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Podquisition 404: The Genital Line

Cross it.

Games we played this week include: The Secret of Monkey Island / LeChuck’s Revenge (10:00) Return to Monkey Island (16:35) My Time at Sandrock (22:20) Thymesia (29:00) Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty (35:40) Ring of Pain (37:30) Wayward Strand (42:35) You Suck at Parking (47:00) Aliens Fireteam Elite (53:40) The Outbound Ghost (56:20) Soulstice (58:00)

News things talked about in this episode:

Twitter account leaking info exposed as YouTuber breaking embargoes (1:02:00)…details-and-more

Massive leak of GTA VI in-development content hits the interwebs, FBI is on the case (1:05:00)…ockstar-and-uber

Microsoft, like a fox, suggest they’d be crazy to take Call of Duty off the PlayStation platform (1:13:25)…tions-in-uk-eu

Andrew Wilson claims to believe Battlefield could replace Call of Duty as a cross-platform juggernaut (1:15:00)…-for-battlefield

Twitch’s gambling issue flares up again over public incidents, site bans some gambling content (1:16:20)…itch-adrianahlee

Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 map has loads of poorly translated Arabic and cultural ignorance (1:23:05)…ncorrect-arabic/

Disturbing report shows how Twitch enables child predators to find targets (1:24:00)…-child-predators


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