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Podquisition 358: Moral High Ground

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

The time has come.

Games we played this week include: Happy Game (14:05) Unpacking (18:25) What the Golf (22:20) Lady in a Leotard with a Gun (26:00) Netflix Games on Android (33:50) Inscryption (38:10) MARS (41:10) Head Over Heels (47:50) Moon (49:10)

News things talked about in this episode: Actiblizz commits to some changes that ABK were pushing for (54:00)…ty-workplace.html

Bobby Kotick takes a PR pay cut (56:25)…pany-woes-sorted

Valve isn’t allowing NFTs on Steam (59:15)…he-platform-3071694

Ubisoft commits to contribute to global ruin with blockchain games (1:00:20)…games-and-nfts

Facebook rolling back account login requirement for their headsets (1:01:20)…e-change-to-meta

Paid Twitch Boosts are now in the wild (1:04:00)…k-from-streamers

Seth Rogan allegedly to star in Donkey Kong spin-off film (1:07:50)…y-in-development

Jen Oneal stepping down from co-lead position at Blizzard after only three months (1:10:30)…dio-co-h-1847985147

Blizzard games are bleeding players (1:11:45)…-to-shed-players


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