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Naughty Dog Deserves To Spring Leaks Forever (The Jimquisition)

No one single developer deserves to have their game leaked, and it should not happen to them. Some companies deserve the undermining and embarrassment that leaks bring, however.

Naughty Dog is still reeling from a massive content leak for The Last of Us Part II, a leak that gave away pretty much the whole story and showed off a bunch of gameplay not intended for public witnessing.

At first it was thought the leak came from within, revenge by an angry developer who was sick of Naughty Dog's working practices, but that is allegedly false. In the wake of discussion over the leak's source, however, one important point has been drowned out - those aforementioned working practices.

Naughty Dog isn't just a company riddled with crunch. It's a leading example. And it deserves to be shamed.


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