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Podquisition 388: Pride Watch 2022

We’re waiting with baited breath.

Games we played this week include: Core Keeper (7:10) Satisfactory (11:00) Card Sharks (17:10) Pac-Man Museum+ (24:20) Hardspace Shipbreaker (30:30) Pocket Crystal League (33:45) Days Gone (37:20)

News things talked about in this episode: Sony planning to ramp up number of PC releases in coming years (45:05)…d-mobile-by-2025

EA won’t make a statement on abortion or trans rights, but isn’t stopping individuals (47:20)…-legends-1848977494…and-trans-rights

Microsoft’s corporate culture maybe hasn’t undergone the dramatic improvements they claim (55:10)…parity-2022-5

Phil Spector says Microsoft will recognize Raven QA union following acquisition of ABK (1:00:20)…d-deal-is-complete

Shareholder group publishes open letter asking for Activision-Blizzard board to be voted out (1:01:35)…zard-directors


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