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Podquisition 430: A Champion In Our Midst

Have you heard the news?

Games we played this week include: Boneraiser Minions (9:35) Vampire Survivors (23:15) Pokémon Scarlet/Violet (24:45) Aliens Infestation (34:45) Anemoiapolis (38:10) Void Scrappers (44:05) Bloom (51:05) You Cannot Go Back (55:50)


News things talked about in this episode:

Ubisoft implementing machine learning to write NPC dialogue (58:55)

Sony claims the loss of Call of Duty would be irreparable to their business (1:06:50)

But Microsoft believes that Sony can replicate Call of Duty if they try (1:09:45)

EU regulators push back date of their decision on the Microsoft merger (1:13:25)

Microsoft to launch their own mobile app store (1:14:05)

Canadian judge says EA loot boxes aren’t ‘illegal gambling’, lets deceptive practices claim move forward (1:16:51)

Rare’s co-founder now has to lick a 25 year-old BAFTA made of chocolate (1:18:15)


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