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Podquisition 397: Landlords Are Petty Dictators

It's not enough to just have power over someone's life.

Games we played this week include: Stray (15:45) Multiversus (22:35) Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (38:50) Vampire Survivors (46:55) Frogun (51:30) LIVE A LIVE (54:00)

News things talked about in this episode: First hints of what Disco Elysium devs are doing found in job listings (54:50)…-and-video-games

Former Xbox exec Peter Moore says Microsoft encouraged console wars (55:50)…le-wars-peter-moore

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is latest first-party Nintendo release to leak in advance of release (58:00)…e-switch-release

Resident Evil Village getting accessibility update, but third-person mode pushed to paid DLC (59:10)…te-alongside-dlc

Ubisoft’s failure to address their issues is making them worse (1:01:05)…ds-have-been-met

Rockstar has finally made some changes to work culture (1:07:45)…mployee-backlash

Last of Us Part 1 remake includes audio descriptions of cutscenes for visually impaired players (1:06:05)…laystati-1849320167

Sony expresses concern over Microsoft acquisition of Activision, specifically Call of Duty (1:08:45)…maker-activision

Diablo Immortal player spends so much the game becomes unplayable for them (1:12:00)…o-matchmake-with


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