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Podquisition 410: Penetrating New Markets

Gotta pay those bills.

Games we played this week include: God of War Ragnarok (11:40) Bayonetta 3 (20:40) Signalis (40:00) New Tales from the Borderlands (58:20) Super Lone Survivor (1:04:45)

News things talked about in this episode: PlayStation VR 2 alone priced higher than PS5 console at $550 (1:08:00)…mountain-1849731902

Players are finding it easier to get Overwatch 2 skins by playing World of Warcraft (1:10:30)…yers-suggest

Burger King promo skin for Call of Duty unavailable in US and UK getting high prices on eBay (1:13:15)…urger-king-skins

Digital charm in Overwatch 2 priced higher than a real-world counterpart (1:14:20)…-life-than-in-game

Disc release of Call of Duty contains practically no data on the disc (1:15:30)…ing-70mb-of-data

Phil Spencer states commitment to releasing Call of Duty on PlayStation after Microsoft acquisition (1:17:00)…there-to-ship-to

Microsoft board urges shareholders not to investigate US defense contracts (1:18:45)…litary-contracts

Tesla wanted to put Her Story and Untitled Goose Game in cars in exchange for exposure (1:12:50)…story-in-a-tesla

Square-Enix once again states commitment to blockchain strategy (1:22:45)…in-future-growth


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