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Podquisition 416: Rollin’ with Roiland

Aw geez.

Games we played this week include: High on Life (5:45) Yum Tum Cookstar (28:55) Clumsy Rush Ultimate Guys (33:15) Armored Core IV (37:25) Crisis Core Reunion (43:05) Potion Craft (54:00) Octopath Traveler (1:04:25)

News things talked about in this episode: Twitch drops anti-LGBTQ hate group from its list of supportable charities (1:07:00)…llowing-backlash

Activision countersues California Civil Rights Department, implies collusion with unions and media (1:10:20)…-rights-department

FTC files to block Microsoft acquisition of Activision-Blizzard (1:15:10)…zard-acquisition

Phil Spencer accuses Sony of attempting to grow by eating Microsoft’s dinner (1:20:10)…ox-smaller/

Microsoft reportedly offered to allow Call of Duty on PlayStation Plus to appease Sony and regulators (1:23:00)…ervice#xj4y7vzkg

Indie dev sued by publisher after discouraging players from buying game, defacing Steam page (1:25:25)…er-has-dissolved

Days Gone director attributes his failures to ‘woke’ critics (1:30:45)…-director-claims


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