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Podquisition 331: Babygirl Boots

On the march and looking fab.

Games we played this week include: PHOGS! (10:55) Ballistic Ecks vs Sever (18:35) Congo The Movie: Secret of Zinj (20:25) The Longing (24:20) Pathway (29:20) Steven Seagal is the Final Option (31:50) Road Runner Death Valley Rally (35:50) Train Simulator (39:00) Hypnospace Outlaw (42:00) The Nightmare Before Christmas: The Pumpkin King (46:00) Judgment (49:55) Miitopia (53:15)

News things talked about in this episode:

Humble Bundle is significantly changing its revenue split system (1:01:10)…-bundle-pages/

Pokémon Go introduces sponsored branding balloons (1:08:10)…ound-your-screen

First Monster Hunter Rise update adds price tag to character cosmetic changes (1:10:50)…res-whats-coming

Leaked FIFA marketing documents illustrate EA’s funneling of players into loot boxes (1:14:05)…keting-documents

Nier Replicant includes a gross achievement for staring at genitals (1:22:00)…kaine-intersex/

CD Projekt Red had no financial consequence for abysmal CyberPunk launch (1:23:40)…reds-bottom-line/


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