• Jim Sterling

Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo - Jessie's Gotta Have It (Jimpressions)

[CORRECTION: As people have pointed out, the boss theme never played during the original Scorpion Sentinel fight. I was thrown because this version has portions of it. Also I am dying of flu, so I have an excuse this time.

Apparently recent footage had a proper boss theme, so that's great.]

Final Fantasy VII Remake is easily one of the most anticipated games in years. Hell, it's been anticipated FOR years. Square Enix is stoking that excitement with a demo, and the demo is... quite good!

I'm not ashamed to admit I've had skepticism about this remake, mostly because I'm not keen on the modern day Square Enix. However, this demo has definitely raised my expectations. Tight combat, great animations, and a good atmosphere. Looks absolutely gorgeous too.

And then there's Jessie. Thirsty Jessie. I love Jessie.

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