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Podquisition 318: Sure Would Forest

A merry band are we.

Games we played this week include: Deep Rock Galactic (23:35) Monster Hunter World (26:00) Cyber Shadow (38:35) Babysitting Mama (41:15) Unworthy (46:30) The Red Lantern (48:00)

News things talked about in this episode:

Redditors inflate Gamestop stock value to an outrageous degree (4:05)…ets-short-squeeze/

Capcom includes weak statement against lootbox mechanics in annual report (35:35)…020-annual-report/

Dead by Daylight 2 confirms accessibility options after designer has outburst on stream (53:20)…nt-controversy-ui

Ninja, obviously, doesn’t feel it’s his responsibility to educate his audience (1:05:00)…ds/1100-6486705/

Euro Truck Simulator 2 developer comes out against having an opinion on vaccines (1:13:10)…truck-sim-2-dev/

Fox News scared BioWare into pulling back Mass Effect 2 LGBT romances (1:17:20)…sexual-fox-news/


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