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Podquisition 338: A Town Called Voorhees

Unlike E3, these people know how to set appropriate expectations.

Games we played this week include: Skatebird (15:30) Final Fantasy Origin (19:15) Tunic (26:00) Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart (29:40) Earth Defense Force: World Brothers (37:15) Umarangi Generation (49:00) Going Under (51:05) Button City (54:10) Unbeatable (54:40)

News things talked about in this episode: Cyberpunk returning to PSN, Sony suggests not buying the base PS4 version (1:10:25)…oblems-persist/

Ubisoft continues to be shit, but didn’t show Beyond Good & Evil for once. (1:11:45)

Debate sparked by announcements of physical-only game releases (1:17:55)…-precedent/


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