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Podquisition 422: Freakin' Dragons

We’re seeing them.

Games we played this week include: Forspoken (7:45) Cyberpunk 2077 (33:10) Hyper Meteor (46:10) Zipper (47:10) Theatrhythm Curtain Call (53:00)

News things talked about in this episode: Yves Guillmot tried to walk back “ball is in your court” comment to workers (1:01:45)…canceled-1850001343

Ubisoft Paris workers will be striking (1:02:50)…strike-on-friday

Study finds self-regulation is inconsistent at labeling games with loot boxes (1:15:15)

Workers at Activision-Blizzard studio Proletariat drop bid to unionize following CEO pressure (1:20:55)…equest-dropped


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