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Podquisition 330: Anterior Logic

Assess advantages afforded our arthropod associates

Games we played this week include: Portal Reloaded (5:30) Disco Elysium: The Final Cut (13:30) Later Alligator (18:15) PS3 Emulation (22:35) Princess Farmer (30:10) Narita Boy (36:00) Resident Evil Village Demo (38:55) The Longing (41:35)

News things talked about in this episode:

LEGO Luigi teased in emotionally manipulative manner (49:40)…t-calling-for-luigi

Nintendo suing a modder coincidentally named Bowser. (54:45)…cker-gary-bowser

Sony does a U-Turn on closing down the PS3 and Vita stores (56:15)…-store-shutdowns

Troll fabricates story about Path of Exile ban, claims it was an academic demonstration (1:00:40)…exiles-developer/

Witcher 3 mod uses software to generate new dialogue for Geralt from existing recordings. (1:07:00)…ut-the-voice-actor

Sony seems to be adding streaming video content to PlayStation Plus (1:10:15)…video-pass/

Sony files patent for AI system which learns and recreates your play for you (1:11:55)…es-for-you/


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