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Podquisition 409: All Business

We’re professionals, after all.

Games we played this week include: Hot Tentacle Shooter (3:40) BOSSGAME: The Final Boss is My Heart (11:15) FAITH: The Unholy Trinity (17:10) Batman: Gotham Knights (24:10) Potionomics (35:05) Donut Dodo (42:50) Cultic (46:30) A Plague Tale: Requiem (49:55) Vampire Survivors (53:10)

News things talked about in this episode: Another charge of unfair labor actions by Activision Blizzard is filed (56:30)…labour-practices

Activision Blizzard marketing deal with Sony prevents Call of Duty from appearing on Game Pass (59:45)…pass-xbox-claims

Microsoft is working on their own mobile app store (1:03:10)…bile-store-games

Overwatch 2 custom game modes need better/any moderation (1:04:55)…tch-2-moderation

Voice actors still deserve better pay, even if Hellena Taylor sucks (1:08:00)…-in-the-industry

Robert Kurvitz, lead designer of Disco Elysium, has filed suit against ZA/UM (1:11:20)…g-amazon-1849693328


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