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Podquisition 424: Fruit Deception

Never trust a banana.

Games we played this week include: Hi-Fi Rush (11:55) Final Fantasy XII (29:30) Final Fantasy XV (35.40) Star Sled (42:55) Saturday Edition (45:30) Tomodachi Life (53:40)

News things talked about in this episode: UK regulators determine Microsoft and ABK merger might be bad for consumers, make demands (1:00:55)…sion-acquisition/…imLtI9cihZE4jOiLQfQ

Bobby Kotick suggests UK opposition to Microsoft merger could ruin its economy (1:05:50)

Unannounced single-player Titanfall/Apex Legends game gets axed, 50 employees affected (1:10:10)…e-in-development

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