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Podquisition 425: The Duke Lives

A very special friend returns.

Games we played this week include: Redtape (15:45) Wanted: Dead (21:00) Spellcorked (35:00) Inventory Hero (40:00) Satisfactory (44:30) Metroid Prime Remastered (49:00) Commodore 64 Games (59:10)

News things talked about in this episode: Saudi Arabia believed to have increased investment stake in Nintendo (1:19:00)…endo-again/

Metroid Prime Remaster doesn’t credit original Metroid Prime team (1:20:15)…ts-in-remaster

Bobby Kotick expected to stay in CEO role at Activision Blizzard if Microsoft merger fails (1:20:15)…ft-merger-fails

Sony claims Microsoft demands for documents in FTC case are harassment (1:24:55)…-3476a3e9c4ec.html

Square Enix delivers one obvious detail about their first blockchain game and little else (1:26:30)…nft-art-project/


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