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Podquisition 335: Epilatastic

Oh, you thought we were done with skin care?

Games we played this week include: Psychonauts (6:15) BioMutant (8:00) Mass Effect 2 (28:10) Dark Pictures Anthology - House of Ashes (35:30)

News things talked about in this episode: Ubisoft makes wild claims regarding improvements to company culture (41:40)…hange-at-ubisoft

Hackers get transphobic error messages into Little Big Planet (50:15)…e-recent-attacks

Twitch introducing additional identity tags (53:00)…ith-350-new-tags/

Derided Gucci branded content for Roblox nonetheless explodes in resale value (59:20)…price-marketplace

Roblox rebrands as “not a game” in wake of Epic v. Apple lawsuit…ver-tab/1225357…game-name-change

Skyward Sword HD locks fast travel behind a sold out $25 amiibo. (1:04:10)…1396142724718411778

Sony pushing to bring their franchises to phones (1:06:50)…ation-franchises

Valve rumored to be releasing a handheld gaming pc (1:07:10)…rtable-gaming-pc/


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