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Metabombed: Star Wars Battlefront II Is ‘The Epitome Of Years Of Corporate Greed’

Like a Star Wars Holiday Special, Battlefront II has left us all confused and feeling exploited.

The backlash was so huge, EA had to temporarily retreat and take the microtransactions out of the game. A disastrous Reddit AMA, worried investors, prying regulators, and mainstream news headlines forced them to pull back and find a more palatable way to deploy its glorified gambling.

However, that wasn’t before it received one of the biggest Metabombings in history. Oh yes, let’s get stuck in!

EA defenders and loot box critics are engaged in a war of 0s and 10s on Metacritic’s user review system, with the PS4 version of the game reaching an all-time low average score of 0.8! As you can see, I snapshotted the image for posterity, and the picture plays such sweet music in my head when I gaze upon it.

You should know how this works. I’ve picked funniest, weirdest, stupidest, and most brutal user reviews that stood out to me. Given just how massive this backlash has been, it’s going to be far from comprehensive but I’ll do my best to pick out the gold. Let’s go!

First up, AndLap21 kicks off with a rather simple sentiment.

“Pay to pay to play.” (0/10)

ShinRyu’s sentiments are… well, I appreciate the sentiments of what’s being said… I think.

The first one look like a early access at launch but this one omg… Seriously now when you buy a game full price, have to paid more to get items or character too…EA don t look to have enougth money yet from players with season pass i guess. I don t want to see all game become like this, so i create a account to give my review. This battlefront is a piece of **** compare to PS2 games. (0/10)

Here’s HmmMatt who seems a little bit annoyed with this game for some reason.

Excellent graphics paired with a bad, boring and nonsensical single-player mode slapped on to be forgotten and just to at least not have yet another outcry in that regard. But then the multiplayer. Oh boy, basically the definition of a middle-finger together with a big f you towards potential buyers and fans. A theoretically OK (for sure not great) multiplayer experience that is dead on arrival due to the most blatant pay to win ever sold as a “AAA full price game”. 2000+ USD to unlock all the content. No words for that. (0/10)

I can’t really argue with ElCheeto. Pretty much nailed it.

Game is mediocre at best and wouldn’t recommend to anyone? Grinded for that awesome star card? too bad, somebody paid for a better star card than yours. If this was F2P it would’ve been ok, but sadly it isn’t. I had pre-ordered it, but got my refund and will use my money on something else. This game is a joke and EA is out of touch with the fans of the game.(0/10)

Fuck, but Bllz sums it all up quite poignantly.

I can’t recommend this game to anyone in the current state. This game is the epitome of years of corporate greed, customer exploitation and worst of all, taking advantage of people’s love for things. (0/10)

For some reason, I can’t stop laughing at WalkingMoore’s comment and reading it in a “My dad works for Nintendo” voice.

Stop, enough to accompany the promotion of Donate in the game, do not buy this game. Guys, it’s bad, I played and I know what it’s like. (0/10)

TonyValentino ain’t about to hold back.

What could have been a great game ruined by micro-transactions and lootbox rubbish EA once again proving that they’re a bunch of dishonest greedy slugs. (0/10)

Speaking of not holding back, MIxed_ has things to say!

EA haven’t even finished eating the deserved pile of sh’t because of murdering Mass Effect franchise and now they are calling for some more with this disgusting P2W lootbox system. Even after open BETA reviews they do nothing to fix HUGE & CRITICAL problem in whats-could-be-game-of-the-year project. That’s how they treat community and how they influence the game industry: **** all over it with a greedy grin on the face. (0/10)

SaltyCucumber tells us a story.

I can see how Devson McDice was crafting this beautiful brew, when a door was suddenly slammed open with a kick – the local brewery owner by the name of Eedyat Asole entered, piss drunk as usual. McDice knew what’s going to happen next, but wasn’t able to close the lead in time. A high pressure spray of vomit went directly into the barrel, poisoning it with all the possible cheap crap that Eedyat enjoyed drinking with his friends in Mob Gaymars bar. A potential brew of the year was no more. (0/10)

What does 888akimbo888 have against the bard’s iconic instrument of choice?

**** Lutboks, EA destroyed the game. Greed will destroy them, the gaming community will never forget this. Disable luteboxes!!! Disable luteboxes!!! Disable luteboxes!!! (0/10)

Yes, Valekcyc22, you were indeed play…

Micropayments are the death of industry. and this game is the indicator of this promotion, I hate EA.I hate this solution , but in singlplayer i was play (0/10)

Straanger92 is… well… bless ’em.

Okay EA! I hope Disney will take away from you Star Warc (c) and you dirty perverted hands will no longer stain a great series. Good Luck bastards!!!!!!!! (0/10)

No idea what Osmluky is saying, to be honest.

Thx EA for singleplayer pay to win game! Thx EA for singleplayer pay to win game! Thx EA for singleplayer pay to win game! Thx EA for singleplayer pay to win game! (0/10)

Antjayx, however, is rather eloquent in putting their hatred onto digital paper.

Hello electronic arts, it seems you have messed up your company with unadulterated greed. I sincerely hope you go into liquidation for forcing gambling onto young kids. Your companies behaviour is absolutely disgusting. Not content with charging 55 pounds or 60 dollars for the base game you then want everyone to pay hundreds more to actually get anywhere in the game. Simply disgusting, i hope need for speed and battlefront 2 both fail hugely and then maybe youll treat your customers with the respect they deserve instead of pandering to your own and your shareholders savage greed. (0/10)

And because we can’t have one of these without somebody trying their hardest to be edgy, we have this potentially offensive statement. Be warned.

Battlefront II is the reason why Al Queda attacked the twin towers on September 11, 2001. Stephan Paddock shot up Las Vegas because of this game’s microtransations. (0/10)

MitchMountain goes for the tried and tested Capslock Tactic.

Biggest cluster f—k of a game I’ve ever seen. And it’s barely been out. Used to love Dice, not so much anymore. This game is all about the almighty dollar… certainly not the fans, that’s for sure. DON’T SUPPORT THIS BS OF A GAME. STAY AWAY UNTIL WE SEE SOME CHANGE TOWARDS THE FANS. SAY NO TO THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR!!! (0/10)

SyxTwelve’s contribution was actually pretty funny.

You’re better off buying a WinRAR license than buying this game. If you buy this game, you’re only contributing to EA’s plan on destroying the gaming industry. (0/10)

SpaceBuddha knows where it’s at.

This is not a game. It’s a microtransaction storefront wrapped in pretty Star Wars graphics. Do not buy this $60 trash or support EA’s unethical exploitation. (0/10)

I do believe Drumr470 is being a tad sarcastic.

Microtransactions make this game amazing! I pay $60 for a full price game and then I have the pleasure of paying $100s more to play the whole game?! Incredible! (0/10)

Magur015 doesn’t feel the “sense of pride and accomplishment” in grinding to unlock Heroes, I guess.

Still has less content than the original battlefront 2 that came out in 2005. Campaign is short. Pay to win baby. They said that they wanted to make unlocking a hero an achievement but what they did was make it a grind. World of Warcraft killed Everquest because they took away grinding. Couldn’t play heroes vs villains because all of my unlocked heroes were taken….. (0/10)

Torres240 says pretty much what I’ve been intimating for a good long while.

After the Mass Effect disaster, this one takes the cake. Some people don’t have 40-60+ hours to unlock 1 or 2 things. This microtransactions stuff is not getting out of hand, it IS out of hand. Hopefully this game is the start of the downfall. (0/10)

On the flip side, we have some desperate 10/10 reviews trying to push back against the more than 2,000 negative ratings. Here’s a classist starter from McFalled.

The Game is excellent, if you love Star wars you will enjoy it, Ignore all the little kids and unemployed worried about the optional purchases (sorry kids but if you can’t afford it don’t buy it). (10/10)

ThomasJones has swallowed every last glistening drop of the game industry’s juicy propaganda.

I preordered this game and dont regret a thing. Unlocking characters is easy and FREE!!!! If u dont want to pay money you dont have to. Honestly this game is so fun and it’s great to shoot and kill hundreds of people as that is what i like to do in games. If u think you are too smart for this game why dont u play some awful indie or puzzle game, losers (10/10)

I remain unconvinced by leateqofficial, mostly because I don’t know what the argument is.

I am really feel bad…because game is Super good gameplay more good then in first Battlefront and bf 1 Its first game in last 2 years in which I played 7 hours on end ! and its super bad that EA games just broke the reputation of game……….. Gameplay is amazing ! good maps and good feeling of weapons (10/10)

Stan_Rock is upset that we’re not grateful enough to EA for its kindness.

So many people hate the lootboxes, but they don’t understand that it necessary. And any way the game is great and will be much better through time. DICE gave us much more better game with so much content and this is the gratitude (10/10)

Hey cesar042, four questions – is it? Does it? Are they? REALLY?

The game is awesome, it contains a Lot of game modes and all the game mods are very fun, for me is the best Shooter game of the year and I think that so much people hate because they only trust in the haters opinion and don’t trust in the real situation. (10/10)

AleMaster may not have mastered their ale fully before publishing this little piece.

The game is cool.The graphics, the sound just fly away. Hate the game and rate it low-end estimates for in-game microtransactions are just stupid. For we made free DLS and cool campaign and you want to make. But not enough for you all? Should be glad that is. And in the future everyone will be fine with new things and patches I hope. Especially after playing 17 hours and pumped Iodine, I have not noticed problems with the necessary donation. All you can open for yourself just by playing and getting credits. I don’t consider this game P2W so as to swing the required LVL, which is achieved by the game itself.The problem was that with the high cost of characters have already been fixed. I hope that there are intelligent people in this world. And to succumb to the herd instinct did not really play the game too silly. (10/10)

You tell ’em, Starkiller75000. I don’t know what you’re telling ’em, but you keep telling!

Players hold only one things in this game… micro transaction… and Just say thx to mobile games and f2p to bring this new **** system… to remember gamekult gave 5/10 to battlefront 2 2005, it was not good at this time, kotor was better at all point, so humans are dumb dat’s all, players are dumbs (10/10)

Back to the zeroes. Cdefazio storms on in.

Somewhere in here is a good game, but it is buried underneath one of the most predatory and awful micro-transaction systems that we have seen in gaming. As a community we really need to all speak out again this and make all the publishers aware that we will not tolerate these systems in our games. (0/10)

TheRealGame bites deep by simply quoting the BBC.

“Critics say that Battlefront promotes gambling as the contents of the boxes are revealed only after payment is received, and some are more useful than others. EA has been contacted by the BBC for comment. ” (0/10)

Poor ROMPEBOLAS here believes in honor. A sweet sentiment.

Pay-to-win game, is a candy-crush wars, iugggggh 📷 . EA has become a company that only thinks about money, without honor, without respect, simply something repulsive. (0/10)

I’m gonna leave it there, but could go on all day. We’ll end with ZaelART, because why not?

I don’t even consider this a game, this is a scam. You are nothing but a walking piggy bank to EA. Logging into this game is like entering an online casino – they’re out for your cash and will stop at nothing to get it. Certain ship upgrades literally give you an aim-bot. If you want to do as much damage as someone who has dropped $2000 in micro-transactions, then you might be able to catch up to them if you put in 2 hours a day for 6.2 years. If EA hasn’t closed the game down by then, then maybe you’ll be on a level playing field with the whales. (0/10)

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