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Podquisition 345: Give Us A Boost, Would Ya?

But for God’s sake, wash your filthy hands.

Games we played this week include: The Great Ragtime Show (8:35) Cooking Mama Cookstar (16:45) The Evil Within 2 (23:30) Train Simulator (30:10) Castle Crashers (32:50) Samurai Warriors 5 (34:55) Neo: The World Ends With You (41:30)

News things talked about in this episode: More Activision/Blizzard, More Problems (37:30)…in-office-bathroom…try-unionisation…first-la-1847415904…ing-down-1847412696…ccording-1847408469

But we haven’t forgotten about Ubisoft (53:40)…ture-allegations

Maybe unions are a good idea? (56:25)…activision-323658

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