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Podquisition 365: The War on Christmas Special

Santa Claus is coming. Are you ready for him?

Games we played this week include: The Artful Escape (7:00) Serious Sam 4 (14:01) Firegirl: Hack ‘n Splash Rescue (18:15) Nightmare Creatures (22:45) A Year of Spring (26:00) Hot Wheels Unleashed (29:00) Dodgeball Academia (35:10) Enter the Gungeon (36:10)

News things talked about in this episode: Workers are leaving Ubisoft in droves. (37:30)…-f2c58bd0b730.html

Ubisoft NFT program has not been a hit, but they’re committed. (41:00)…total-of-15-nfts…that-will-take-time

Peter Molyneux, on the other hand, is raking it in. (46:00)…lion-in-nfts

Bungie having its own bad work conditions moment, HR head resigns position. (51:30)…e-harassment-crunch…of-hr-steps-down

Chip shortage expected to persist into 2023 (57:30)…ntinue-into-2023


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