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Podquisition 369: Proper Sausage

Have a meaty one.

Games we played this week include: The Procession to Cavalry (18:00) Buck Up and Drive (26:35) Super Bomberman R (32:28) Galaga Plus (38:35) The Anacrusis (39:10) Anvil (40:25) Forza Horizon 5 (41:20) Halo Infinite (45:30) Deep Rock Galactic (49:05) Blaster Master Zero 2 (51:45) The Gunk (58:35) Shadowman Remastered (1:00:55) Into the Pit (1:01:50) Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance (1:05:45)

News things talked about in this episode: Microsoft to buy out Activision Blizzard (1:07:00)…n-blizzard/

Microsoft announces well-timed internal review of sexual harassment and gender discrimination (1:19:10)…ination-policies

Bobby Kotick’s golden parachute is predictably obscene (1:22:05)

Kotick alleged to have attempted burying employment figures to make issues seem smaller (1:24:02)…-since-july-2021

James Stephanie Sterling turned into an NFT, proving them right about NFTs (1:34:35)…and-sold-as-nfts

Continuing the trend of leaks from Nintendo, Pokémon Arceus is in the wild early (1:41:00)…new-hisuian-forms


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