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Podquisition 376: What the North Gets You

Big homes, low ceilings

Games we played this week include:

Steam Deck (9:40) Rune Factory 4 (21:20) Babylon’s Fall (24:35) Retroid Pocket 2 Plus (36:45) Are You With Us? (43:45) Uncharted Golden Abyss (45:00) Aperture Desk Job (50:45) News things talked about in this episode: Vita software made to run on Switch (49:15)…ndo-switch/

Forza Horizon 5 sign language features arrive four months after release (51:45)…ge-support-today

Activision Blizzard attributes failure to hire women executives to MS acquisition (52:25)…-fed77be7243d.html

Family of Activision Blizzard employee blames company for their suicide, files lawsuit (54:20)…cide-lawsuit/

Former Epic employee claims they were terminated for speaking up about diversity practices (56:05)…1499767870003179520


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