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When Inane Creeps Attack Actors For Something A Fictional Character Did (The Jimquisition)

Oh... yippee.. I get to talk about this now. Hooray?

Because the world of videogames can't stop drowning in gasoline for one hot minute, we've got to talk about the "Gamers" who spend less time playing games than they do finding people to attack and threaten online.

Do they even play games, or is this their whole life? Either way, a gaggle of idiots is currently harassing voice actor Laura Bailey for something she didn't do. She literally didn't do it, her character did, and she's getting the blame.

Why are they going after her? Why are they so incredibly pathetic? Why do people who claim not to hate women behave exactly like people who hate women? And what have "AAA" publishers done to curb the hate in their own communities? Sigh... let's talk about it.


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