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Podquisition 339: Dangers of Vending Machine Proximity

This podcast is not brought to you by Snapple (yet; call us).

Games we played this week include: EDF World Brothers (17:00) FF7 Remake Intergrade (32:15) Flower (39:40) Infamous: Second Son (41:50)

News things talked about in this episode: Marvel's Avengers bug displayed users’ IP addresses on screen while playing. (47:30)…osmic-cube-update

Developer of Abandoned pleads with people to believe he’s not Hideo Kojima. (51:35)…ima_speculation

Bobby Kotick gets $155m pay package approved by shareholders.(1:04:10)…-by-shareholders

Among Us devs talk about the consequences of their surprise success. (1:07:40)…ie-games-success

First dev to announce in-game Facebook ads backpedals after consumer response. (1:08:45)…r-ads-for-oculus

CyberPunk returns to Sony with fewer assets to make it run. (1:14:45)…ion-store/

Pokémon Go rolls back more accessibility options introduced during the pandemic. (1:15:30)


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