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Podquisition 337: Pinball Justice

Not the ball draining we signed up for.

Games we played this week include: KeyWe (13:00) Crue Ball (20:25) Demon’s Tilt (24:00) Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart (26:40) Virtual Pinball (39:25) Yoku’s Island Express (41:00) World’s End Club (42:30) Kung-Fu Kickball (43:05) Backbone (44:40)

News things talked about in this episode: David Cage reportedly throws tantrum in court (49:30)

Injustice 2 Mobile rewarded beating up bi-sexual character for Pride Month (57:35)…up-a-queer-woman

The E3 Media Portal set up by ESA assumes everyone is male (1:01:30)

Ubisoft to offer remote work options for some positions (1:07:20)…orking-from-home

Playdate portable gaming console with a crank available to pre-order in July (1:10:30)…179-game-details/

Palworld looks like an edgelord Pokémon (1:12:20)…elease-date-steam


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