podquisition Episode 118: Skeleton Warnings


(Yep, Soundcloud embeds are proper fucked on the site now. Just click the link)

The nature of skeletons, rabbit sex antics, and the highness of the woman in the song about a woman being high. What more could you want?

Videogame talk? We got that as well. Thoughts on For Honor, reactions to the Breath of the Wild season pass, and more Nioh bollocks.

You want more? We have AT LEAST SOME OTHER THINGS!

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You’ll Be Thrilled By These Thrilling For Honor Screenshots That Thrillingly Showcase The Thrills Of For Honor

Ubisoft released the highly anticipated For Honor on Saint Valentine’s Day Twenty Seven Teen, and in just over 24 hours it has cemented its place as one of the most enthralling, absorbing videogame experiences in videogame experience history.

With its clashing swords and unflinching portrayal of a world at war, For Honor is a game for which words can only provide scant context. To really appreciate how visceral this game is you have to see it, and that’s why we’re here – to take a visceral look at Ubisoft’s latest masterpiece and revel in some high quality screen captures that promise a world of entertainment.

Here, in full color, I give you the incredible For Honor experience!


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The Spin-off Doctors: Resident Evil – Afterlife


(Apparently the Soundcloud file doesn’t want to embed on the site today, which is a new way in which it’s fucking up for me. Why not, eh?)

Alice is better than everybody who was ever in a Resident Evil videogame. Remember that!

More undead gibberish is here, with only Good Wesker providing any sort of relief. How will your Movie Boys cope? Well, one of them sorta liked it!

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