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Podquisition 334: Covered in Gamer Goo

Do not attempt the stunts performed on this show in your own home.

Games we played this week include: Resident Evil Village (13:45) Mass Effect Legendary Edition (22:20) Monster Sanctuary (32:00) Dragon Quest Builders 2 (34:00) The Outer Worlds (35:30) Pine (41:15)

News things talked about in this episode: Ubisoft still hasn’t addressed the system of abuse at their studios (45:15)…se-allegations

Ubisoft also has a bad art contest you shouldn’t enter (52:20)…isoft-spec-work/

Unused Lady Dimitrescu voice file found to be very hot (56:25)…-line-good-girl/

Epic v Apple devolves to porno finger-pointing (57:45)…1394701570080743427

Redacted testimony points to Xbox Game Pass coming to Switch (1:01:45)…1394618302475931649


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