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Anthem's Final Dirge (The Jimquisition)

Anthem has finally been put out of its misery.

BioWare's Anthem will go down in history as a mighty example of how to fail at jumping on a bandwagon. Its development was rushed and poorly planned, its release was mediocre, and its subsequent slow death was almost pitiful.

And what's worse, all of it was predictable. Despite its high profile nature, Anthem's story isn't new. The industry is littered with the corpses of games that tried to hop on the gravy train but fell and broke their face on the tracks. Nobody in the "AAA" market ever wants to learn though.

So it is that Anthem joins such high profile disasters as Evolve and Battleborn and so many more. Just another "live service" wannabe, soon to be joined by Marvel's Avengers. Nobody learns. The dirge plays on.


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