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James Stephanie Sterling

They/Them. The Trash Girl from the Gender Dumpster. Game critic. Indie wrestler. Host of The Jimquisition and the #1 Boglin Babe.

Thank God for them.

Phoenix Toothill

They/Them. The secret power behind keeping this entire rickety ship afloat, Phoenix does all of the things you don't see (and a lot of the things you do). 

Laura Kate Dale

She/Her. Co-host of Podquisition, creator of Access Ability, and published author of multiple books. Laura seemingly doesn't believe in "free time" as a concept.

Conrad Zimmerman.jpg
Conrad Zimmerman

He/Him. Co-host of Podquistion and the Spin Off Doctors. This very good Movie Boy likes to get into mayhem as much as James Stephanie. Especially if it can involve Jonathan.

aka "Redneck Tonberry"

She/They/It.  A middle-aged southern layabout who can be heard speaking in funny voices for your entertainment on The Trashgirl Diaries. Can be found in the middle of the night in Final Fantasy XIV and is the best Evil Zone player in the world because she says so.

Jonathan Holmes.jpg
Jonathan Off Road Rules

He/Him. James Stephanie's confused muse. He was on MTV's Road Rules: Northern Trail for some reason, and he could be famous again if he only would shove worms up his ass in public. Why won't he make the right choices?!?!

Casey Explosion.jpg
Casey Explosion

She/Her. Is she a sloth? Is she a cow? Is she too complex to try and define? The one thing we do know about Casey is that she's a streamer who knows where all the good indie games are.


What Is This Webbed Site?

The Jimquisition is supported by the kind bounties presented unto them via the crowdfunding site Patreon.

As well as the name of this here site, it’s also the name of an incredibly popular web series hosted by the one and only James Stephanie Sterling, aka Jim Sterling. It can be found on YouTube, and focuses on current affairs, customer-facing issues, and the occasional game design-themed discussion.

Who Is James Stephanie Sterling?

James Stephanie Sterling has worked in videogames reporting and criticism since 2006. Upon this new ad-free, fan-supported site, they’ll be providing review coverage in an environment free of corporate oversight, advertiser worries, and the ever-present annoyance of site skins and attempts at sponsorship. If you want tough-but-fair criticism of the latest games, there are probably several places you could go, but only HERE will you get it from a person who has been blacklisted by Konami, threatened with legal action for making fun of a terrible Early Access game, AND can hit all the high notes in I Believe In A Thing Called Love.

So that’s pretty excellent!

Where Are The Disclosures?

Good call! People love disclosure, either because they enjoy a critic who is transparent, or they want to be provided with weapons to fuel their own ludicrous conspiracy theories. Either way, let’s do some.

James Stephanie Sterling has voice acted in the following games – The Charnel House Trilogy by Owl Cave Games, Volume by Mike Bithell, Jazzpunk by Necrophone Games, We Happy Few by Compulsion Games, Read Only Memories by Midboss, and the Portal mod Outside Influence by Sam Morris. They do not review the games in which they have acted in, though they may cover them on YouTube with additional disclosure.

In addition, James Stephanie has contributed to the following crowdfunded games – Friday the 13th: The Game, Indivisible, We Happy Few, Yooka-Laylee, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Republique, The Miskatonic, Broken Age, and Legend of Iya.

James Stephanie does not consider Kickstarter backing to be very important information at all, but some people do, so here it is.

When it comes to Patreon supporters, James Stephanie by choice does not check who backs them to avoid even the risk of potential impropriety. If they do end up reviewing a game from someone who backed them, feel free to politely let them know and they can add that disclosure per review.

Some of James Stephanie's former colleagues have gone on to find work in the game industry – this includes Anthony Burch (formerly of Gearbox), Aaron Linde (formerly of Gearbox), Nick Chester (formerly Harmonix, now at Epic Games), and Chad Concelmo (Nintendo). James Stephanie does not believe these former working relationships have impacted their views, but the disclosure is provided for your own discretion as readers.

Why Are You Writing In The Third Person, James Stephanie? We Know It’s You!

Oh cripes, we’ve been rumbled. CHEESE IT!


U.S. Mailing Address

P.O. Box 63995

Philadelphia, PA 19147

U.K. Mailing Address

P.O. Box 924

Halifax, West Yorkshire, HX1 9XA

You can send stuff to me at jim at thejimquisition dot com. I’d make this an actual link but I get enough bloody spam as it is. Anyway, you can get to me that way. Please understand that I tend to get a lot of mail, so don’t be offended if I don’t get back to you.

Advertisers please note: The Jimquisition is 100% AD-FREE and does not accept sponsored articles, banner ads, or advertorials of any kind. I’m flattered by the constant offers, but I have no interest in selling things here.

If you hate electricity or simply feel you have something important to communicate via the physical medium, I also have a P.O. Box address so you can send things directly to my trembling hands. Bear in mind that homemade food won’t be eaten for fear of poisoning, and that you’re wasting your money by signing me up for Yu-Gi-Oh cards – someone already did that.

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